Another serious type fanfic from me. I like writing them quite a bit really. As far as I know, the storyline should be completely original as I dreamt it. And what a cool freaking dream it was. It might reference to some other Zelda games but overall, it has no place in the Zelda timelines. I based Hyrule by the sea for two reasons, it makes the story easier to write... and I simply love the ocean. Being a native Floridian, the sea has a special place in my heart (yes, I really enjoyed WW).

Well, as always, my first chapter is short. Oh well, I can only hope it catches your attention and you guys'll stick around for more. Enjoy!

The waves were splish-splashing on rocks and sand, palm trees were swaying in the in the ocean breezes. Warm sunlight poured in through his window and slowly made its way to the young boy's eyes.

The warmth and brightness of the light slipped through his eyelids. The boy made strange facial expressions as he tried to figure out what was causing the strange light in his dreams. Realizing he was asleep, he slowly opened his eyes, shutting them immediately from the brightness of the sun.

The sun… The sun?! His eyes ripped open and he sat up, looking at the position of the sun. He scrambled out of his bed quickly and ran to another room in the sea-side cottage to see that the bed there was neatly made and devoid of any sleeping old men.

"Crap! Grandpa's going to kill me!" The boy exclaimed to himself. He scrambled back into his room, frantically putting on his green tunic and hat, and jumping into a pair of old boots that really needed replacing. He looked around and found his wooden sword and ran out of the house.

He was late. Very, very late. He remembered he had spent the whole night awake practicing his sword techniques. His grandfather, a skilled swordsman and official instructor at Hyrule Castle, told him that if he didn't get to sleep, he'd wake up late and wouldn't wake him up in the morning. His grandfather had said that plenty of times before and never kept his promise, but today he did.

The boy cursed the distance between the sea-side shack and the castle. With his grandfather being the instructor at the castle, it would've made more sense to live more inland but his grandfather would always say, "Living by the sea is like nothing else!" every time they were invited to live in the castle.

He kept running and running as fast as he could. Passing by the market with all his might and startling a few of the townsfolk in the process. He thought he might have gotten a bunch of cuccos in one particular stall to go haywire, but he couldn't stop. He was already hideously late. He only slowed down when approaching the gates to the castle.

"Link? Is that you?" One of the guards said. "Kid, you are late!"

"I know, I know, let me in!" Link snapped, trying to catch his breath. The guard said no more and he and his partner moved aside. The boy dashed right through and sped towards the training yard. His chest was pounding and he had a waterfall of sweat coming down on him, at this point. His whole body was screaming "SLOW DOWN!"

Wait… it wasn't his body…

"SLOW DOWN!" His grandfather cried out.

Link came to an abrupt stop and tripped over himself, making a nice face-plant into the grass. He wanted to push himself up and spit all the dirt from his mouth but he had used up too much energy in just trying to get where he was now. However, a certain giggle perked him up and made him stand upright, flushing until his face was as red as a tomato.

Princess Zelda had seen him plummet to the ground at full force. She was standing behind his grandfather, laughing softly with a small wooden sword in her hand. His face had gotten redder when he was sure that she was laughing at him.

"Boy," Link's attention was at the old man, "I should have your balls for coming this late!" He snapped.

The boy winced and avoided eye contact.

"But seeing as you made such an effort to come here as fast as you could… I'm just gonna take one of your balls."

Zelda began to laugh harder. She was trying not to, Link could tell, but she couldn't help herself. Link just found himself wishing he had woken up earlier. He didn't really care if any other girl heard his grandfather's lecture, but the princess?!

He then felt a hard pat on his back and heard his grandfather laughing now too. "Haha! Boy, you know I don't mean it! Now let's forget about your tadry here and start with today's training!"