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The doctor's couldn't quite pinpoint the exact time that Mary Winchester had gone from model patient to hell on wheels, but they all knew that if they didn't want another repeat from earlier in the week then they had better get the ball rolling with her discharge papers. It wouldn't have been such a big deal except someone had walked in on the matriarch of the Winchester family coloring with her granddaughter after visiting hours and made a comment about it. The look she had settled on the young intern was not one he would ever forget, but it was her actions that had the whole floor rushing to find out what had happened.

"Don't you dare question how we're raising Ellie, you close minded little moron!" Mary yelled as she threw not only the remaining carton of milk from her bed tray, but also the kidney shaped bowl and had the phone in her hand when Dean rushed in.

Shocked to see his mom so upset, Dean could only stare a moment before he called out, "MOM!"

Seeing his moment of freedom at hand, the intern rushed out of the room bumping into several people on the way out.

"He was making comments about how we're raising Ellie, claimed that it was past visiting hours and children with 'her condition' needed extra sleep! Can you believe that idiot? Like he'd know what her 'condition' was to begin with!"

By the time the attending physician arrived and managed to get the situation under control, both John and Sam had arrived and was witness to the aftermath. John just shook his head and warned the doctor not to mess with his wife again otherwise they'd find themselves one patient lighter and one lawsuit heavier. Needless to say, Mary's final days recovering at the hospital were as tranquil as possible given the circumstances they all had found themselves just barely a week prior.

Marlee leaned back against the counter and enjoyed her cup of coffee while she thought back upon the week with the Winchester's practically camped out in Mary's room. In all fairness, that particular intern had only been doing what he had thought was right, especially since he was new and had no idea the bond that family had towards each other; then again, the kid was a moron if some of his previous actions were anything to go by. Sighing, she checked the clock before looking down the hallway and smiled. 'Just like clockwork.' She mused as she watched the tall young man manage his way down the hall with a notebook in front of his face and a large cup of coffee in his hand.

"Sam, how are you today?" Marlee asked with amusement. She'd watched him practically walk into a wall a couple of days ago while he was in the process of catching up on his school work. Now it looked like he still hadn't learned his lesson and this time the poor boy spilled some of his hot coffee over his hand in surprise to hear someone call out his name.

Hissing, Sam tried to shake off the steaming liquid but only managed to get more on himself in the process. It didn't take long before Marlee was by his side rushing him over to the sink and holding his hand under the cold water.

"Wait!" he yelled in protest but stopped when he saw that it was already too late, his coffee was already ruined. Relaxing in resignation, he allowed the nurse to take a look at his hand and even put burn cream on it 'just as a precaution.' "You didn't have to do that." He said softly as she finished putting gauze around the ointment. "It was fine."

Smiling, Marlee shook her head in amazement before she looked up into his troubled eyes. "Sam, you have a wonderful family and I promise you, you deserve to be looked after just like you look after them. Now go on, your mom has a surprise for you."

Confused, Sam made his way into his mom's room and saw that her bed was empty and completely made. Panic started to well up inside him until he saw the bathroom door open.

"Sammy, there you are! I was hoping you wouldn't mind being the one to take me home. I knew that Dean was waiting for that friend of yours from Florida to bring his car home, and your father was going to try to keep him from going completely nuts until she pulled into the driveway." Mary said as she smiled at her youngest son. "So, how about we surprise everyone?"

Sam smiled but didn't say anything; he couldn't with the lump sitting in his throat. He didn't know how he got this lucky, but he was definitely going to enjoy his time with his family for however long it lasted. He just hoped they didn't wake up too soon and see how messed up he really was. Picking up the small suitcase of his mother's, he offered him his arm and they started down the hallway towards their family where they belonged.


Cade Hart hated attorneys almost as much as he'd hated his mother when she was alive, but even he knew they had their uses. He hadn't originally held out any hope of seeing his little girl before his trial, but his lawyer had spoken with the judge and had convinced the man that it would be in everyone's best interest if he was able to see Ellie and explain that he was really ok and that she'd see him again someday. He didn't ask how the man pulled it off, but for once he was grateful that he had someone close by who knew the system better than he did. His attorney had assured him that dear old Johnny would get served the notice to appear in front of the judge with Ellie so she could see her real daddy again.

"Sorry Johnny, but you messed up big this time." Cade mused as he remembered the times when it was Johnny who would look to him for answers. Leaning back in his cell he wasn't prepared for what happened next, and would remember it for the rest of his life.

"You know, I really hate it when people try to take what's mine."

Sitting up quickly, Cade could only stare at the man that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't until the man smiled that he knew he was in deeper than he had ever dreamed of before. "I don't know what you're talking about. " he said before he realized that was really the wrong thing to say. The man's smile turned even more feral and his eyes turned a horrendous yellow making Cade wonder if this was one of those things that Johnny used to wake up screaming about.

"So I'm a 'thing' now? Tsk tsk, I'm hurt, really I am. To think that after all this time of knowing what's really out there waiting in the dark, you categorize me with one of those 'things'? Ah well, it doesn't really matter anyway, does it?" the demon asked as he walked closer to Cade. "You took my favorite prospect and turned him inside out. Normally I'd be impressed, but you see that's the problem… he was my favorite." He growled out as he grabbed Cade by the neck and lifted him by the neck off his cot and onto the wall.

This experience was definitely something that Cade Hart would never forget for the rest of his life, too bad there wasn't too much of his life left.


Dean son, you need to calm down. That girl, Layla, said she'd be here today and I'm sure she will be. She couldn't help having to take a detour because of a tropical depression." John said as he tried to reason with his eldest boy. Seeing the incredulous look on Dean's face however showed him exactly just how little he really knew about what was going on. "Ok son, spill it. What's so damn important that you've been on pins and needles for this girl to show up?"

Running his fingers through his hair, Dean looked at his dad and sighed. He knew he's been a little wired, but with everyone recovering, and things getting back to normal, it really made him realize just how lonely his little brother had to be feeling and that made him want to rectify the situation. Not knowing how much he could tell his dad without spilling all of it, he was just about to come up with another lame excuse when the Impala pulled into the driveway. Seeing the same expression on his dad's face as he was sure was on his, he got up from the table and followed his dad outside where they got the best surprise they could think of.

"Mary!" John cried out as he helped her out of the car. "How in the hell did I not know about this?" he demanded as he looked over at Sam and silently demanded an explanation.

Laughing, Mary shook her head. "Don't blame Sammy, John. I convinced the doctors not to say anything in case it didn't happen. Now that that's settled, how about someone explain to me what's so important about this girl that Dean couldn't have flown to wherever she was and pick up his car?"

"Dean?" Sam asked cautiously as he watched his older brother's eyes widen first with shock then with trepidation. "Dean, what did you do? You told me that you were having your Camaro transported back here, not driven by… who?"

"Look, Sammy… uh, it's like this." Dean began but was distracted by the sight of his car pulling into the driveway and parking behind the Impala.

"Dean… what did you do?" Sam asked as he stared at the driver of his brother's car. He was still staring as he watched Layla get out of the car and walk his way.

"Hi Sam." Layla said with a smile as she watched the myriad of emotions pass across his face.

"Hey Layla." Sam whispered, completely oblivious to the looks his family was giving him.

"Alright you two, now I get the point. John, Dean… inside. You both have other things to do besides staring at them." Mary urged as she enlisted the two eldest Winchester men to help her inside while making a list of things to do before Ellie got home in her head.

Dean snuck a look out the kitchen window and couldn't help but smile at the sight that greeted him. His little brother looked about as love struck as anyone he'd ever met, and it looked like the feeling was mutual. Before he had any more time to gloat, he was pulled away from the window and handed a dish towel.

Mary listened patiently as Dean complained about the chores he'd be delegated to, but she glanced behind her and saw John enjoying the show as much as she was; their baby boy was falling in love, and they had a front row seat, what more could they ask for?