Chapter 4

Sitting in the meadow, Kim and Ron held on to each other for a few minutes. Kim saw her grandfather standing under a tree waiting for them. Ron stood up first and helped Kim to her feet. They walked over to where Kim's grandfather stood. Kim took Ron by the arm and held on to him tightly.

"Granddaddy. Ron and I have made some pretty bad decisions lately and we realize that some of the decisions we make effect more people than we ever thought. We have seen what some people think of what we do. What do we do now?"

Kim's grandfather spread his arms wide.

"You have seen how what you do effects the people around you. But now, things are happening. I need to speed up what you are seeing."

Kim face turned pale.

"Granddaddy, what do you mean things are happening?"

He looked at the ground.

"Your physical bodies are failing. Without your spirits within them they are slowly losing strength. If you soon do not make your decision whether to stay or return, then your bodies will fail and you will be staying here."

Ron swallowed as he held on to Kim's arm.

"What do you need us to see?"

Dr. Anne Possible stepped into the hall after seeing her last patient for the morning. Handing the chart to the floor nurse she turned to head up the hall. It would be time to look in on Kim and Ron by the time she got to their rooms. It had been a week since the explosion. It felt like month to her. Seeing her normally strong and active daughter lying there in that bed, wires and tubes going in and coming out of her was almost more that she could stand. She turned into the doctor's lounge to get a cup of coffee before heading to the room. She had just poured the coffee when her beeper went off. Setting the cup down she pulled the beeper out and stared to the screen. In the next second the Styrofoam cup hit the floor. The coffee had not even begun to spread out when she disappeared out of the door.

Anne hit the door to the secure ICU with enough force to slam the door against the wall. She rushed into the room where Kim and Ron lay. Several doctors and nurses were working with the two teens. One of the doctors stepped over and grabbed her before she got to the beds.

"Anne, you need to step outside."

She glared at him.

"Like hell, that's my daughter there, what's going on?"

The doctor pushed her back. He motioned for two orderlies to help him. They stepped up, got one look at her eyes and hesitated. The doctor pulled on her arm.

"Anne, let me do my job. I'll let you know as soon as I can."

Anne struggled for a few seconds more then stopped. She glanced at the doctor and then turned to leave the room.

James, Anne, Dean, and Jean sat in the room waiting for news. Anne had called all of them as soon as she had left Kim and Ron's room. They all stood as the ICU doctor stepped into the waiting room. He motioned them to sit down. He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of them.

"Kim and Ron's conditions are deteriorating and there is nothing we can do to stop it. It's like their bodies have lost any spirit what was in them. If something does not change in the next 24 hours, then ..."

James put his arm around his wife.

"Thank you doctor, we understand. Is there anything we can do?"

The doctor bowed his head.

"All we can do is hope and pray. Right now that's all we have."

The doctor stood up and went back into the room.

Dean went to the phone on the wall and dialed a number.

"Rabbi Katz please...Rabbi Katz, this is Dean Stoppable. We have news and it is not good."

Sitting on the far side of the waiting room, Monique noticed Mr. Barkin get up and walk over to the door that lead to the secure area where Kim and Ron were being treated. She got up and stepped over to hide behind one of the potted plants. She could see Barkin speaking to the woman in the blue jumpsuit and a patch over one eye. Monique was not sure of her name but knew that Kim and Ron worked a great deal with her. The woman was speaking to Mr. Barkin was she watched. She watched as Barkin's face changed, and her heart fell. In all of her years of knowing Mr. Barkin, he had never shown emotion as he was at this moment. His face expressed the deepest concern and sorrow she had ever seen. The door closed and Mr. Barkin stood there for a moment facing the wall. Monique walked over to him.

"Mr. Barkin. Is there anything wrong?"

Barkin turned to her and she was surprised to see tears in his eyes. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his eyes.

"Jenkins, I am glad you are here. I need you to be really strong right now. I need you and Kim and Ron need you."

Monique got closer.

"Mr. Barkin, what is wrong?"

Barkin placed his arm around her and took her to the side.

"Dr. Director just informed me that Kim and Ron's conditions have taken a turn for the worse. They...they are dying, and the doctors don't know what to do. They said that it is as if their bodies have lost the will to live, like there is none of the spirit of those two left."

Monique gasped and brought her hands to cover her face. Tears started to come.

Barkin handed her his handkerchief.

"Pull yourself together Jenkins. I need you to do something. I need you to tell everyone what is going on. I have an idea and I need to start working on it. I need you here to keep things calm. It will not do those two any good to have a bunch of hysterical people in this room. Tell them if there is any thing they can do, it would be to call every friend and acquaintance they have. We need to get people thinking, hoping and praying for those two. Those two have saved the world several times. It's time that the world returned the favor. Now here is my cell number. Call me at anytime if you need me. I am counting on you."

Barkin turned and stepped from the room. Everyone was looking at her. She slowly stepped over to where she could see most of the room. Looking out over the room she could see many faces. Over in one corner were most of the cheerleaders. Next to them were quite a few of the teachers and staff from Middleton High. One of them was always there. That was Mrs. Hatchett. She had already made schedules for people to always be there. In another corner sat the young Japanese girl that had come to Middleton High before. Next to her were Hirotaka and an older Japanese gentleman. Mixed throughout the room were several of the people from Middleton. There were also several people from around the world that Kim and Ron had saved in one way or another. There were even two of the villains that Kim and Ron had to take on from time to time. But for the life of her she could not see the older man with the cane being any danger at all.

"I would like everyone's attention. I have just found out the Kim and Ron's conditions are failing. They are dying and the doctors can not do anything about it. They say there is little we can do. But I think different. Kim and Ron have always been there for us when we needed them. Now they need us. If you have anyone you can call, please do so. The doctors think that Kim and Ron have just lost the spirit, the will to live. If spirit and will is what they need then that's what they are going to get. Tell everyone that Kim and Ron need them."

Monique watched as the room went into motion. Groups were made as plans were discussed. Phones come out and low voices whispered. She felt someone touch her on the shoulder. Monique turned and found herself face to face with that odd old man. He bowed elegantly to her.

"Ah, Miss Jenkins I believe. We have never met, however we have common acquaintances with Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable. I heard your plea and I wish to offer whatever assistance that I can. If I may make a suggestion. I have access or own controlling interest in a number of broadcast facilities. I give you what ever you need to assist you in spreading the word for the common good of Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable."

Monique wasn't quite sure what to say. But she nodded.

Another scene appeared before Kim and Ron. This one was at the beach area at Lake Middleton. All of their friends had gathered together for a day of food, fun and relaxation. They watched themselves jump out of Kim's car and run down to the beach.

In the vision, Josh threw a football right at the visionary Ron as he put the bag he was carrying down. He caught the ball and ran to join all the guys in a game of beach football. The visionary Kim spread out her blanket with all the other girlfriends and laid down. Tara rolled over to see Kim.

"Kim, it's great that you and Ron were able to make it."

Kim sat up and put a pair of sunglasses on.

"Yeah, we sent Wade message that unless something really came up that we were not to be disturbed. This is the first break we have had in awhile. We have been really looking forward to this."

Kim and Ron watched themselves as they joined in a rather large chicken fight. The visionary Kim and Ron reigned victorious after defeating all you challenged them. But they paid for their victory. They were pelted by water balloon from the losing couples. Soon the whole group was involved in a gigantic water fight. As they all broke to eat Kim and Ron reached for their towels when a sound came from Kim's bag.

"Beep beep be beep"

Kim glanced over to Ron as he rolled his eyes. Kim pulled the Kimmunicator from her bag and activated the screen. Instead of Wade, Dr. Director came up on the screen.

"Sorry Team Possible. Considering the circumstances of this call, I thought it best if I appeared on the screen instead of Mr. Load. Drakken and Shego have broken into a top-secret lab. Agent Du was dispatched but was captured. I need you to retrieve the stolen items and Agent Du. Do you need a ride?"

Kim bowed her head.

"No Dr. Director, we have the Sloth right here. Download the coordinates into the Sloth. We will be on our way in a minute."

Kim and Ron watched themselves as they wordlessly gathered their bags and towels. The visionary Monique stepped over to Kim.

"Kim, I thought you told them that you would not accept any missions."

Vision Kim shook her head.

"It can't be helped Mon. Sometimes, there are things we just have to do. I just wish that it was less often"

Vision Kim and Ron ran to the Sloth and took off into the sky.

Kim and Ron watched as their vision friend stood watching the Sloth disappear. Josh shook his head.

"When will those two ever get a break? We planned this whole party just so those two could just have some fun. Anybody care to eat?"

All of their assembled friends just shook their heads and began to clean up everything. As Josh carried the uneaten food back to his car he looked back up into the sky where the Sloth and disappeared.

"Just when will the world give them a break. Why don't they just tell everybody no for once."

The vision faded away.

Kim and Ron found themselves standing in the middle of a pouring down rain. They were not getting wet but everyone else was. Hundreds of people carrying suitcases and bags were getting on trucks and buses. The men around them were wearing construction equipment. One turned to the other.

"The dam won't hold for longer. Have you been able to get in touch with Team Possible?"

The other man shook his head.

"Don't you remember? They quit the business. After they nearly died that time, they shut down the site and have not done anything since."

The first man bowed his head.

"Don't they know how much we need them? Don't they know how good they were at what they did? Now what are we going to do?"

At that moment a siren started in the distance. All the men started to look at each other. All the people around them started to scream and charged toward the trucks and buses. Some of the men pulled them away and pointed up a nearby hill.

"No time for the buses and trucks! Run!"

In the distance a roaring, crashing sound grew louder as it approached them. Kim and Ron watched as a wall of water and debris washed away the vehicles and people in front of them. Then the scene in front of them changed. They were looking at television screen. The newscaster was speaking as a video clip behind him played. The video showed debris everywhere and a long line of white shrouded figures lying on the ground. The newscaster began to speak.

"The dam at Brownfield broke as authorities attempted to evacuate the population. Sadly the evacuation was only 60 complete when the dam broke and flooded the town. Casualties may number in the hundreds as authorities continued to dig the remains of the town..."

Kim turned to Ron as they appeared in the white void again. She whimpered as she pulled him close.

"No, it can't happen like that."

"Oh yes it can Kimberly."

Kim turned to see her grandfather standing there.

"That is just one scene of a possible future. I believe you need to see yet another."

Kim and Ron found themselves standing on the set of a popular talk show. Photos of the two of them were on the wall behind the host and his guests. The host was speaking to his guest.

"So you do not approve of Team Possible and what they do."

The guest, who appeared to be an older man with a military background, shook his head.

"NO I DO NOT! Just who do they think they are. They have no military or law enforcement training, yet they travel the world getting publicity taking down these so called villains."

The host sat back in thought.

"Would these so-called villains be the same ones that have defeated one law enforcement unit after another and several military units?"

The guest glared back at the host.

"That doesn't matter. All it would take is proper planning and training."

The host nodded.

"What about the numerous rescues they have done?"

The guest shook his head again.

"In my opinion all they did was get in the way."

The guest sat forward in his seat.

"Now just what would happen if one of them made a mistake and someone was killed? They still attend a public school. Just what would happen if someone attacked them at school. What would people think of them if there were other casualties. No, they are not the heroes everyone seems to think they are. They are two dangerous vigilantes, who sooner or later will bring down doom, death and destruction on all of those around them."

The scene in front of Kim and Ron changed again. This time they were watching themselves pulling a family from a house fire. Both of them were covered in soot and their hair was singed a little. The Kim they were watching put a little girl down on the ground and began mouth to mouth. Ron stood with the parents as they watched. The vision Kim turned to the vision Ron.

"Ron, I need your help. CPR."

The vision Ron knelt next to the little girl and began chest compressions as Kim did the breathing. Within a minute or so the little girl began to cough and cry. An EMT truck arrived and the crew was soon kneeling with the little girl. The vision Kim nodded to the vision Ron and they started to walk away. The father chased them down.

"How can we ever thank you?"

The vision Ron put his arm around the vision Kim.

"It's no big. It's what we do."

The visions came and went before Kim and Ron as they watched them pass. Some visions were good, some were bad. All of them showed Kim and Ron active or not active in the business. Soon the visions went away and they found themselves standing in the white mist again. Her grandfather was standing with them.

Kim held on to Ron while she turned to face her grandfather.

"Granddaddy. We know that a lot of people don't agree with what we do. We know that what we do is dangerous and that what we do has effects beyond just the two of us."

Kim paused and looked up at Ron. He nodded back at her. A smile crossed her face as she got up on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss.

Turning back to her grandfather she held on to Ron's arm tighter.

"But we want to go back. Whatever life has in front of us, we will face it together."

Kim's grandfather nodded.

"As you have made your decision, I think you should see what is happening back on earth. You need to see this. When you are ready, all you have to do is lay down in your bodies. You will experience pain like you have never felt before. You will not remember any of what has happened. But, together you will survive. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, together, as you always have been, and as you always will be. I will be waiting when it will be your time. Goodbye Kimberly, Ronald."

He waved his hand and they found themselves standing back in their hospital room. Their families were gathered around their beds watching them. Kim noticed that the heartbeats were getting slower and slower. The breath were getting shallower and less frequent. Kim got one good look at her parents and nearly lost it. They looked like they had aged 10 years. Her brothers sat in two chairs along the far wall watching their sister. Ron's parents didn't look any better. At that moment there was a knock on the door. The parents looked up to see Mr. Barkin walk into the room. He stepped over to the beds and stared down at the two young people.

Barkin shook his head and faced the parents.

"Anne, Jean, James, Dean. I know this is a difficult time for you, but I think you need to see this."

Barkin turned and picked up the remote for the television and turned it on. Switching to the Middleton channel, he turned the volume up to a level that it could be heard. The screen showed a scene in front of the hospital. A mass of flowers, stuffed animals, posters, cards and signs covered one area of a wall. Over the top of it all hung a sign. "To Kim and Ron, Thank you." A reporter turned to the camera.

"The world has come to Middleton. From the four corners of the earth and from just down the street people have come and are still coming. They are here for two reasons. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Kim and Ron have given of themselves for so long. Now the world is coming here to give back something. It started this afternoon soon after the announcement that the two teens conditions were deteriorating. At first it was just a few items, soon it had grown and is still growing. Flowers, cards, posters, signs, Kim toy figures, Ron toy figures and plush animals have all be brought here as signs of hope and respect for the two teen heroes. Right now a candle vigil is being held. You have to see it to believe it. It's a carpet of light and it seems to go on forever."

Barkin walked over to the window, opened the blinds and waved the parents over. When they got to the window, Anne gasped and her hands went to her mouth. Out on the lawn of the hospital were what seemed to the hundreds maybe thousands of people. In the darkness of the night each person appeared to be holding a candle. It was like a carpet of shining lights dancing in the darkness. Kim and Ron walked over a glanced out to see the same thing. Tears started to fall from her face. Barkin turned to their parents.

"They are here for your children. People have come from here in Middleton and from several countries and they keep coming. They heard that Kim and Ron needed help. For all that your children have done for the world, the world is returning the favor. From what I understand that at this very moment there are services being held around the world. Everyone is thinking of Kim and Ron and wishing them the best. Moments of silence are being held everywhere. We can only hope that Kim and Ron know. We can only hope that Kim and Ron really know what the people of this world think about them."

The parents moved into a hug and stood there for a few moments watching out the window as the carpet of lights seemed to grow. Kim took Ron's hand, pulled him away from the scene with the parents and gave him a kiss.

"I just wanted to do that now because I have a feeling that we will not be able to for awhile. We may not remember all of this, but I want you to remember how much I love you."

Ron reached up to take her face in his hands. Kim's eyes closed as he pulled her into a soft kiss.

"Back at you KP. Let's go."

The two teens separated and moved toward their individual bodies. With a final look at each other, they mounted the beds and lay down into their bodies.

The second Kim laid down on her body it felt like she was falling. Her head swam as lights flashed in front of her eyes, waves of pain arched thought her body. Then all was quiet. She could feel the cool softness of the sheets of the bed. She could feel the tape on her face and the tube down her throat. Slowly she opened her eyes.

Anne jumped around as the sounds of Kim's heart monitor went into overdrive. She ran to her daughter's side and noticed that the life signs were jumping up and down. Then everything stabilized and Kim's heart began to beat normally. There was slight moment in the bed. Anne's heart went to her mouth as she looked down. Kim's eyes were open and looking at her, her lips moved slightly even though the tube was down her throat. There was no doubt what Kim was saying.

"Hi mom."


James ran to his wife's side and looked down to see the most wonderful sight since he had first seen since the day Kim was born. Kim's green eyes were open and looking at him. Tears poured from his eyes as he reached down and picked up her hand. He pressed it against his cheek as he looked down at his daughter.

"Oh Kimmie cub, I didn't know if I would ever see those beautiful eyes again."

Ron's monitors went off and Ron's parents ran to his side. Before they got there Ron had already raised his hand a little. His mom took his hand and kissed it as she gazed down into his brown eyes.

"Oh Ronnie, it's so good to have you back."

Dean stood by his wife as they looked down at their son.

"Ronald, I know that you and Kim like to do things together, but this is taking it a little far. But other than that, it's so good to see that smile."

Barkin stepped from the room and closed the door behind him. There were a number of doctors and nurses waiting outside. He stepped aside as they entered the room. Dr. Director stepped over to him. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"They woke up, both of them."

Dr. Director leaned forward and placed her head on his chest. Barkin didn't quite know what to do so he just placed his hands on her shoulders and just held her there. They stood there for a few minutes when the door opened and one of the doctors stepped out of the room. He stepped up to the two of them.

"They are going to be okay. We have already taken out the breathing tubes and they are talking a little. They have a long recovery in front of them, but everything looks good for a full recovery."

Barkin was about to tell the doctor thank you when his chest was crushed by a hug from the woman in front of him. He hesitated for a moment then placed his arms around the woman in blue and returned her hug. After a moment they broke apart with a slight blush on their cheeks. Dr. Director glanced up at him.

"Would you care to join me in announcing the good news?"

Barkin smiled and presented his arm to the head of Global Justice. Betty smiled back and took the arm of the former marine as they started for the door nearest the memorial.

Monique, Tara, Josh and Felix stood with all the others outside of the hospital. They had seen Kim and Ron's parents come to the window for a moment then turn away. The older man had been good if not better than his word. He had used his influence to spread the word and soon Middleton became one of the most important spots in the world. People from all over the world were coming. At first the makeshift memorial had been small, but it had grown. Even with all the people there, it was very quiet. The soft breeze in the night air caused the multitude of candles to flicker. Everyone had gather to give back some small part back to the two teens. Monique saw Mr. Barkin and the lady that worked with Kim and Ron. Both of them came out of the door of the hospital and walked up to Monique and her friends. She could see an enormous smile on Barkin's face. Hope exploded in her chest. Barkin stepped up to her and gave her a hug. Then he turned to the four friends of Kim and Ron.

"Kim and Ron just woke up. The doctors say that everything looks good. They are going to be okay."

Monique was beyond words as Barkin and Dr. Director stepped over in front of the memorial. Camera lights came on and the area was bathed in light. Barkin stood tall and faced the crowd.

"I would like to make a brief announcement. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable regained consciousness moments ago."

He paused at the gasps of the crowd.

"Their parents and family were with them at the time and both of them recognized everyone in the room. The doctors have informed me that both of them are off the respirators and are doing well. Their prospects for a full recovery are good. The Possibles and the Stoppables wish to thank you for being here and for all that you have done for their children Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a time of quiet celebration. It is a celebration of family, a celebration of friends, a celebration of life, a celebration of love. But most of all, it is the celebration of two very special young people. Thank you."

Barkin turned and motioned to the four friends of Kim and Ron. Monique, Tara, Josh and Felix moved over to where he and Dr. Director stood. Barkin faced them as he motioned for them to come with him.

"I believe there is someone that the four of you deserve to see. Please come with us."

Monique, Felix, Tara and Josh passed by the security point and into the hall that approached the room where Kim and Ron lay. Outside the door, they saw Mrs. Possible along with Mrs. Stoppable. Both mothers waved the four teenagers forward.

"Someone has been asking for you."

Anne pushed open the door and the four teens entered the semi-dark room. They heard the slight beep of the heart monitors as they noticed that the heads of both beds had been raised slightly. Monique put her hand on Felix's shoulder as they approached the two beds. Tara slid close into Josh's arms. The four stopped for a moment when they realized they were looking at their friends. Kim and Ron looked nothing like they had ever seen. It was hard to see where the bandages, tubes and wires ended and their friends started. But one thing they did notice were the faces. One with a pair of green eyes and one with brown. Monique swallowed as she approached Kim's bed.

The sun rose over the trees on a bright clear morning. Summer Gayle stood in front of the Medical Center as she spoke into her microphone.

"It has been two weeks since Team Possible regain consciousness after laying in near death after rescuing the little girl as the Jackson Elementary explosion. There have been many debates about what would happen to the teen pair and would they return to their former lifestyle. I was able to ask them that question this morning during an exclusive interview. We now go to that part of the interview."

The screen switched to a scene in the visiting room where Kim and Ron seated in a small couch next to Summer. Both of them were in hospital robes, but otherwise looked as they always had except for a few places where their hair was growing back. They held hand throughout the interview. Summer leaned toward the two heroes as she asked.

"Kim, Ron. You have been through an incredible experience. There are many who say that you have earned your rest and would not blame you is you didn't return to your former lives. Other are hoping that you will continue your former work. I have to ask, what are your plans?"

Kim held up Ron's hand and gave it a small kiss. The two of them shared a glance and a smile before Kim turned back to Summer.

"Summer, we have been talking about that for some time. In the past, we have made some decisions that that effected our friends, our families and all of those around us. Some of those decisions were not always the proper ones and we ended up hurting someone."

Kim paused to look back at Ron. She nodded to him. He shifted in his seat.

"So Summer, we had a lot to think about. We always knew what we do was dangerous. This last incident really brought home exactly how dangerous it is. But in the end, we feel that what we do is important. So as soon as we are able, we will be restarting Team Possible. We will take better precautions in the future, as well as we plan to start spending more time with our families and friends. Some things are too important. But it is our decision that Team Possible will return."

The screen turned back to Summer in front of the Medical Center.

"So, with that announcement Team Possible said that they will return. Of all the decisions that these two young people have had to make, this may be one of the most important in their lives. This is Summer Gayle reporting."

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