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Ch. 1

Long ago, to the time when people use gold as money, horses and hard wooden boat as transportation, lavish fabric as clothing, and use people as slavery. A time of difficult choices and hard crisis, a place of chaos dwelling in every corner, especially at night. It's was a time when people were afraid of people, and dealers, merchant and landowners trade for their own foolish greed.

This is a tale that took place during the modern era, fill with peasants, farm animals, fields, workers, and bitter trade. While the middle class, they are fill with enough golds to spend themselves, landlords, dress high class, and are socialite upon themselves and the rich estate. The rich class are the rich people, meaning as landlords, the Master of one town, and King of a whole country.

You see, during these time of chaos, hard crisis, tragic lost, there was a King and a lost innocent woman. Typical people upon the era that they had explode their own mix emotion about being each others presence. The King desire and tame the woman, but she refuse to obey, let alone listen to him. And with that, the king punish the woman for not obeying his words. Frequently, to the woman's pleading and distance from the king, she herself took the opportunity of taking the blame that costed her life. The King was petrify yet confuse at the end, but that didn't stop him from being with the woman that he fell in-love with since childhood.


The day began at night, many upper Bourgeoisie and noble class attend at the Master's son birthday party. It was a special occasion, for he has turned the rightful age of five, a very respective year for the boy and for the family, "My people, I'm certainly most grateful for this day, my son has reach the age of a full hand. And I'm thankful of your soothing and respective presence and gifts," the dire stare that the Master presented made him seem look more like a King, but wasn't.

The scene held in a extraordinary, expansive palace with vast room, long arcs of a garden, two water fountain, and each room was decorated significantly for their own purpose. In the main room, the party was held there with dozen of candle and servant serving the guest. Everyone enjoyed themselves as it proceed further, even the music made the delighted scene more elegant with flawless ruins. Each person introduced themselves toward the Master's presence and his spoil son.

"Ahh... Hiashi Hyuuga, you made it," excited the Master as he approached to one of the most noble person in all the lands.

"Of course I did. I wanted to meet this precious son of yours," said the another Master man, with his high class clothing and handsome facial that is suitable for a king.

"I'm deeply honor to have the father of our future queen of all the land in my presence, " he slightly cough, "Which by the way, where is your delightful daughter?" he asked with a simple smile, having his son standing right beside him.

"Oh, she's with mine wife," Hiashi stared around, searching for the two beautiful ladies, "They are some where around... oh there they are," all three noble males stare at the two gorgeous ladies that were approaching toward them. Once they enter in the conversation, Hiashi kissed his wife's hand as she bow slightly at both Master, "My love... Sir," she said politely, silencing herself after her bow.

The Master slightly bow himself than stared down at the shy, cute, young, future queen. "So this is Hinata Hyuuga, future side ruler with the son who rule a whole country," he smirked as he stare at Hiashi's proud face, "You have a winner in your hands Hiashi. I envy you," he declared as the little girl hold on tight on her mother's white dress.

As the two nobles spoke in their rich class language, the little boy gazed at the young princess. He stared upon her since her approach, he never took one second away from her cuteness, shyness and innocence. The boy couldn't sustain himself from walking toward her. With every step he took, the little girl would hide her eyes behind her mother's dress than reveal it back to see if he proceed his walk toward her. The boy couldn't resist the flawless presence of the shy princess, so he put it upon himself to touch one cheek of the King's son future wife. Hinata froze with a sudden pink blush on both cheeks as the Master's son softly rubbed his hands on her smooth skin, "Your pretty," he murmur, liking the touch of hers powder cheek. This occur as the three adult spoke with each other, not noticing the two kids touch.

The boy only touched Hinata's skin for about seven second than slide away. Hinata felt her heart beat twice as fast and nervously shiver from being the presence of the strange boy, "Marry me," were the word of a greedy side of the boy as Hinata eyes widen in shock. The nosy mother turned to face down at the two and witness of the word that came out of his mouth.


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