Lilies for the Hopeless Romantics

A Prologue

Maybe tomorrow things will start to change for her.

The second year of Junior High just started. And while anyone would think that she had it easy, being the daughter of famous people, they thought wrong. After all, she was nothing extraordinary, unlike her parents.

She was just… Miyu Kozuki. Nothing more, and very much less of what people assume her to be.

A number of people strive for mediocrity and she was one of those. Mediocre living with mediocre goals and mediocre routines and mediocre achievements… the list of mediocrity goes on and on and on and on. And Miyu was, much to her utter disheartenment, very much un-average. And for once in her life, she wanted something normal by her standards to happen in her existence.

"Hey." She looked up to see the face of Kanata Saiyonji, their class's current class president and her ex-best friend. Why she had decided to make him a former friend of hers, you might blame Christine Hanakomachi (his current fan club's president) and the rest of her minions, but her reasons go much deeper than that. You'll find out about that later on. For now…

"Can I help you?" she fiddled with the lock of her school bag anxiously. Don't get her wrong, though. She's not acting nervous because of Kanata, but because of the class president's much too ardent fan club. Just because of that single statement, dozens of girls (even those from other classrooms) started to loom over her shoulder. Why anyone would think of her as a threat towards stealing their precious 'Kanata-sama', she never really would know.

After all, who would ever even grant her a second glance? She always had her hair tied up in a messy pony tail; her glasses were the color of people who were about to gag, and her braces made her lips chap to a really painful degree.

"… You're sitting on my seat." He held an impassive look on his face. She disliked him all the more for that.

"Oh… sorry." She got up and checked the seating arrangement posted on the board once again. A loud sigh emanated from her lips as she drummed her fingers against her chin. Unfortunately, Aya and Nanami (the only two people whom she had befriended during the first year of Junior High) had different classes so she had no one to talk to.

The bespectacled girl sat on the chair at the left side of Saiyonji, praying that nobody would bother her. It wasn't her fault if she was assigned to sit beside him!


She winced at the sound of the familiar voice.

She slowly turned around to face the speaker, starting to hate the fact that fate always had its way despite her constant pleading towards whichever gods exist up there. "Yes, Chris?"

"What are you doing next to Kanata?"

It bothered her, how even the most obvious things do not enter the minds of the members of Kanata's much-too-passionate fan club. "Umm… if you haven't noticed, it's where I'm assigned to sit."

The rosy haired girl's eyes darkened with utmost contempt. "I know that. But why do you have to sit so close to him?"

As much as Miyu wanted to scream at her, she couldn't. You could say that she was a bit of a coward for choosing to push her seat farther from the ever so famous class president, but really. Her reasons in doing so were primarily because of the little amount of dignity she had left from the constant harassing she got from her handsome seatmate's fans.

If only this day would become better for Miyu…


"EH?!" unfortunately, Miyu's 'today' wasn't as better as she hoped it would be.

A stargazer the shade of the most vivid pink she had ever seen met her view as she opened her dusty locker, a golden ribbon tied around its long green stem.

Now, you might wonder, how the heck was a romantic gesture like that going to make her day not better?

You see, it was no ordinary flower for it had a little card that read:

From Saiyonji



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