A/N: Spice speaking. I actually wrote this for my creative writing class. The prompt was 'What If?' and of course, me being the freak I am, the first thing that pops into my head is HIEIxKURAMA! Lol.

What if he loved me? I think about it sometimes. A lot, actually. Whenever I'm alone, which is often, I think about it. About him. He's done so much for me. Given me so many things. Friendship, when everyone else despised me for no other reason than the circumstances of my birth. Trust, when everyone else ran in fear. A safe place to sleep at night, when everyone else turned me away. Care when I am sick or wounded, when everyone else would rather I die. Forgiveness, when everyone else would have me condemned. But by far, the most important gift he has given me is the ability to smile, even laugh. Before I met him, my life was nothing but suffering, pain, grief, and war. But he showed me that there is still good in the world, still good in me. I learned that I do have a kind heart, that as long as I can weep, for all that is lost, I still have some innocence left. That is why I love him, why I live for him. I would die for him, too. So, what if he loved me? Sometimes, when I look into his eyes, I think, maybe he does.