Explosion 1

Chapter 1
By Captainkodak1

Kim watched as Ron played with a number of the children in the classroom. She and Ron had been invited to the Jackson Elementary School as a special program for the students. Spring Break was the next day and the school leaders thought it would be a nice break for the students and the staff to have Kim and Ron visit the school. There was a school wide assembly earlier in the day then the two of them visited each class in turn. Lunch was quite interesting as Ron had to stuff his legs under the small table in the lunch room. Rufus was noticeably absent, but he had a cold was curled up in one of his tubes back in Ron's room. The two teens were tired, but were happy to be doing something without having to fight someone. Summer was coming soon and both teens just wanted to time to themselves but the world seemed to be working hard to deny that time to them. The night before Mrs. Possible had had a little talk with Kim. The two teens had been copping out on a number of family functions lately. Mrs. Possible told Kim she understood that the two wanted to spend time together but it was also time to spend with the families. Ron had gotten the same lecture from his mom.

The day had been quite busy. Each time they had visited a classroom the questions were the same. How mean were the bad guys? Could Shego really shoot plasma from her hands? Were the two of them really boy friend and girlfriend? The two teens answered the questions as best they could, but the boyfriend/girlfriend question always made them blush. The little girls would giggle and the little boys would make gagging sounds. The children were having a great time talking to two real heroes that were no much older than their older brothers and sisters and Kim and Ron enjoyed working with the younger children. The teachers and school leaders appreciated Kim and Ron helping teach the children the true meaning of friendship and teamwork by example.

Kim and Ron had just finished their last class and were heading for the principal's office to check out and head home. They were walking up the hallway when the janitor came running up to them.

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, thank goodness you are still here. There is a problem with the heating system. There is a gas leak and I can't get the gas off."

Kim turned to Ron.

"Ron, I going to the office to warn the principal, you go help the janitor."

Ron nodded and gave Kim a kiss on her forehead.

"Mission time KP!"

Kim smiled up at Ron.

"Right, I am also going to call Wade and get help coming, and then help the teachers evacuate the school."

The two teens headed in different directions; soon the students were filing quickly out of the school. The smell of gas was strong causing some of the students and staff to cough. Miss Daniels, one of the teachers ran up to Kim and Ron.

"We are missing one of the students. She was supposed to the going to the restroom when this all started. She should be in the girl's restroom on the rear hall."

"Let's go find her Ron" said Kim and the two teens ran back into the school. At this moment the fire department arrived and started to set up. Miss Daniels told the fireman what was going on and the Team Possible was still inside looking for the missing student. Firefighter Dave Coffee suited up and headed into the school. He was putting on his mask at the door of the school as he opened the door. The smell of gas was very strong. He turned to the Captain.

"Be sure they turn the power off. We don't need anything to cause a spark. We need to clear the area!"

He turned to enter the building in search of the two teens and the missing child.

Ron and Kim kept looking for the child and were not having much luck. The smell of gas was starting to get to them. They both pulled their masks from their equipment packs. The masks would give them a few minutes of clear air. As the two teens walked by one of the restrooms they heard someone crying. Ron pushed open the door.

"Kim, she's in here"

Ron ran into the bathroom, grabbed the child and ran back out into the hallway. Kim grabbed his arm as he came out of the bathroom.

"Ron, let's get out of here."

The two teens headed for the front door at a full run. They turned up the last hall toward the front door only to see the front door open and a fireman in full gear enter the hall.

Frank Coffee looked up and saw the two teens running toward the door with the young man holding the missing child.

Ron was running out of breath, the gas smell was really getting to him. He had placed his mask on the little girl so she could breathe easier. Then Ron heard a click of one of the thermostats in the hall.


Kim and Ron threw themselves on the floor with the child beneath them. Ron felt a rush of air and heat. Then he felt a tremendous concussion. Then he didn't feel anything as everything went black.

The news media set up outside the school and started running live remotes. One of the news reporters was speaking into her mike as the camera fed out a live signal. "We are here at the Jackson Elementary School. A massive gas leak has forced the evacuation of the school and the surrounding area. The teen heroes of Team Possible were at the school for a school assembly and have been assisting the administration in the evacuation of the school. When a count of the students revealed a missing student, the two teen heroes reentered the school in search of the child. We await their exit at this time. We hope that they are OK and that they and the missing child will be able to leave the building uninjured. Local fire crews are just entering the building."

The camera panned over to the school and zoomed in on the firefighter entering the door. As the fireman entered the door he seemed to pause and appeared to wave to someone in the school. At that moment a tremendous explosion ripped the doors off the front of the school and blew the fireman off the steps. All of the windows of the school blew out in the thunderous explosion. Parts of the roof flew into the air. Then there was silence, and then came the screams of people who had watched the explosion.

Coffee shook his head to clear it and stood. As he looked toward the shattered door frame a small child walked out the door crying. She was covered in blood. Coffee ran to the child and a quick search showed she was uninjured. The blood belonged to someone else. Then Coffee thought, Team Possible, the two teens weren't coming to the door. He put the child in the arms of an EMT and ran into the building. The cameraman had zoomed in of the fireman as he ran into the building. Some of the other fireman ran to the door to help the child and to fight any fire. There seemed to be no fire as the explosion had blown out any fire. In a few moments the first fireman returned to the door. His hands and the front of his coat bloody. "RESCUE, EMT'S, MOVE OUT NOWWW!!" His face full of tears he grabbed the first EMT who got to the door and pulled him in.

The crowd outside realized that Team Possible had still not come out of the building. Concern grew as more and more firefighters and rescue personnel ran into the building. Still no Team Possible came to the door. Two helicopters came in and landed on the playground and the two medical crews jumped out and made ready to receive two patients. The spectators watched in horror as medical personnel came running out the door with two gurneys. On one gurney an EMT was sitting on the patient giving CPR, on the other gurney an EMT was bagging the oxygen mask to force air into the patient lungs. The two gurneys were placed on the helicopters and both took off at full force and sped off into the sky.

Coffee sat on the front steps as the two helicopter flew off. He would not forget the sight that greeting him as he found the two teens. The girl was on the bottom with the young man on top of her. There was a great amount of blood on the floor and debris was covering the both of them. He checked the pulse of both of them, neither of them had a strong pulse. The two teens had apparently covered the little girl with their own bodies to shield her from the blast. They were covered in debris, their clothes ripped and torn. Burns were apparent through the holes in their clothes. He had turned and ran to the door to get help.

The two helicopters landed at a local trauma center and the two teens were rushed into the trauma rooms. The doors closed as the teams started to work on the two teens.

A news crew set up in front of the hospital and started a live feed.

"We are standing in front of the Upperton Trauma Center where the two teens of Team Possible were taken after they were taken from the shattered ruins of the school where they were responsible for the rescue of a missing student. Their condition is unknown at this time; however, our cameras at the school filmed two gurneys being rushed to the helicopters while life saving procedures were being applied. We can only hope and pray for the safety and well being of Team Possible"

Sirens from the distance became louder as two police cruisers turned into the emergency entrance. The reporter directed his cameraman to zoom in on the cruisers as they pulled up to the emergency entrance.

"Apparently the parents of the two heroes have arrived. They are being rushed into the hospital as we speak. We have also been notified that the pastor of the church where Kim Possible attends has arrived along with the Rabbi from the synagogue where Ron Stoppable worships with his parents. I have had the privilege of following the crime fighting careers of Kim and Ron. I have never known either of them to be injured as seriously as they appear to be at this time. We will keep you informed of any development. This is Dan Harris reporting."

The Possible's and the Stoppable's were sitting in the family room of the trauma center where they had been waiting for any news on Kim and Ron. Reverend Davis and Rabbi Katz waited with them along with Dr. Director. She had arrived with a full squad of security troops to keep the media as far back as possible. It seemed to be an eternity before a surgeon entered the room. "Dr. Possible, good to see you, I wish it was under better circumstances. Mr. Possible, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable, Reverend Davis, Rabbi Katz, I have some rather disturbing news for you."

The two sets of parents settled into their chairs and listened to the doctor as he continued.

"I want to tell you up front that we are doing all that we can to help Kim and Ron, but they were both badly injured. Ron has first, second and third degree burns over 15 of his body mainly his back. He has a concussion, several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a broken leg. Kim has a severe concussion and compound fractures of her right arm. She had a ruptured spleen and a crack in her liver. They both had a lot of internal bleeding. We had to restart both their hearts at least once. If they can make it through the next 24 hours, they might have a chance.

They both are in a coma right now. We don't know when or if they will wake up right now. All we can do now is wait. They are in a secure ICU right now. We put them together to better treat them and so all of you can be together. Dr. Director's troopers are providing security for that part of the floor. The nurse will take you to see your children." He stood and shook the hands of the parents and left.

The parents entered the room where their children lay. It was a shock to see them. Kim lay in the bed on the left. Her head was bandaged. Her right arm was in a cast. The respirator quietly pushed air into her lungs. Her heart monitor beeped slowly, quietly. Kim's mother noticed the readings on both monitors. She went and read the charts of both teens as Ron's parents went to his side. Anne returned to Kim's side and took her husbands hand. Jean and Gene joined them as they stood at Ron's side. Ron's bed was on the right. His left leg was in a cast, you could barely make out his head among all the bandages. His arms and back were covered in burn dressings. As with Kim, his respirator and heart monitor operated slowly. Both sets of parents spent sometime with their own child and then turned to be with the other parents.

Anne's voice shuddered.

"They are alive, we can be thankful for that. Right now all we can do is wait. They are getting the best care that anyone can get. We can only hope that they will wake up soon."

The parents stood together in the dim light of the room as the machines that were keeping their children alive hissed and beeped.

Kim stood in a white void, she remembered being in the school when the explosion came. She remembered Ron lying on top of her, feeling the heat and pressure of the blast. She remembered pain, and then she didn't remember anything till she found herself here. Where she was she could not figure out. There were no shapes, no distances to be seen, just an open white void. There was also no sound. Then she heard her name being called "Kim"

Ron awoke in a white void. He couldn't see anything in detail. He remembered the school, pushing Kim to the floor and covering her, the explosion and the pain. He called out "Kim"

Kim answered "Ron, is that you?"

Ron ran to the sound of Kim's voice and saw her standing in the mist. He ran to her and gathered her into his arms. Kim buried herself in his arms. She held her head to his chest, just to hear the beating of his heart. He pulled her close then leaned his head forward to kiss her on the head. They slid to the floor or whatever they were standing on. Kim folded her legs under her and took Ron's hand in hers. Ron raised his other hand and placed it behind her head.

"Ron, where are we?" Kim asked.

"I don't know" He said, "The last thing I remember is the explosion."

"Ron" Kim sniffed "are we dead?"

"I don't know Kim" Ron said "I don't think so"

"Ron, our parents, us, what are we going to do?" asked Kim.

"Well, Kimberly, Ronald, you two might have a decision to make." A voice said.

Kim and Ron turned to see a man sitting on a rock that seemed to have appeared from nowhere. Kim's eyes bulged. "Grandpa?"

"Well, my little Kimberly has grown into quite a beautiful and responsible young woman."

Kim stood and took a few steps toward the man and then stopped. Ron stepped up besides her putting his arm around her. The elderly man smiled and glanced at Ron.

"And the little blonde haired boy has grown into a fine young man."

The two teens stood and stared at the man. He stood and as he approached them Kim pulled back a little. The man stopped.

"Kim, do you remember the time when your mother and grandmother went out shopping and left you with me. I got into a football game and you toddled off and broke your grandmother's favorite lamp. I cleaned it up and told her it was my fault."

Kim relaxed only her grandfather would remember that.

"Granddaddy, what is happening?"

Kim's grandfather sat down. It was then that Kim and Ron realized they were standing in a meadow of flowers. They sat down on the grass together as Kim's grandfather began to speak.

"Kim, Ron, the two of you have done so much good work, you have touched so many lives and have taught many a new meaning to the word love. But now, you both are at a point in your lives that you need to make a decision."

Kim took Ron's hand tightly.

"What do you mean Granddaddy?"

Kim's grandfather sighed.

"You have three choices, you can decide whether to return to your bodies and continue your work, return and live the life or normal teenagers, or you may remain here in heaven."

Both of them started to open their mouths but Kim's granddaddy raised his hand.

"Now before either one of you speak, hear me out. If you stay you will be welcomed with open arms and no regrets. But, if you do return to your work, I will say that your lives will continue to be interesting. You WILL continue your work but there will be great hardship. There may come a time that the two of you may split up."

Kim and Ron looked on with horror. They had just found each other and now they are being told they may split up.

Kim's grandfather sighed and glanced back at the two of them.

"Kim, you are hardheaded sometimes and have a tendency to run over people in your way. Your sense of drive can become a sense of perfection not tolerating any failure, with yourself and others around you."

"Ronald, you have great capabilities yet you waste them often. You allow your saying "Never be Normal" to disguise a tendency to be lazy. Sometimes you take the buffoon act too far and it will cause problems between you and Kim and on missions."

Kim and Ron looked at each other and gripped their hands together.

Kim's grandfather continued.

"You both are still young; you are just now learning what love is. The two of you have been together most of your lives. You love each other and you love your families yet you have almost ignored your families over the past few months. You have also ignored most of your friends. Your schoolwork is suffering some and you are also beginning to believe your own press a little too much."

Kim and Ron bowed their heads. They had been spending a lot of time together and had blown off a couple of family functions and skipped out on a few trips with their friends. Kim looked up at her grandfather.

"Granddaddy, it's just that sometimes we feel that we are just ramming our heads against the wall. We beat a villain and put him in jail, and then they escape. We travel all over the world missing dances, school trips and other things. Then we have to come back exhausted, but we still are expected to be in school the next day even though we may not have slept in a day or so, not to mention barely having time for study, projects and term papers. People are always expecting us to do anything and everything. If we do something right some folks just brush us off and then if we mess up at something then they jump all over us. Both of us are tired. Sometimes, we just want to be normal teenagers."

Kim's grandfather nodded.

"I understand. You will be given the chance to go back to Middleton. There are events going on there that may influence your decisions. You will be able to see and hear everything going on but they will not be able to see or hear you. After you have seen what is going on you can make your decision."

Kim's grandfather stood. Ron helped Kim to her feet. It was then they realized that they were standing in the mist again. Kim's grandfather stepped back into the mist.

"Go now Kimberly, Ronald. See what needs to be seen, and hear what needs to be heard. You will know what to do when the time comes."

The mist closed around him and Kim and Ron found themselves standing in a hospital room looking at themselves.

Welcome to my new story. I know some of you are thinking "another one?" Well, this story has been sitting in my computer for sometime and I really wanted to pull it out. Would you believe this one had been sitting around since before "So The Drama" aired? I kept playing with it until I came up with a full story idea.

There is a picture over at DA that illustrates part of the story. Look in Minnesotamutt's gallery and look under her KP universe. There is a picture called "There". I had that scene in mind when Kim and Ron met in the mist. Take a look at Minnesotamutt's other KP pictures while you are there. She is a great artist.

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