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Tenten: The Married Virgin

Chapter 12

There was something different in making love to the woman carrying a child. Never had Sasuke imagined that he would be lying in the Hyuuga mansion about to make love to the woman everyone had once deemed weak.

He let his fingers drift across Hinata's cheek. The touch of her soft skin felt smoothing to his rough callused fingers. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he would be the one to make her happy, or that she would willingly be his.

Sasuke pulled Hinata's sleeping form closer to his body, molding her against him before he placed a pleasant kiss on her forehead. She was his princess, his prized possession and the only thing that made his heart beat a million times when she walked by.

Hinata pulled in closer to his heartbeat and placed a soft kiss on his chest. She knew that he liked to hold her close when she was asleep. It was his way of protecting her; his way of claiming her as his. She pushed her head up and brushed her lips against his. Sasuke smiled into her mouth and turned the innocent kiss into a way of expression.

He wasn't much of a talker. Words didn't come as easy to him as they did to Naruto. Sasuke was a man of few words, and his best way of communication was through physical means.

If he was angry, he would fight and train and spar. If he was upset, he was sulk in the corner. He dealt with sadness by pulling away. Yet when he loved, he was the most physical of all. He soothed Hinata down to her very soul. If Hinata was worried, he'd place a hand over hers and give it just a little bit of pressure. If she was under stress from the Council, his hands worked miracles on her tense shoulders or neck. Hinata rarely got upset but when it did happen, Sasuke was by her side running his hands down her arms. Every touch calmed her, every touch made her melt into him.

Sasuke was a talented lover. He knew exactly where to touch Hinata to make her forget her troubles. He knew that the best way to entice her was to breathe softly in the nook of her neck.

Shifting a little in Hinata's oak wood and marble bed, Sasuke deepened the kiss. He ran his lips over Hinata's lips seeking entrance. Hinata pushed Sasuke onto his back without leaving his lips. She laced her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer as if her very existence depended on him. A familiar hunger grew between the engaged couple. They both were eager to please each other.

One of Sasuke's hands drifted over Hinata's nightgown. She had chosen to wear a light purple chiffon nightgown that ended right below her curved butt. Sasuke left her mouth and trailed kisses down her throat. Sucking just a bit on her collar bone, Sasuke pulled the strap of her gown off her shoulder and removed the left side of gown exposing a round, fair breast.

Every inch of her skin pulled him to her. He had touched her many times before but every time was like his first time. He loved the way her blush travelled down from her check to right above her heaving breast. He kissed her once more and took her breast into his hand.

Hinata could feel herself getting wetter. She had chosen to wear the skimpy nightgown so she could easily entice her fiancé. It had been a long time since she had him properly. Ever since he heard about her pregnancy, he treaded carefully around her body. Right now, she'd make sure he properly pleased her. She ran her fingers over his face and pulled him into a searing kiss. Every time his lips touched hers, she felt a burning sensation in her chest. She left his mouth and traveled down his chest, repeating all the ministrations he had done to her.

Slowly they lost themselves in each other. Each touch, each kiss and each thrust was met with enthusiasm. Silently they vowed to always protect each other, to love each other and to hold on to the things that they valued.

Sakura paced her living room in what seemed like a disturbed trance. She had hesitated when the doctor had asked her for assurance about her abortion. She placed her hand over her flat stomach and ran a bit of chakra through it.

For the past two days, she had been checking the chakra print on her unborn child, her child with Neji. Generally she would disregard such a mistake, but when she sat there thinking about the cluster of cells in her womb, she was instantly reminded of the hurt she saw in Neji's eyes.

The pink haired medic never once thought about how he would feel if he caught her with the many other men she had fucked. She never once gave a care about how hurt he would be if he found out how many of his children she had murdered. Yet when he came to her and she saw how shattered he was, Sakura couldn't go through with the murder of one more child.

Falling back onto the couch, Sakura realized that while she slept with many other men, the only constant in her life was Neji. For the past few years, he was the one she went to with her troubles. The tall Hyuuga man was the one she spent time with. He was the one she cooked for and ate with. Neji was the one person who supported her and cared for her regardless of how she behaved.

And now she had lost him and everything that she held dear to herself.

Once again she regressed to the broken 13 year old left by herself while her teammates and sensei abandoned her. Once again she was the weakest link in her village and the one person who couldn't protect what she loved.

This time she was in Sasuke's shoes, hurting everyone who loved her.

The sun was finally shining through the Hokage tower. It was nearly an hour past sunrise and Naruto was already busy at work. He knew that if he wanted to be off for Ino's doctor's appointment, he would have to work hard and fast to get all his work done.

Time did great justice to the man that had once been considered too unstable to become Hokage. Naruto was proving his worth to everyone in the village including the Council members. His determination to make the Village and the Fire Country a safe place for all ninjas was admirable.

Hearing a tap on the window, Naruto looked up to see a messenger bird. This was the messenger bird assigned to Tenten and Shino.

The small brown bird had two scrolls tied to his feet. Naruto untied the bird and reached into his drawer to pull out a bag of peanuts that he fed to the bird before letting it fly out to the outpost.

Naruto read the smaller scroll first and concluded that Tenten and Shino had successfully accomplished their mission and were headed back to the village. He also learned of the intimate workings of Hiroshim's ordeals. Satisfied that his friends were safe and successful, Naruto began to unravel the largest piece of parchment, Naruto recognized the official seals of Konoha and the official seal of the Hyuuga. Before him sat the one piece of paper that could grant two suffering individuals the right to the happiness they desired. All he had to do was add his own seal and then send it off to officiator.

The blonde Hokage placed the divorce document on his desk and leaned back into his comfortable chair. He had really hoped that Neji would learn to love his wife the way she loved him. Sadly, the union would bring nothing but misery to the two and Naruto would have to reassign them to separate teams. Many years of working together were now coming to an end.

A soft knock brought Naruto out of his musings. His secretary hushed in and asked for a bit of time to see a guest. Naruto nodded his approval. He cleaned up the scroll and placed it in his desk, unsigned.

In an instant, Neji Hyuuga was in front of Naruto, in what seemed an apologetic way. Each word that came out of Neji's mouth was heartfelt and sincere.

"Hokage-same, I have come to apologize for the behavior I have put forth you. It took me sometime but I have realized that not all things are as they seem. My attitude was that of superiority. I have been rude and insolent towards my Leader, my family and friends. I would like to beg for your forgiveness and a chance to prove myself to you and the village," said Neji.

Naruto looked at the man in front of him. Neji was older and much more skilled in holding his thoughts and expressions to himself. The Neji that had lived in the past would never have bowed to someone and admitted his shortcomings.

Naruto smiled his signature smile and stood up. The divorce papers would have to wait until Tenten came back to hopefully what would be a new and improved Neji.

The water in the river was cold. Tenten could feel the chill massaging into her sore muscles. She and Shino had taken to racing each other to the middle of the forest. Her heart beat was erratic the entire way most especially when Shino would catch up to her and breathe softly down her bare neck.

Once or twice, Shino had taken the lead but eventually Tenten caught up and beat him. Or rather she believed that he let her beat him. For Shino, losing to Tenten wasn't a matter of lost pride. He just rather loved seeing her smile when she reached the river and realized that he hadn't beaten her there.

Tenten loved the feeling of the warm sun on her skin. Coupled with the cold water and the slight breeze, Tenten felt as if this day was a sampling of heaven.

Slowly, she stripped herself of her clothing; keeping only her scrolls, weapons and towel nearby, Tenten dipped into the river and sighed contently.

In a distance, she could sense Shino approaching. It would be a waste to leave the water, especially since he would arrive well before she would be dressed. Sinking deeper into the water, Tenten smiled up at Shino. He too was disrobing but unlike Tenten, he kept his boxers on. Slowly, as if to warn his bugs, Shino tested the water and decided the cold temperature was suitable for them. Tenten could feel the water ripple as Shino moved closer to her. The water felt warmer when Shino wrapped his arms around her.

Tenten suddenly became very aware of her nakedness when she felt Shino drift from her breast down to her waist to rest. She looked up at him and in his eyes she could read every emotion he felt and every thought that crossed his mind.

Every inch of her was begging her to trust him. She leaned into his embrace and let his touch relax her. The fact that Shino's touch could make her feel so many things at once made her mind spin. If he wanted, his touch would bring arousal to her. His touch also bought security, pleasure, comfort and love to her.

They would be home in no more than a day. She would see to it that the Hokage had made her divorce official. Tenten would give Shino a fighting chance to make her fall in love with him without the pressures of society.