Tenten: the married virgin

A/N: As I said in my profile I've been in the mood for some NEJITEN angst. This will not be a story focused on Neji and Tenten in a loving relationship. I plan to finish this before starting my sequel to Love Arranged. I promise that this will have a happy ending.

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Chapter 1:

There are statistics that mention that some women fantasize about being raped. These studies suggest that these women justify that if they were raped they would not be held responsible for the desires they hold about sex.

For Tenten Hyuuga, rape wasn't an option. Being the weapons mistress of Konoha and married to one of the most prominent clans' branch leader, Neji Hyuuga, she could not possibly be subject to rape.

Truth was that Tenten didn't fantasize about being raped, just sex in general. Five years of marriage had done nothing for the young kunoichi in that her legal husband barely looked at her with desire let alone involved her with sexual acts. Truth was Tenten's marriage was loveless and sexless.

Tenten was a virgin even after five years of being wed.

No one would believe her. Heck she didn't even bother telling anyone about her maritial problems. The Hyuuga clan was too influential for someone to believe that their branch leader was inadequate in bed with his wife.

But Neji wasn't impotent. He just dind't like Tenten. When he had approached Tenten to wed him, the poor girl thought that he was being honest with her and that this was his way of showing her he cared. Countless years of devotion later, Tenten found herself surrounded by lies and Neji's infidelity. Neji never wanted Tenten, he had wanted Sakura. Sakura, the girl he proposed to but couldn't marry due to the clan. They didn't want the former Sasuke-obsessed girl to be a part of the Hyuuga clan. It would be like taking leftovers from the Uchihas and well the Hyuuga's were too good for that.

Sakura didn't even care that Tenten was married to Neji. She still slept with him regardless of the fact that he was married to Tenten. Tenten found this out when she came to Sakura for help with a medical problem. She caught her husband with his pants down on the hospital bed with Sakura on top. Since then Tenten no longer went to Sakura for help, of any kind. Neji seemly ignored Tenten and her reaction. But when Tenten confronted him about it, he simply told her that he would never touch a masculine woman like Tenten. Brown was never his color but pink was his preference.

That was the last day that Tenten slept on the same bed as Neji. The elders wouldn't let them get separate rooms so they were stuck in the same room. Neji didn't even have the decency to let her take the bed. He threw her pillows on the floor and spread himself wide on the bed.

So for three years Tenten slept on the floor of her husband's room.

She learnt that love was something she wasn't destined to have. Destiny; what a weird thing. The same destiny that joined Tenten and Neji in holy matrimony had created a rift in the life and heart of Tenten.

But being the girl she was, she didn't get disheartened. She kept up her training, made ANBU captain and was now a higher rank than Sakura.

All of the Rookie nine knew the relationship of Neji and Sakura causing them both to lose their friends.

When Lee found out, he went about screaming "how un-youthful to cheat on our precious Tenten," and even Gai Sensei had stopped talking to Neji.

Hinata who had learned to accept Neji's hatred had spread her own hatred toward him. After becoming head, Hinata had earned her own glare that could kill babies even though she wasn't mean. Hinata had stopped talking to Neji and had ordered him to only approach her if he had official clan business or remorse about the way he treated Tenten. She had become the Head of the Clan and joined the two branches of the Hyuuga while having Neji be the head of those who didn't have the ability to contact the clan Head.

Naruto had become Hokage but had also earned himself a wife in Ino. After Shikamaru married Temari and left to Suna, Ino had become very upset. Her two best friends didn't have time for her and her at the time boyfriend- Neji- had cheated on her with some slut she had never found. When Naruto saw Ino alone at the training grounds late one night after his Hokage announcement six years ago he didn't hesitate to walk right over to her and console her broken heart.

Most of the Rookie nine had married each other out of love but not Neji. He married Tenten because he was forced to. Tenten thought she could have made Neji learn to love her but all that changed. Now on her way back from Hinata's room Tenten could help but think that her life would never heal. Once more she had walked in on Neji and Sakura's sex encounters. This time in her own room. But Tenten didn't run or shy away from the two. Instead she strutted into her room, glanced a dirty expression at Neji and Sakura and walked to her closet. She changed into her pajamas while the two stared at her for interrupting. Tenten laughed at the memory of what she had told them "Don't stop on my account, you both haven't done so yet so why should you now? Enjoy each other you worthless, heartless beings." She grabbed her pillow, opened the light and read on the floor near the bed. Needless to say that sexing had stopped right there. Apparently Sakura had some form of decency left.

Once Sakura left though, Neji turned violent. He had strode towards Tenten's peaceful form on the floor and choked her awake. Threatening her to never interrupt his "love-making" with Sakura, he closed off a few of Tenten's chakra points and went to shower.

Tenten shuddered as she had to go to Hinata in the middle of the night to open her chakra points. Reflecting on her problems, Tenten decided not to go back to the room where her life's greatest mistake was. Instead she ran off the Hyuuga grounds and headed straight to the Uchiha residence.

Pulling out the key-shaped pendent that hung around her neck, she inserted the master key and walked right into the main house.

Sasuke was immediately alerted when he noticed Tenten's chakra enter the house. Slowly he dressed himself and allowed her to come into his room. Patting on the space in his bed next to him, he shifted over so Tenten could lay with him.

"Again? When will you learn? You must hate him. Love will only cause you pain. Itachi always said that the only way to beat pain is to hate. Hate him Tenny, please," said Sasuke while pulling Tenten into his chest and letting her cry.

Ironic was that one stoic man who was her husband couldn't care less about her tears but the man who was labeled a traitor by the Hyuuga was the one to comfort her. Tenten might have been older than Sasuke but Sasuke was older than her in terms of relations. His mother was Tenten's mother's elder sister. Neither of the women were part of the Uchiha clan, maybe that's why Sasuke's mother was never like his father, cold. Tenten was Sasuke's cousin who he learned to appreciate at an early age. Her aim in weapons was always on the mark, while he trained with her to improve his own.

Sasuke looked down at his cousin and noticed the red points on her body. His own blood began to boil but he remembered the promise he made his Tenny when she wedded the asshole five years ago. He wasn't allowed to touch Neji or let Neji know that Tenny and him were related. But if he had, then maybe the elders wouldn't have allowed Neji to marry Tenny and that way she could have been loved.

Neji sat up in his bed wondering where the hell Tenten went. He had shut off her chakra points and she couldn't have gone too far. Using his Byakugan he had known that she was in Hinata-sama's room two hours ago but where the hell did that bitch go now?

If the elder's found out that she was gone then he would be in deep trouble. What if she finally left him? Would he then be able to stay with Sakura? Neji fisted his sheets in his hands and then lept out of his window. He needed to find that bitch before she disgraced him in front of anyone.

Running across town with his Byakugan was tricky by when Neji finally noticed her chakra patterns he also noticed the one right next to hers. Uchiha Sasuke.

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