Dear Readers,

I have a few things to address quickly:

1. As you may have or may not have noticed, but I have changed my pen name. It used to be iluvkiba44, but now it is Silva Bramley. That is for two reasons. One, because iluvkiba44 is more like a username than a pen name. Two, because I go by so many web aliases (Melanie, Reina, Tayrn, Anna-mae) that I've decided to narrow them down to one, which will be Silva Bramley. So, I hope that doesn't confuse or upset anyone. And if someone does take up the name iluvkiba44, then just know that that is a different person entirely and I am not going back to the name.

2. I will still be updating my stories, but the updates will be much more slower and more far-in-between (sorry, since they were pretty slow in the first place!) due to a hectic schedule. I've recently been in a car accident (no one was hurt) but I'm going to be working more this summer to pay for it. Plus, my mother is pregnant, so I have to help her out more than I usually do. (enough about my social life, lol)

Also, I've started on a book that I hope to get published. So, when I do have chances to write, I'll probably write on that more than my fanfictions.

Now, here's a list of stories that are going to be updated the most:

Greater Good
Please Don't Hurt Me
A Symbol of Love

Here are the stories that probably won't be updated that often:

The Beginning of Forever

And, here are the stories that probably won't be updated at all in the near future (I guess you can say they're on hiatus):

Neji-kun: You Will Love Me
Te Amo

I'm sure I'll have one-shots still being posted, since I love to type one every once in a while. Though, it seems all my oneshots are sasukexino, lol.

3. I used to write strictly just Ino stories, but I've decided to branch out and write in other categories, too. So you'll notice that I've recently started a Harry Potter Story and I'll soon be starting a Fable one. (I know, I have too many stories already, but I can't help myself and I'm allowed to have as many as I like!) I don't see why that matters to you, but I've decided to fill you all in on that. =)

4. I've been on Fanfiction for a whole year now. Actually, a little longer now. lol. =) (I can't believe I only have two of my stories completed, though)

Alright, my author's note is running long now and I'm starting to ramble, so I'll end it now.


Bram-chan. =)