This is Japanese

This is Japanese
This is Japanese parsletounge
This is Pasrsletounge
This is speaking with thought

All other languages I will notify you of.-This is kind of a mix in between year 3 and 4-all occurrences of year 3 are happening with the ages and ending of year fo-you'll see what I mean-Oh and for the sake of the story Halloween is the end of January

Dear Hogwarts Applicant

Congratulations-you have been selected to join the International exchange. As you know this is a wonderful chance to meet new people and explore new places. You will be sorted with the other fourth years in order to give you the full feel for Hogwarts and we are glad that you will be staying with us the first three months. Coincidentally we hope that you will feel obliged to show us around your school in the three months we will be staying there and also showing your schoolmates our school the three months they will be here-of course that doesn't mean you are bound to it but still. We hope you'll have a wonderful time in England.

Headmaster Dumbledore

The golden trio lined up outside the train-almost as if the two children from Japan would come in something marvelous, then they realized that if the twins Parvati Patil and Padma Patil went to Japan the Japanese way then the two children might very well be on the train.
"Let's get to our new classmates before a Slytherin finds and corrupts them." Ron suggested to which the other two nodded and went on the train.

Well what do you think-don't complain on shortness this was written during school-and I'm sick so I might be a while before I write more