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A pair of rather beaten brown shoes squeaked ever so slightly as they rubbed against the lush carpet of grass blanketing the earth. Green and grey covered the land as far as the eye could see, save for the random smattering of flowers, American flags, and wreaths that provided a small splash of multicolored tributes to the people that rested beneath them.

He didn't often come to places like this, but this was a special occasion.

Ben Gates hadn't visited a cemetery since his father's death all those years ago, and hadn't planned on going to one again until his mother died.

But somewhere in the back of his ever thinking mind, guilt and regret nagged at him until it made life impossible.

He supposed it was stupid, really. As if visiting his old friend's grave could put his tired and compunction-filled mind at ease.

After all, how many people could say that they lost the love of their life and their best friend (two separate but equally important people) in one day? And knowing that this life-shattering tragedy was his fault, he felt worse about the whole thing.

Since that day, everything and nothing had changed. He was still Ben Gates, treasure hunter extraordinaire, but something was different. Maybe it was due to the fact that geeky yet useful kid and the beautiful blonde woman didn't travel with him anymore. Maybe it was due to the fact that his father had died of a stroke shortly after that.

He had lived a comfortable life, but he hadn't seen Abigail in years. What had happened to her? Was she happy? Was she comfortable, wherever she was? She was probably in her early to mid-forties now. Did she have a family, children? Ben was getting closer to fifty everyday. He hadn't retired yet, working as a U.S. History teacher at a high school. He had plenty of money in the bank, and a large house. But it was always depressing, coming home to an empty place every night. And then he would wonder what his life would be life if he didn't mess things up with Abigail. He still loved her, or his memories of her, after all these years.

And Riley. Oh, how could he forget that kid! Seemingly never brushed dark hair, oversized hoodies hiding scars that no one but Ben knew about, a never-ending supply of "Little Known Facts"- oh, Riley!

But here it was, more than a decade later, and Ben Gates began to wonder if he would ever stop reminiscing.

And he could have sworn he heard its occupant whining about something as he walked closer to Riley Poole's grave.

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