Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. It belongs to Akira Amano, lucky thing.

Warnings: Crappiness and stupidity.

Author's Notes: Yes, I want to burn it too.

Freddo - Cold

Ti Amo - I love you (I think)

It's raining and Tsuna knows two things. Thing number one is that he's cold, and thing number two is that he's wet. He's been mentally kicking himself for the last fifteen minutes as he stands, huddled up against Gokudera's warm, damp body under a tree in the park, for not being smart enough to bring an umbrella, even though the weatherman forecast a heavy afternoon shower.

He silently mourns his assignments, for his bag is soaked through and he's sure that the ink has run. He's spent three whole weeks on those, and he isn't Gokudera so he won't be able to do them all again before tomorrow. He knows that if he asks Gokudera to do them for him he will, but Reborn would find out and promptly do something outrageous and painful to him. And Tsuna has been trying to avoid the outrageous and painful ever since the sprained ankle incident a few weeks ago. He never wants to have to hobble down stairs again, mainly because said hobbling ended up leading to a sprained wrist.

Tsuna looks up as Gokudera presses him against the trunk of the tree a little harder and tightens his hold around his thing shoulders. Tsuna wonders why he does this before a sudden blast of wind sends droplets of cold pelting down on them, causing him to squeak a little and Gokudera to hiss, "Freddo!"

Yes, Tsuna thinks as he tries to slip under Gokudera's skin in an attempt to stay warm, cold.

They stay this way, Tsuna pinned to the tree and Gokudera glaring at the bark just above his head, as the rain continues to rain and the wind continues to freeze them. But Tsuna only cares about his assignments getting ruined, and if they weren't there he would be enjoying this, because Gokudera smells like Gokudera, of smoke and musk and that cologne he wears, and Tsuna will always instantly think the Smell of Gokudera means safe; home; love; adoration.

And soon Gokudera is humming a little under his breath from sheer boredom, some Italian tune that makes Tsuna smile, because Gokudera isn't as tough and scary as everyone makes out. He's just Gokudera, Tsuna's right-hand man, the boy who worships him, and also happens to be his best friend, and maybe something more. But Tsuna doesn't really ponder that, because he knows Reborn would find out and he knows that Reborn would then do some silly and stupid, and the silly and stupid is more often than not outrageous and painful, and he doesn't want Gokudera to know because Tsuna thinks that maybe Gokudera would hate him. But he's drunk on Smell of Gokudera, and decides to act tonight. Maybe.

What he doesn't know is that Gokudera is smart, and has known Tsuna like-likes him for a long time, but he's just waiting for his boss to say it.

So he doesn't really mind when, a few hours later as they stand outside Tsuna's house, Tsuna shyly and quickly and without thinking kisses his cheek, as is how Tsuna does things. Tsuna then blushes and goes pale, stuttering quickly that Haha, joke! And he doesn't notice when Gokudera kisses his cheek back until there's a flick of tongue.

Gokudera then nods and walks off, waving over his shoulder, shouting, "Ti amo, Tenth" and then Tsuna is dashing inside, digging through his pile of books and pushing aside Lambo to find his Italian-Japanese dictionary.

The next morning, when the sun is shining and there isn't any rain, he smiles shyly when he sees Gokudera walking up to him, and blushing he takes Gokudera's hand and he mutters, "T—ti amo, Gokudera-kun"