It's very short but I really enjoyed writing this little monologue. Poe's such an interesting character...

Special side story: A Day in the Afterlife

I am Master Vaati's most loyal servant, Poe. I used to be a soldier in Hyrule Castle, but I died, but even in death I'm still Master Vaati's most loyal servant! He always treats me like dirt but I know he doesn't mean it…

Ah, who am I kidding? Of course he means it.

When I was alive, I still had the name Poe. I was just a regular Joe of a soldier. My life was expendable and I didn't really mind. I didn't really care about anything. Then one day, the Master had infiltrated the castle. I still don't know what he was doing there exactly but when I met him… He was just so inspiring! He tossed me around like a rag doll without even touching me! I'd never seen anything like it before… or felt anything like it either… it hurt a lot… All I know, is that display of power fascinated me so much I ended up getting on my knees begging to be put under his service. Of course he denied me at first, but I made a pest out of myself and wouldn't leave him alone until he said yes. Ever since I've not only been his most loyal servant but his best! I pride myself in it! After all, who else can say that they still serve their most beloved master in death? Not many, I can guarantee that!

It was horrible when Master Vaati just disappeared. I had heard the goddesses confronted him. I had thought him dead for so long… Every day was so meaningless without him… Soon enough I was a typical Poe, just wandering around scaring the living daylights out of people. Such a pitiful afterlife…

I never realized how miserable having no purpose was… It's probably why I was so miserable in life up until I met the Master. I mean, I never had a girl to my own and no girls were ever interested in me. I can't claim to have had friends, because I didn't. I'm not sure even my commander liked me. Meeting the Master was the best thing that ever happened to me, dying the second best thing that ever happened. I don't much care that I dead as a hero to Hyrule. That's a lie and only the Master, that other soldier, and myself know it. No, dying was the best thing that ever happened simply because I became even more useful to the Master then!

Spying was no problem! I gave him the best information anyone could ever give! And interplanar travel has some very good uses. I have access to the dead as well as the living! Yes, I couldn't have been happier then!

But then… when I thought the Master was gone…

Real Poes have it hard. Their existence is simply pointless, as I said before. If it's possible to go insane when you're dead then I must've been insane a good portion of the time. And oh how I mourned for Master Vaati each day! To believe he was dead! When I saw him again… Oh, I had not realized how insubordinate I had been but I was so, so happy! The Master was not dead! I had purpose again!

Of course, after that I haven't heard from him…

The Master has not forgotten me, has he?

Oh no… Oh no… he most certainly has! I'm sure of it! The Master has always hated me! Oh woe! My Master has abandoned me… I am to wander the darkness of the Catacombs for the rest of my never ending afterlife then… If that is so, then I hope some warrior, might or weak, shall come and slay me! An afterlife of not serving the Master is pointless! Pointless, pointless, pointless!

… What's this? I hear him… Yes, Master Vaati?! What? You need me? I'm needed right away to help restore the Palace? Yes, master! Right away!

Oh happy day! The Master has not forgotten me! I can go on with a purpose in my afterlife! Yes, I have never been happier! The master may hate me but even he knows I am his most loyal servant! Oh happy, happy day!

You know, hes treated like dirt and knows it, yet loves it. He's such a funny guy that Poe. He doesn't consider it a horrible thing. By far, Poe is one of the biggest mysteries I've ever created. But like I said, I enjoy people who have warped minds. Does this mean I'm a bit warped myself?

That said, I guess I will go through with the sequel. It will most likely be a oneshot. So, I'm going to plan it out and write it up fairly soon. Tomorrow if I get the chance. After all, I need to be all clear in November. NaNoWriMo is a cruel mistress, I must be free of responsibitly during that time.

EDIT: SCRATCH THAT LAST PART I JUST GOT AN EVEN BETTER IDEA FOR THE SEQUEL! It'll still be very OC centric but whatev. It would be longer and not a one shot but that means I have to go in the planning stage for a while. I have to flesh everything out and all that good stuff. There'll be updates on profiles if you're interested in it.