The title comes from the Beatles song "Something". Read the lyrics, if you'd like.

My current soundtrack for writing is the "Across the Universe" soundtrack. (If you haven't heard it, pick it up. You WON'T regret it!)

What You Need To Know For This Story:

It starts about 3 years after Season 2.

Peter and Claire ARE related! (If you don't like the incestuous angle, move along. No hard feelings. I REALLY don't want to hear any crap from anyone!)

There IS West in this story. I'm sorry, I know he generally isn't liked in the Paire community, and in most communities, actually. But he is CENTRAL to this story!

After the introduction, it jumps approximately 5 years into the future.

During the introduction, Claire is living in Costa Verde.

I think that's all the basic info you'll need!

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback!

WARNING! This first scene gets a tad risque. It MAY be bordering on M, but it's definitely not all the way there.

Years of pent-up feelings, seemingly innocent hugs and cheek-touches, it all came spilling out one Thanksgiving night.

The maids were cleaning up, washing dishes and trying to scrub stains out of the tablecloth.

Nathan had retired to his office and his nightly glass of scotch, and Heidi had taken the boys upstairs to prepare them for bed.

Angela had left hours earlier, saying that she had no desire to stuff herself like the turkey they had just eaten, and was too full for pie.

Claire was sitting in front of the fireplace, a half-eaten slice of pumpkin pie on the coffee table beside her.

Full to capacity, she wished she hadn't eaten so much.

That was how Peter found her.

Sprawled out on the sofa, her carefully pressed dress getting wrinkled, her neatly pinned hair beginning to come free of its bun.


Claire looked up at him, a smile spreading over her pretty features. "Hey, you."

She moved her legs to make room, and motioned for him to sit down.

He sank wearily to the sofa beside her, loosening his tie.

Claire leaned her head down to rest on his shoulder, staring into the blazing fire. "I've missed you, you know."

He smiled, sliding his arm around her shoulders so that she moved her head to rest against his chest. "I know, I've missed you too. How've you been? How's West?"

Claire closed her eyes. "We broke up. I thought Nathan would've told you."

Peter squeezed her shoulder. "He didn't. I'm sorry, Claire. You two were together for a long time…What happened?"

She sighed. "Typical West. I told him I wanted him to stop being so careless with his ability. He got pissed, told me I was being a controlling bitch. I'd had enough. It's okay, though. I never really loved him. He was just somebody, you know?"

Peter nodded slowly.

He studied her for a second, taking time to appreciate how lovely she looked.

Her dress was pale yellow, sleeveless, and fell to just above her knees.

It showed off her toned, tan legs, and he swallowed thickly.

"You look beautiful, by the way."

She smiled up at him. "Thanks. You look pretty good yourself."

It was quiet for a few minutes as they just sat their, enjoying eachother's company.

His thumb idly traced patterns on her arm, a comforting feeling for Claire.

She snuggled in closer to him. "How's your work with Mohinder going? Have you found anyone with cool powers lately?"

He nodded. "We found this guy the other day who can control the weather."

Her face lit up. "Cool! I think the work you do with Mohinder is so great…"

There was comfortable silence again, until Claire spoke up. "Dating anyone?"

The question surprised Peter.

While they'd always discussed Claire's personal life in great detail, never once had she inquired into his.

He shook his head. "Don't really have the time."

Claire nodded slowly. "I miss West. Well, more like I hate coming home to an empty apartment and an empty bed."

The 'empty bed' part made Peter cringe inwardly. "I know how you feel."

Claire giggled. "Maybe we should date then."

Peter stiffened.

Claire had obviously meant it as a joke, but…

Claire suddenly went still in his arms, as if what she'd said had just registered.

She sat up straight and turned to face him, blushing.

"Oh, Peter. I didn't…I mean, I…Not that I wouldn't…I…"

Peter put a finger to her lips. "Shh, it's okay Claire. I understand, believe me I do."

She tried to smile, and his eyes involuntarily fastened on her lips.

When his eyes darted back to hers, Claire looked strangely peaceful.

She reached up, running her fingers through his rapidly-growing hair.

"Your hair is getting longer…"

The air was thick as she traced his face with her fingers.

Peter reached up, catching her hand.

Her eyes widened as he brought her fingers to his lips in a gentle caress of a kiss.


Her lips formed his name, but no sound came out.

He shook his head. "Don't. Don't speak."

With that, he lowered his mouth to hers.

In that moment, any doubt Claire had ever had about Peter's feelings for her melted away.

She responded quickly, parting her lips for his tongue, and wrapping her arms around his neck.

She tasted of the pumpkin pie she'd had for dessert, and Peter smiled against her lips.

She lay back against the sofa, pulling Peter down on top of her.

A little niggling thought told Claire to stop, that Nathan or Heidi could walk in at any second.

But when Peter's hands began to slide slowly under her skirt, all other thoughts were immediately cast aside.

Clothes were soon shed by the flickering light of the fire, and Claire dug her nails into his back as Peter slid inside of her.

She had never felt anything like it.

Pain, and yet so much pleasure.

And when he began to move, oh God.

It wasn't long before she came careening over the edge, gasping and shaking and whispering his name against his lips.

But he was still moving, and she clutched onto him as she rode another wave of pleasure, resulting in another orgasm.

Peter was trembling, and she struggled to speak.

"Peter…W-what's…You're shaking."

He gasped, and then bit his lip. "Claire, if I don't stop now, I'm going to...I…It could…"

She put a finger to his lips. "Stop talking. Do it. Please…"

Her 'please' was the final straw.

He emptied himself into her, and then slid out slowly.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead, and then rolled them over so that she was lying on top of him.

"Jesus, Claire."

She was still panting, and tried to smile up at him.

"Peter…that…wow. I've never…We…you…Oh, God."

Peter chuckled, smoothing her hair.

She looked up, her expression nervous. "Was I…Was it okay?"

Peter cupped her chin and kissed her mouth softly. "It was perfect, Claire."

She lowered her head to his chest again, smiling slightly.

"I love you Peter. Always have, always will."

He sighed. "I love you too, Claire."

She drifted off to sleep, content in his arms.

Claire awakened, and was immediately confused.

She had fallen asleep in Peter's arms on the living room sofa.

Now she was in her bedroom, a sheet pulled over her naked frame, and she was alone.

She sat up, running a hand through her sleep-ruffled hair. "Peter?"

She swung her legs over the side of the bed, her bare feet hitting the cold floor.

Clutching the sheet around her body, she poked her head in the bathroom, but no Peter.

She stuck her head out into the hallway to make sure no one was around, and then she snuck down to the guest room where Peter always slept when he visited.

But again, no sign of him.

The bed hadn't been slept in, and his bags were nowhere in sight.

Still confused, she walked back to her room.

Then, she saw it.

There was an envelope propped up against the lamp on her nightstand.

She hurried over, sat down on the bed, and ripped open the envelope.

Peter's familiar handwriting greeted her as her eyes scanned the page.


By the time you read this, I'll be long gone.

Forgive me for leaving in the middle of the night, but if I had stayed, I wouldn't have been able to say goodbye.

Last night was both the best and worst night of my life.

The best because after years of longing and painful separation, we finally made love.

And it was amazing, Claire.

But it was the worst because I failed you as an uncle.

As your uncle and someone ten years older than you, I should've kept you at a distance when I realized our mutual feelings ran so deep.

Forgive my weakness.

What happened last night, as mind-blowing and incredible as it was, can never happen again.

So I'm leaving.

I'm not sure if or when I'll ever be back.

Please continue to live your life, and grow into the beautiful woman I can already see that you're becoming.

I love you, Claire.

More than I can ever express in a letter.


Claire burst into tears, clutching the letter to her chest. "Oh, Peter!"

5 years later

"No, Anna! The centerpiece is for the middle of the table." Angela gestured to the dinner table.

The maid blushed and hurried to do the eldest Petrelli's bidding. "Sorry, Mrs. Angela."

Angela shook her head. "I have a migraine."

Heidi smirked. "Why don't you go relax. Claire will be here any second, and she can help."

Angela nodded and grabbed her glass of wine before retreating to the living room.

The doorbell rang, and moments later Claire came sweeping into the dining room.

Heidi embraced her stepdaughter. "Gorgeous as always, Claire."

Claire smiled. "Thanks, Heidi. Where's Nathan?"

Heidi rolled her eyes. "You know Nathan. Can't put down the phone for a second, even on Christmas Eve. If he's not out of his office in ten minutes, I'm going to send Simon and Monty in there with pots and pans. That should rain on his parade. Now, where's your entourage?"

Claire smiled. "Well, here comes half of it."

Heidi hugged Claire's husband.

"Always nice to see you, West."

He nodded. "Sorry, I ran into Angela in the living room. Geez, is she crabby."

He kissed Claire's cheek, and then looked around. "Hey, aren't we missing somebody?"

Claire looked around the room. "Where's Ryan?"

Ryan was still in the foyer, staring at the huge house.

It had always fascinated him.

When he heard the front door open and close, he whirled around to see a strange man standing there.

The man smiled down at him. "Well now, what have we here? What's your name?"

Ryan stuck his thumb in his mouth. "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers."

The man nodded. "Your mommy is smart."

He crouched down in front of the little boy. "Well I'm not really a stranger. Do you know Nathan?"

Ryan nodded.

The man smiled again. "Well, I'm his brother. I'm…"

"Peter." Claire's declaration came out in a whisper.

Ryan grinned and ran to her. "Mommy!"

Peter's eyes widened. "You're…He's yours?"

Claire nodded, lifting the little boy into her arms.

They stood there staring at eachother for a moment, until West walked up behind Claire.

"Babe, Heidi needs your help with something. I…Peter? Whoa! Long time no see!"

He rushed forward to clap Peter on the back.

Peter looked shocked. "West. You two are…?"

West nodded. "I guess you haven't seen us in a while. We got married when we found out about the baby."

Peter nodded slowly. "I missed a lot…"

Claire cleared her throat. "West, take Ryan into see Nathan and Heidi. I want to talk to Peter alone for a minute."

West nodded, taking the little boy into his arms. "Great to have you back, Peter."

Claire grabbed Peter's arm, yanking him into the sunroom and closing the door.

"Claire, I…"

He was cut off by a hard smack across the face.

"Ow, Claire!"

She was so angry she was shaking. "You son of a bitch. How dare you show up now? I FINALLY have my life back together. What, do you have some kind of radar or something? 'oOo! Claire's happy! Time to go screw it up'?"

He sighed. "No, Claire. Look, I'm sorry. I'm not here to screw anything up. I just… I miss everyone. I miss you."

She shook her head. "You don't get to say that. You don't get to do this to me. Not after five years. That's not the way this works."

She turned her back to him. "How do you think I felt, Peter? I had sex with my uncle, but then I convinced myself it was okay, because we were so in love with eachother that nothing else mattered. Then I wake up the next morning alone, and find a goodbye note from you. I was so upset, Peter. God, I was a wreck."

She swiped at a tear rolling down her cheek. "I took the first plane back to Costa Verde, had meaningless sex with West, and nine months later Ryan came along. Nathan and Angela practically marched me down the aisle when they found out I was pregnant. My life has been one disappointment after another."

Peter sighed. "I'm sorry, Claire. I'm so…"

She swung back to smack him again, but this time he grabbed her wrist.

Their eyes locked, and the air in the room grew almost unbearably thick.

Time seemed to stand still as they stood there, faces inches apart.

The door opening caused both of their heads to whip around.

"Claire, dinner is… Pete?"

Nathan rushed forward, hugging his brother tightly.

"Where the hell have you been? I haven't heard from you in months!"

Claire's mouth dropped open. "You've been in contact with him and you didn't tell me, Nathan?"

Nathan shrugged sheepishly. "He asked me not to. I'm sorry, Claire."

She shrugged. "Whatever, I'm going to go find West."

She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

She leaned against the door as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. "Oh, Peter…"

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