Title: Getting Out Of Reverse
Summary: Harm and Mac survive a car accident only to find that they are stuck, in the middle of nowhere, with no chance of rescue.
AN: I love La Femme Nikita and was watching some of the episodes when I saw the title – "Getting Out of Reverse" I was like 'wow'! If ever you could label seasons 9 and 10 of JAG in regards to Harm and Mac it was like going in 'reverse.' It was almost as if the latter part of season 7 didn't happen. There was no forward progress just a reverse.

So, I saved the title and when I got the idea of a car accident, the idea of Reverse came back into mind. The first chappie is short but the others will be a bit longer. Don't expect this to be more than 5 chapters long and there will be no sequel. Of course, there will be a shippery ending. ;)



Chapter 1 – Accidents Will Happen
December 28, 2003
1920 Local
35 miles outside of Cumberland, Maryland

"Damnit, where the hell are we?" Desperation was slowly starting to creep into Harm's, usually cool, calm and collected demeanor. Undoubtedly lost and struggling to see past a sudden blizzard that blanked the area, it was difficult not to become irate. Hitting a dead end, he put the car in reverse and carefully headed back from where they came. "And what's with this blizzard? Goddamned meteorologists!" He slammed a closed fist into the steering wheel and sighed in frustration. After all, the weather man had mentioned the weather would hold out until next evening. They hadn't even packed appropriate clothing for snowy conditions. "Can you see anything?"

Mac peered out of the window, squinting, as if it would make any difference. "No." Had it been another time and place, she would have made a barb at his expense - something about men's inability to ask for directions. However, their current predicament had not been his fault. "How could they put one detour sign and nothing else?" An accident had detoured them around Cumberland and onto back roads that weren't well marked.

They had left Cumberland Correction Institution late in the evening and were to take a mere 130 mile trip to DC, which, under normal conditions, was less than a three hour drive. Cumberland itself was a gorgeous city. Situated amongst the Appalachian Mountains, it boasted a rich American history with the architecture to prove it. Mac had made a mental check to return once she had secured some time off. "I think we're driving in circles."

Harm snorted, "Could be why we passed the same bent tree four times?" Well, maybe it wasn't the same tree. Okay, so it was.

Mac needed to get home that night, as did Harm who were paired against Mattoni and Sturgis on two cases that were linked together. With the evidence that they'd obtained from a civilian at the prison in Cumberland, it was quite possible that one of the cases would be dismissed. At least one of their clients was innocent. "Maybe we should head back to town?"

"I was thinking the same thing. . . I'm hoping Admiral Morris doesn't hate me so much that he won't grant a continuance." He eased the car to stop at what appeared to be some intersection and then looked both ways. "Umm, left or right?"

Mac shrugged. "Can't go wrong when you're always right. . .Admiral Morris will give us the continuance, he actually likes me. It's you that he can't stand. What with you blowing several holes through the roof of his courtroom." She chuckled when he threw an exasperated glare her way. "Just easing the tension, Navy."

"Stupid weather." He cursed under his breath and made the right turn. "The Admiral is going to be pissed if we can't get back by tomorrow morning."

"I think he'll be even more pissed if we wind up as two icicles." She was going to interject another comment when something shot in front of the car. "Harm! Look out!" The warning came just in time for the wild animal but it did nothing to stop the succession of events.

"Shit!" Harm yelled as the car swerved to and fro. Piloting skills could only get you so far and with the coat of ice on the road, not even the best driver could keep the car from slipping away from them. "Mac, hold on!" Sounds of screeching breaks echoed in the night. The car slid on the icy pavement before taking a nose dive down a sharp embankment.

"Oh God!" Mac held on tightly to the hand grip above the door and unconsciously shut her eyes as the vehicle sailed into the dense forest. Harm shoved his foot into the breaks as hard as he could, but it did not stop the rate of decent. His eyes went wide when, some forty feet later, a tree stood directly in front of them. "Brace yourself!" He yelled to Mac and tensed his body as he waited for the impact. A loud 'crunch' was the culmination of their unexpected automotive ordeal.