Lilies for the Hopeless Romantics


Now there were many things that Miyu Kozuki never understood about life and its mechanisms. She really didn't bother to, after all. But today, it seemed like all she could do was fuss over her life and why things turned out the way they have had upon her. Especially when regarding her physical appearance.

And as her gag-colored glasses started to fog up, all the more she grew conscious of how miserable her existence was. She had bad eyesight, bad teeth, bad fashion sense, and most of all, bad features. Why, you may ask, would Miyu even consider thinking about her appearance after fourteen years of avoiding mirrors and in the process becoming comfortable with her physical attributes? Well, two words: Fashion Show.

Looking even more awkward than her usual self, Miyu Kozuki wore her father's white trench coat over the orange mini dress her mother had bought for her since she thought that the dress exposed too much of her pasty skin, the outfit being sleeveless and backless. And even if her mom also bought her contact lenses, she refused to wear them, hence ending up with her atrocious eyeglasses.

Her hair, although it was lose, began to frizz because of the much too warm weather despite the numerous times the local hairstylist tried to iron it (her hair looks like it's electrocuted if it's hot), and the lipstick her mother had forcefully slathered on her mouth started to patch up because her lips were chapping too much.

What was worse was that her mother looked fabulous, even if she wore the plain white version of her dress.

"Miyu-chan!" the blonde girl looked up at her mom, fingers attempting to straighten her frizzy hair albeit vainly. "Are you ready?" the older woman asked, trying to finger-comb her daughter's hair, too.

The bespectacled girl sighed. "Mom, I really don't want to do this. People are just going to make fun of me." The faces of Kanata Saiyonji's fan girls flashed in her mind. They always made it a point to sit up front in case their beloved idol decides to participate in the festival's program.

"Nonsense, honey… take off the trench coat, dear. You look cuter without it."

Miyu glared at her mother but the adult couldn't see her child's eyes due to the fog building up in the younger Kozuki's glasses. "Mom, that's just silly. I already don't have any single measure of dignity left in me ever since you forced and black mailed me into joining this dumb fashion show. Just because other people are willing to showcase excessive amounts of flesh doesn't mean I'm willing to do the same. The body is a sacred thing after all." She fidgeted with the pocket zipper of her dad's massive coat.

"I never blackmailed you." The older lady held her right hand against her chest, donning a fake hurt look. "I just negotiated some things with you."

"Telling me that you would confiscate my laptop if I won't participate in this program would hardly be called a negotiation." She let go of her hair, apparently giving up on making it look even half decent.

"Oh, it's our turn already! Miyu-chan, be sure to smile!" she glanced at her daughter, her grin faltering a little in the process of doing so. "…Or better yet, show off that adorable impassive look you have!"


But before Miyu Kozuki could continue her statement, a deep voice interrupted her as it announced, "Be prepared for the ravishing Kozuki women!"

The green-eyed blonde winced upon the declaration of their entrance. "This cannot be happening."


The stage that was usually used when there would be a town presentation was designed to look like a ramp by attaching additional wooden boards to it. The sides of the ramp were covered with green and yellow balloons while the stage itself had a velvet green curtain hung up over it to cover it during intermissions.

"I don't understand why you had to take these seats." A very frustrated Kanata Saiyonji glared at a very excited Santa Kurosu.

"What are you complaining about, pal?" his large eyes narrowed down a little from the bright rays of the afternoon sun.

"Please don't call me 'pal.' It's disgusting."

Santa ignored his best friend, continuing, "We got font row seats, didn't we?" during festival programs, it was a huge deal for the townspeople to sit as near as possible to the stage, so as not to be blocked by anyone else.

Kanata rolled his eyes, hands crossed against his chest. "Yes, we are in the front. BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET THE TICKETS FOR THE CHAIRS BY THE SIDE?" since they were seated at the far left, Kanata's view was inconveniently covered by the big speakers. Santa, however, had no complaints since he could see the performance clearly.

"Oh, c'mon… the tickets were sold to us with a discount, anyway." He paused for a while upon hearing the host saying "Be prepared for the ravishing Kozuki women!"

Perhaps Kanata heard it too since he stopped scowling and complaining, subtly leaning to the right to see more. "Kozuki…? They don't mean Miyu, do they? She hates things like these."

"Well, buddy, sometimes people change. Look! The curtain's going up!"

Santa's words stung him a bit. He always prided himself to knowing the quiet Miyu Kozuki the most, although in an unofficial way.

…Was Miyu truly changing? He furrowed his eyebrows with apprehensiveness.


"Oh, shit." Miyu nervously clenched and unclenched her hands, seeing the green drapes slowly rising to reveal both Kozukis. As much as she wanted to yank them back down forcefully, it was impossible because: a) she couldn't bring herself to even walk a single step, and b) her scrawny body wouldn't be able to forcibly pull down something that was three times her weight.

The afternoon sun began to reach out its rays to them as the curtain finally reached the top.

"Miyu-chan, are you ready?"

And she really wanted to scream a resounding 'no', but all that came out of her mouth instead was the impulsive 'yes'.

Who knows… people may actually cheer her on.


She was wrong.

Miyu slumped against the lavatory door, ignoring her mom's constant pleas to make her come out. Tears began flowing down her pale face, and all she did was let it run freely. Who cares if she would sink in them? She might as well drown instead of facing anyone ever again.

She stared at the ceiling although everything within her eye sight was blurry. She didn't bother to pick up her glasses when she tripped during the fashion show. She cringed at the memory that transpired that late afternoon.

As she was walking down the ramp twenty minutes ago, she was rather aware of the sudden silence that engulfed the formerly loud crowd. This made her anxious because she was also aware that the other models before her were stunningly beautiful. And when she got anxious, she became too clumsy for her own good. Hence her sudden fall in the process of walking, hence her inevitable losing of her barf-hued glasses, and hence her running (and occasional tripping) towards the lavatory.

Three loud knocks came from the brown wooden door of the comfort room.


"Go" –hic- "away!" –hic—

Miyu realized something as she sat limply on the cold white tiled floor of the lavatory: she had the hiccups. And by some profoundly random reason, her hiccups reminded her of the vanilla ice cream she would buy at the dessert café two blocks away from her house. And by some other profoundly random reason, that café reminded her of Kanata Saiyonji.

"…Kanata Saiyonji." She whispered to herself.

Fifty more minutes had passed before a few clinks were heard, although Miyu was vaguely aware of that sound. She had spent the last few minutes sobbing and then composing her self and then sobbing once again. Anyone could get tired because of that.

She must have been hallucinating, since she saw the door she had locked and barricaded with a mop open suddenly. She would have let out a deafening exasperated "Eh?!" but she felt too tired to do so.


It was the janitor in all his blue jumper glory.

"Get out!" her thin pasty arms flailed frantically. Nobody should see her. She didn't need any pity or any apprehension from anybody. Since the lavatory was quite small in size, Miyu easily kicked the door shut again with only a few dragging movements.


"OUT!" she screeched, feeling every ounce of the energy she had left ebb away.

But it wasn't the thin old janitor who now entered her current sanctuary of proverbial safety.

"Kozuki Miyu." It was Kanata Saiyonji who spoke.



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