Two writing prompts that were given to me by friends that kinda melded into one story

Two writing prompts that were given to me by friends that kinda melded into one story. The prompts were duck, and exaggerate. In that order.


Lavi had seen a lot of Akuma, and he remembered every one of them, but never had he seen one quite like this. He turned to his white haired companion.

"You sure, Allen?"

Allen activated his cursed eye "Yep, it's a level two and everything."

"Wow, someone got screwed when he evolved." Lavi started poking the small, yellow, duck-like Akuma with the end of his hammer. The Akuma squawked angrily.

"Quack! Qua-qua-quack!" it quacked.

"Uh," Lavi continued to poke it ", did you catch any of that?"

"It said, 'Die, exorcist'." Allen replied.

Poke, poke, poke "What are you, some kind of duck…akuma…dukuma whisperer?"

Allen was about to retort, but at this moment the 'dukuma' decided it had had enough of Lavi's prodding. It lunged at the exorcist, opening its mouth to revel several rows of very sharp teeth.

Allen and Lavi moved out of the way and the Akuma clamped down on a nearby tree instead of Lavi's leg which he had been aiming at. The tree turned black, then to dust as the tiny Akuma wheeled around for its second go. Needless to say, the 'battle' did not last very long. Allen hadn't even needed to activate his innocence.

"Man," Lavi started after the dukuma had been squashed under his hammer, "Panda's never going to believe this."

Allen chuckled "No one at HQ will."

The two started to walk back to the village they were staying at to tell them that the 'horrifying demon" had been taken care of. Allen suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Lavi, noticing Allen was no longer beside him, turned around. "What the matter, Allen, more akuma?"

Allen looked at Lavi, and finally said "Dukuma?"

Lavi shrugged "I thought it was creative…"


Lavi sat in the cafeteria at HQ, retelling the story of the 'terrifying' dukuma to Lenalee and a small group of captivated finders. (Kanda had left some time ago.)

"So there I was, Allen was unconscious and bleeding to death somewhere a few yards away-" Lenalee cut him off.

"How tall was the Akuma?"

"At least 100 meters tall!" Lavi illustrated with hand motions.

Lenalee made a sound of disbelief and muttered "It was 50 meters last time I asked." Lavi, however, did not hear her due to the finders gasping at his extremely exaggerated story.

"And then his beak turned this glowing purple color…"

Lenalee looked over and saw Allen sitting down across the cafeteria with his insanely large food order. Lenalee left the group of rapturous finders and walked over to where Allen was now devouring his food.

"Hi, Allen." She sat down across from him.

Allen swallowed his mouth full and said with a smile "Hello Lenalee."

"Hey, what happened when you and Lavi fought that duck Akuma on your last mission?" she asked while Allen bit off more food.

Allen chewed for a minute then replied "I don't think you could really call it a fight. Lavi took care of it with his hammer, I didn't even have to activate, why."

Lenalee sighed "I thought it'd be something like that…" she then told Allen about the story Lavi was telling to a new group of finders.

Allen got that glint in his eyes he normally only gets when playing poker "Oh really…" He got up and walked over to where Lavi was retelling the story of the rabid 'dukuma'. He stopped just behind the red head.

"Unconscious, bleeding to death on the ground, eh?"

Lavi leaned back so he was looking at Allen upside down. "Oh, hey Al-" WHAM! Lavi sat up, rubbing the spot on his head that Allen had hit "Hey, what was that for?!"

Allen leered at him. "For saying I was nearly killed by a duck."

As it says at the top, these were two writing prompts that my friends gave me. They were originally seprat, but they fit so well together. So, yeah. I'm trying to do something abit more serious for my next one-shot.

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