A/N: Hello all, this is Spices. This was just kind of a flash of inspiration I got walking to sixth period today. I almost ran into a pole. xD I've been channeling Shakespeare all week and so, eloquence kind of got barfed out. Sorry it's so short, but I hope you like it.

No soul is complete on its' own. Each has its' match, its' partner, its' opposite. Each soul has its' other half. Every soul has a mate, but never has there been a pair of souls more closely entwined than these two.

One is day: tanned skin the color of the sun, an ever-bright expression, hair like flowers and eyes like grass. The other, night: flesh as pale as the moon, countenance as chilling as a midnight wind, eyes of blood, hair of black velvet sky and frozen stars.

Their minds meld as one, lithe bodies twisting and dancing around one another. Muscles of steel bunch and uncoil under silken skin. Occasionally they brush: fingers, shoulders, hips, sending divine sensations shooting through their bodies, cluing each other in on the next step in their deadly dance. Sharpened steel flickers and bites like ice, coupled with the heat of hellish fire. Slender whip whispers and cracks, rending blackened flesh from bone.

So alike yet so different. Reluctant to let the world see them, one hides behind a smile and lies, the other behind a glare and silence. One rejected, one desired. Both broken. Both complete in each other.