March of Dimes



Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine...nor is the March of Dimes.

AN: My sister's making me write this because she thinks I have writers' block. Tsk. She gave me the prompt of "march" and this is what you get. This is really sad, by the way.

Yamamoto was a crazy old badger. Everyone, even Ukitake-taichou, would agree, I'm pretty sure.

He has us marching.

Marching...Like we're some kind of military operation.

Kiyone just pointed out that we kind of are. I would have argued, but the moment I opened my mouth, Yamamoto rode by on what I could only assume was a horse.

I couldn't help it and apparently neither could Kiyone. Even Ukitake-taichou's mouth was curving up in a bit of a smile. Laughing, giggling, and smiling, the 13th division marched.

Mayuri-sama just stepped in mud...I think. I may have to study it further to decide what it actually is.

Yumichika's not marching. He's dictating the way everyone else is marching, including me. Captain just complained because he didn't have a horse. Yeah, like a Clydesdale.

Now that has me thinkin'.

Yachiru would have one of those unicorn-thingies and Yumichika, something pretty, like a...uh...unicorn? I don't really know a lot of horse breeds. Me, hmm, I'd have to have a Shetland. I've never seen one of these, but the name sounds mighty and strong. A horse like that would have to be magnificent! Yeah, definitely a Shetland.

She's doing it again. Whinnying at the horse. I really hope he doesn't come over here. Rangiku brought carrots...

Ah, man, he just looked this way and did that creepy smile of his.

I really hope he doesn't come over here.

I couldn't see the horse.

I could hear Hisagi laughing to hard to explain what happened. I managed to here something about carrots, Hitsugaya, a very angry horse, and Yamamoto on the ground.

He has a horse.

He keeps in the stables on his family's land. It's my duty to know these things. That way, when he says "Nanao, my love, ride into the sunset with me like the stunning end of a romance novel!" I can simply point out that his horse is not here instead of immediately telling him "yes".

I wonder how long it will take him to realize he doesn't even know how to ride...

Captain Komamura's growling. I think he's jealous of Yamamoto's new pet. I hope he doesn't attack it... Captain Commander already fell off once.

I could tell Byakuya was not impressed. I wasn't sure, but I could almost swear I heard him let out something close to a laugh when the old man fell off. I was too busy laughing myself, but I bet I could get him to laugh for sure if I can get some more of those carrots from Matsumoto.

Momo was ecstatic. She's forcing me to listen to her spout nonsense about horses and how amazing they are and how she's never seen one up close and I hope to God she never will.

We're afraid the Captain Commander might need medical attention.

Gin commandeered the horse. I watched as he yipped and shouted "Tally-ho!" before barreling over two fourth division shinigami and landing on the Captain Commander's horse. I'm sure Yamamoto would have been angry had he not be stuck in the mud.

If Soifon had a horse, I wouldn't always drop crumbs on her head... Maybe she'd like me better if she were taller.

Never again. Never again will I tell my captain about the wonders of the western world. First, dressing like Patton and making speeches was no big deal, but the moment he started talking like John Wayne, I knew this would go wrong.

I better help get him out of the mud.

See how much fun Bleach would be with horses?