New story prompt

New story prompt!


3:30am, science department

He science department was pulling yet another all-nighter and, once again, Chief Komui was no where to be found.

"I can't believe the chief skipped out again…" a random scientist whined.

"Less complaining, more working," Reever told the scientist as he walked by. Despite his chastisement, he was thinking the exact same thing. What was worse was no one had seen the Chief since breakfast. Taking that into account, the question at this point was not if the chief was up to something, it was what is he up to.

Reever was pulled out of his musings on what kind of hell Komui was raising were disrupted, and in part answered, by loud bangs and sawing sounds coming from the chief's private lab.

"Oh hell, not again."

6:00 am

Allen was in the middle of his morning workout when someone knocked, or rather banged, on his door.

"Coming." he called jumping off the chair he was using. Another bang came as he was putting a shirt on. "I'm coming!" He opened the door to one of the strangest sights he had seen since joining the Black Order.

There was Lavi, looking frantic, incased in a giant soap bubble.

"L-Lavi?" Allen stared at the red head in shock. "What the-"

Lavi started pounding on the almost-invisible walls of his apparently indestructible bubble. It also looked like he was yelling something. Allen gathered the bubble was also sound proof.

"I can't hear you!" Allen motioned to his ears and shook his head, incase the sound proofing worked both ways. Lavi sighed and rummaged around in the multiply pockets that comprised his uniform. He pulled out a black marker and wrote on the wall of the bubble-

"RUN! KOMUI HAS A NEW INVENTION!!" he wrote it backwards so Allen could read it.

"Let me get you out of there first!" Allen yelled.

Lavi erased his previous message and wrote-


"Oh, sorry." Allen activated hi innocence and poked the bubble, only to receive a tiny shock.

Lavi rolled his eyes and wrote-


"Thanks for telling me that before I tried to get you out." Allen muttered. He was about to go back into his room to look for something to pop Lavi's soapy prison when the two exorcist heard a manic scream of "WALKER!!" coming from just around the corner. Their eyes widened. Lavi started pointing frantically in the opposite direction. He wrote in giant letters-


Allen sprinted down the hall, away from Komui's demented yells. He had just rounded the second corner when he ran into Kanda, knocking both of them to the floor.

"Che, Bean sprout, watch where your-" Kanda was cut off when he was incased in a giant bubble. The world could only guess what profanities he was screaming.

Allen, however, did not stay to try to find out, for Komui had just rounded the corner holding what looked like a giant bubble gun. No sooner had the crazed scientist came around the corner, Allen took off again.

Quickly thinking on his feet, he decided to go to the science department. The scientist there normally helped him whenever Komui had some new invention he wanted to test on Allen.

Allen made a sharp left and started heading down the corridor that would lead him to the science department. He was half way there when a hand reached out and pulled him into one of the rooms lining the hallway. Fearing it was Komui, Allen tried to yell, but found a hand clamped over his mouth.

"Allen, calm down, it's only me."

The white haired exorcist opened his eyes and saw Lenalee standing in front of him.

"Lenalee!" he exclaimed "Your brother-and the bubbles-and the-"

Lenalee cut him off "Sh! I know. The science department already had a trap set up for him." She sighed. "I'm sorry, Allen, Brother can be so overprotective sometimes…"

Allen shook his head "It's not your fault. Why is he chasing me?"

Lenalee blushed. "Well, you see…Reever needed a way to get Brother down to the science department ,and he knew that would be the first place you would run so…" she trailed off.

"So, what did he do?"

She turned a slightly deeper shade of red "He told Brother you kissed me…"

Allen sat there for a moment, not sure whether to blanch at the prospect of Komui's wrath, or blush at the mental image of him kissing Lenalee.

Then came the awkward turtle moment. "Oh…" Allen said, still not sure how he should react. He was almost happy when Komui burst in the room.

Almost. Unfortunately, Allen could no longer run away seeing as Komui was standing in the only exit.

Is he foaming at the mouth?!

"Walker!!" Komui held up the bubble gun "Get away from my precious Lenalee!"

"Wait! K-Komui, it's not what it looks li-" Allen's ramblings were cut off when something wet hit him. He closed his eyes when the cold liquid hit him.

Allen's gray eyes opened. He groaned when he saw the soap bubble that now surrounded him.

But he was no alone as he had expected. He felt a pair of arms around his waist. Allen looked do and saw a mess of short black hair.

Lenalee looked up. "Allen, are you okay?" Allen nodded and she breathed a sigh of relief "Good. The science department was afraid he added a shock effect to it…"

"NO!! LENALEE!!" Both exorcists looked over at Komui, who was freaking out.

"Is he crying?" Allen asked. He might have felt sorry for the mad scientist if he had not trapped him in a giant soap bubble.

"Probable." Lenalee sighed "Listen, Allen, I'm so-."

Allen was not sure what over took him. Maybe it was the close proximity they had to maintain due to the bubble that was designed for only one person. Whatever the reason, just as she was about to apologize again, he swiftly bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.

Lenalee's eye's widened, then closed. Soon, all the noise from the outside world melted away. They were not sure how long the kiss lasted, it felt like hours to them. When they broke apart, both turned a deep shade of red.

"A-Allen?" Lenalee stuttered.

"Woo! Go Allen!"

Allen and Lenalee looked over to the door. There stood a grinning Lavi standing over an unconscious Komui. Lavi smirked "You two didn't even notice when I popped the bubble." He held up a needle.

If possible, the two embracing exorcist turned even redder. Lavi smirked at their reaction. He bent down and grabbed the back of Komui's jacket. "I'll just leave you two lovebirds alone." With that, he walked out of the room, dragging Komui with him.

"So, uh…" Allen said once they were alone again. "Do you want to grad something to eat?"

"Together?" Lenalee prompted. Allen nodded.

Two thoughts were running through Allen's head as Lenalee took his arm and kissed him on the cheek.

One was Damn, I'm the luckiest guy in the world

The other was

Komui's going to kill me.


Another one shot! Sorry it took me longer to ge this one up, I've had hardly any computer time this week.

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