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Chapter One – Spring Flower Of The Sky


A girl with black hair tied up in a ponytail, which seemed to defy gravity, turned around to see Hinamori Momo rushing towards her. The girl stopped walking and bowed to the approaching girl in respect.

"Hinamori Fuku-Taichou."

The girl's head was still lowered when Hinamori's footsteps came to a stop. The girl couldn't see the small frown that was on the Fuku-Taichou's face.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, Sorano-san. It's okay if you call me Momo!"

Sorano Akina slowly stood upright, flashing Hinamori a smug smile.

"That would be most disrespectful, Hinamori Fuku-Taichou."


"If you want me to call you by your first name, Hinamori Fuku-Taichou, then it's only fair that you start calling me Akina."

"Deal. Now come on, let's go to our special place Akina!"

"Fine… Hinamori Fuku-Taichou."



The two dark haired girls sat under a cherry blossom tree. There were no blossoms at this time of year, but the place held a deep meaning for the two of them. Whenever they had time, the Fuku-Taichou of the Fifth Division and the Third-Seat of the Fifth Division would always meet under the beautiful tree.

"Sora-- I mean, Akina…"


Hinamori gave Sorano a small smile.


Sorano rolled her eyes.

"Why do you always say that to me when we come here?"

Hinamori's smile grew a little wider before she looked down in a little sadness.

"You know perfectly well."

And it was true. Sorano knew exactly why Hinamori thanked her at every meeting they had under the cherry blossom tree. Sorano lied down on the ground, closing her eyes as she recounted the event that had happened so long ago.

"Sorano-san! You got offered the position of Fuku-Taichou in the Fifth Division?"

Hinamori's eyes seemed to shine with envy. She had always wanted to be in Aizen's Division; the position of Fuku-Taichou would have been like a dream come true for her. Sorano could see the all of the emotions that Hinamori was hiding behind a half smile. She swore she could see the slightest hint of jealousy.

"I don't really want it." Sorano replied bluntly.

Hinamori seemed stunned. The position was her ultimate ambition, something that she had trained years for. Now her strange academy friend was being offered that very position, and rejecting it. Sorano started walking away from Hinamori briskly.

"I have to go see someone." She muttered under her breath, so softly that Hinamori barely heard.

Sorano opened her almost black eyes and looked up at the sky before remembering what had happened next. Hinamori, who was sitting next to her, seemed to know what Sorano was doing, and decided to not break the silence. The memories continued to flow.

A lone figure lay under a cherry blossom tree, the petals falling, floating on the wind and surrounding the person. Running footsteps slowly drew closer and closer to the lying down figure. The person sat up to see Hinamori's flushed face and an important looking envelope in her hand.

"Sorano-san! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Sorano raised an eyebrow. Hinamori quickly opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside. She read it out loud.

"Hinamori Momo, due to vacancy of the Fuku-Taichou position in the Fifth Division and an anonymous request, we have reviewed your abilities and results in the shinigami academy, finding you to be very suitable for this role. You have been offered the rank of Fuku-Taichou in the Fifth Division. Your Taichou is Aizen Sosuke."

She looked up from the letter and fixed Sorano a steady gaze.

"You were that anonymous person, weren't you?"

Sorano closed her eyes and lay back down in response. Hinamori smiled at her friend.

"Arigato, Sorano-san."

The silence stretched on for another few minutes before Sorano finally spoke.

"You know, you did deserve that position more than me," she stuck out her tongue.

But Hinamori disagreed. There had to be a reason why Sorano was offered the position first. Though they were good friends, Hinamori knew little about Sorano's fighting style as she had rarely seen her in action; Hinamori didn't even know the name of Sorano's zanpakutou. If she had remembered correctly, Sorano was never all that great with kido and wasn't exactly a standout student in any other field either. Maybe she didn't even know the shikai of her zanpakutou.

Hinamori shook her head quickly. There was no way that Sorano could be so weak if she was offered the rank of Fuku-Taichou. Why was she thinking so negatively of her friend all of a sudden? Sorano was looking at Hinamori weirdly and Hinamori knew she had to change the subject, fast.

"So, what's the name of your zanpakutou?"

Sorano blinked in surprise; the sudden change in their discussion wasn't expected, but she still answered the question, curious about what had provoked such a query.

"Kinhana. Isn't yours like Tobi… something?"

Hinamori smiled slightly. Sorano's casual personality always had a way of making her smile. She was different from many people that Hinamori knew. Then again, she knew that Sorano had a cold side to her too. The Fuku-Taichou decided to correct the girl:


"Oh yeah! That's a pretty name, Flying Plum Tree," Sorano mused, thoughtfully.

"Golden Flower isn't that much uglier."

The two girls laughed softly, but Sorano stopped laughing after a few seconds, her face cold as she looked over Hinamori's shoulder at an approaching man. The man ignored Sorano completely and bowed to Hinamori.

"Hitsugaya-Taichou would like to see you in your office, Hinamori Fuku-Taichou."


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