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"I'm not wearing that!"

I could hear Emmett's horrifyingly loud scream even with my poor human hearing. I giggled. This was going to be interesting. I ran towards Alice's room where Alice was planning out what Emmett was going to wear for the week. On her bed, I saw dresses laid out side-by-side. Some where so horrifying that I wasn't sure if even I would wear such a thing.

"Quit being a spoil-sport and put this dress on" I could tell that Alice was having so much fun with this, "Bella, don't you think this dress would look amazing on Emmett?"

I wanted to say, "As amazing as a bear wearing a yellow frilly dress can get", but I just nodded, trying to suppress a giggle.

Edward chuckled behind me and was standing besides Alice to help put Emmett in the dress. Jasper soon came in the room and placed a camera in my hands before going to help out Alice and Edward. Even Rosalie showed up in the end.

"I told you not to bet against Alice, Emmett."

Emmett just growled, I guess he couldn't argue with that.

I looked up at Rosalie and she smiled back, doing her best to be on her 'perfect' angel-like behavior, "Go ahead Bella, he deserves this."

I smiled and snapped a picture of gloomy looking Emmett with a frilly yellow dress that came just below his knee. Everybody that was there was cracking up; everyone except Emmett and Rosalie anyways.

Edward walked back to his normal place by my side and put his arm around my shoulder, "Renée's going to want to see that." There was his crooked grin that I loved so much.

"No Emmett! You have to walk like this!" Alice demonstrated for him.

"Man I wish I had a video-tape recorder" Jasper gasped as he watched Emmett trying to imitate Alice.

Rosalie couldn't stand watch anymore and left the room as silently as she had entered. I didn't understand why she couldn't take a good laugh at Emmett being tortured by Alice like how I am often times.

Edward chuckled at that question, "Bella my love, imagine if Alice was threatening you that she'd make me like a girl for a week."

I shivered. As much as I was sure that Edward would look amazing even as a girl, that would have been torture to me as well as Edward.

"But Emmett doesn't seem to mind."

"Emmett's just keeping his side of the bet. He wants to tear the dress to peaces right now."

I could tell. I saw the strain in Emmett's face as he tried to imitate Alice for the thousandth time. He just couldn't do it right. It just didn't look right. Try to imagine a giant bulky guy wearing a yellow dress that came down to his knees; unless you had some screwed up imagination, that would be really hard to imagine.

I guess I looked concerned because Emmett turned my direction and roared a laugh, "Bella, this is better than the last bet I had with Alice, no worries!"

I began to wonder what that was, but realized that I wouldn't really want to know.

About two hours later, Alice was finally done putting lipstick and other famine accessories on Emmett and the two made another bet.

I looked up at Edward, "Why does Emmett bet on things with Alice when knows he's going to lose?"

"Ha! I win!" Alice laughed.

What? What were they betting on this time?

"Bella," I heard Emmett whine, "Why couldn't you wait two more seconds before asking that?"

I looked at the two, stunned. They were betting against such stupid things?

Edward leaned down and kissed on the cheek before mumbling in my ear, "Emmett believes that he'll be able to win against Alice if he tries hard enough."

"So pretty much he thinks that your powers will go away if you use it too much?" I was confused, but that was one way to think about it.

"Yeah, I guess so." Edward hugged me tightly and I could feel his cool breath against the nape of my neck. It felt so cool and pleasing. I began to wonder why he couldn't just bite me and let me become 'eternally damned' like him.

"Edward?" I asked, trying to make my tone as sweet as possible.

Edward growled. Even though he couldn't read my mind, he knew exactly what I was going to ask, "Bella, can't that wait?"

"Just know it has to be before my birthday Edward." I gave him another innocent smile.

Edward counted the time he had before he was forced to change me and sighed.

"Oh and if you mind, before the Volturi decide to kill me would be great." I added as a joke.

Edward frowned, I guess he didn't like the joke very much, "Bella, you know that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you."

I smiled back, "I know Edward, but for once, I'd like a chance to save you, and not the other way around like it always is."

"Bella, you saved me before."

"That doesn't count; I was the one that made you go suicidal in the first place."

Edward chuckled and picked me up and cradled me in his arms as he kissed me, pressing his cool lips against mine. He then pulled away, far too quickly as always, "You saved me from life itself many times my love."

I frowned, but didn't protest. Edward would win; he had more years of experience than me anyways.

Alice paused for a moment while she was teaching Emmett how to carry his purse. She smiled and beckoned me over to her. My head was against Edward's chest as he held me in a cradle. Despite how I didn't want to be put down, I pulled away from Edward as he put me down. I hopped over to Alice, almost tripping on my way there.

She whispered into my ear, "He's made his decision to change you Bella!"

I squealed. I didn't mean to. Alice held her hands tightly to her ear despite the smile on her lips, and Edward looked confused out of no where. I guess my squeal messed up his thoughts for a moment. Emmett was too busy messing with his dress, murmuring, 'does this dress make me look fat' under his breath. I guess that was a rhetorical question, but I longed to answer that question.

Before even a second passed by, Jasper ran to where we were with a puzzled and atonished. He came from the direction of the stairs. I guess he was down stairs, helping Esme with the food problem.

Everyone else in the Cullen house hold was a vampire except me. So I had to eat while they just watched me. It kind of felt rude to be the only one eating, but I guess I couldn't help it. They were only going to barf it back up sooner or later.

I jumped back into Edward's arms and hugged him again, his confusion in his eyes still there. He looked at Alice and frowned. She was probably thinking of something random in her mind.

"What's she thinking Edward?" I asked him, my head against his chest again.

"The whole computer manual which even I think is boring."

Alice smiled my direction and held up two fingers into the shape 'v' and then pulled on Emmett's arm. "Come on, let's go see Esme and ask her if we can take you to the mall."

Jasper followed them down as if to leave us to our own private time.

As Jasper left, Edward's eyes fell down on me as if to ask what Alice was hiding.

"Well…" I started, "Alice said you decided on the date when you're going to change me."

I didn't have to finish. Edward was already groaning. "Bella, is that all you ever think about?"

I shrugged, "That and how I wish I looked as beautiful as you when I'm standing by you so we can make everyone jealous."

"Give me two weeks." Edward pleaded.

I pretended to think, "Fine, but no later."

That was good enough for me, and that way I wasn't being completely selfish.

Edward sighed, and then kissed me once more. I hugged his neck and pulled his closer to me. I didn't want him to ever pull away. I didn't want to breathe anymore. I wanted to be like him and kiss him forever without a moment to lose. Unfortunately, he pulled away to my dismay.

"Bella, be reasonable." He tightened his grasp around me. Though his voice was stern, his face was very sweet and also very embracing.

"I am reasonable" I mumbled before I tried to pull myself back up to his face.

With his vampire speed, he caught my face before I pushed my lips against his, and even he was absorbed into the kiss.

"What am I going to do with you Bella?"

"You're going to do noting and just let me kiss you." I tried to push past Edward's hand, knowing only that it wasn't going to work.

Edward just shook his head and mumbled something too low for me to hear.

Just then we heard, "Edward… Bella!" It was Alice's melodic tone, "We're going to the mall to show off Emmett's true inner beauty you guys coming?"

I looked up at Edward, "Are we?"

Edward laughed, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

With that, he carried me down the steps where Alice, Jasper, an Emmett were. Emmett looked terribly uncomfortable in his dress as he swung his matching purse.

"No, Emmett, like this" Alice pulled her purse up her arm and over her shoulder like some women at a fashion show might have. She did it with so much beauty that she might have been the fashion model herself.

Emmett growled a little, but pulled the purse up his arm and pretended to be a pretty lady.

"Bella?" Alice turned to me hastily, "You think me buying you that car was a waste right?"

I watched Alice carefully and gave a nod.

"So… Let's use it." Her eyes were so pleading and I couldn't say no.

I sighed then nodded, allowing Alice to have her fun. She squealed then hopped up and down, grabbing Jasper's arm and pulling his arm up and down as well. I guess Jasper was used to this, seeing he didn't seem to react very much to this.

"Alice… Alice… Alice!"


"I'm not driving though."


Alice didn't seem pleased. "Until this heart," I pointed to my heart, "stop beating, I'm not driving that car!"

Alice whined, but agreed. Who knows why she did, but I was glad she did. I didn't know if I could have lasted through one more of her puppy eyes.

Alice and the rest of us walked towards my new sleek, blue car and hopped in. Emmett didn't like having to sit like a girl at all. Alice had shaved off all his leg hair and put on him some high-heels. This was an entertaining sight.

"We're going to run away-"Alice didn't allow Edward to continue whispering into my ear.

"No Edward! Bella is going to stay with the group whole time!" Alice turned to face Edward with an angry glare.

"Alice," I gasped, grasping my seat beat tightly, "eye on the road!"

Alice giggled, but turned around, her eyes back on the road as I wanted.

Before I knew it, we reached the parking lot of the mall.

"Alice," Edward said, his voice smooth and calming, "We're going to go out first, you guys come after us."

Alice giggled. She knew exactly why. Emmett of course had no idea for he was playing with the ribbons on his dress.

"Come my love," Edward mumbled as he climbed out, then picked me up out of the car, then put me back on the black parking lot ground. We hurriedly walked into the mall, many girls staring at Edward with swayed looks in their eyes, and then looked at me with a much more different reaction. This made me more the want to become a vampire.

Edward didn't look too pleased though to my benefit. At least Edward didn't particularly like the comments the girls made at the very least. That was good. We stood by the door where some of the people hung out, waiting for the rest of their group. We were in the same situation, but we had chosen to lose our group.

With the sound of laughter, I knew that Emmett was walking towards the entrance. Edward tried to stifle a laugh and I could tell by the look in his eyes and face.

Before long, I knew exactly what Edward was laughing about. Many people were taking pictures with their cell phones and Emmett was actually posing for them! I buried by face in my hands trying to hide my laughter from Emmett. Despite the fact that Emmett seemed actually happy about the crowd, I could tell that he wasn't going to like it when He found out exact why they were laughing.

Alice of course was behind Emmett, her hand holding onto Jasper's as he watched Emmett with their golden eyes from behind. Although they looked indifferent, I knew that they were enjoying this as much as I was. Except Alice; she was probably soaking this up in her glory. She would never forget this moment her whole existence.


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