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Always wanted to do a story with Batman and Hawk Girl, so here chapter 1.

Shayera and Diana's relationship was more or less patched up. Going through Tartarus together will do that. Will this morning Diana had gotten a call from the Hawk. "We need to talk!" she almost demanded.

"About what?" the princess asked.

"MEN!" Hawk Girl almost screamed.

So now the two heroins are siting across a table form each other in the Amazonian embassy. Where Wonder Woman is sitting listening to her team mate vent. "I can't believe that bald headed, green eyed, soldier prick! He goes into the future and meets our son. Our SON! The child we are destined to have, and he still won't come to his senses. How selfish is that. He got to meet him, and now because he is being so damn...stubborn, I won't be able to!" Shayera explains beginning to sob.

Diana is shaken by the sight. Shayera Hol, despite their differences, is one of the strongest women she has ever met. To see her brought to tears all but breaks her heart. Wonder Woman moves around the table to place friendly hand on her teammate's shoulder. "You know he still loves you," she tells her, "that means that you two still have hope."

"Yes he still loves me. But he still loves her," Shayera answers. She looks up into the taller woman's eyes, "I wish I could hate her, but I can't. I like her, Diana. Vixen stands between me and John, between me and my son, and I still like her. Whats worse is that they're good together. They're happy."

Wonder Woman closes her eyes and thinks. She remembers hearing about this time travel adventure. "Didn't Batman go with Lantern?" she asks.

"Yeah. I asked him about my son. Rex. He told me what he could. I think he was even sorry about not being able to tell me more," Hawk Girl answers.

Wonder Woman smiles and sits down next to her, "I have an idea."

"I'm listening...," Shayera says, suspicion evident in her voice.

"I think you should spend more time with Batman," Diana answers.

"Come again?" she asks.

"I know, but hear me out," she answers, "Since me and him have gotten together, I've found out a lot about the man. He has had many difficult relationships, and he's a father. Or well, nearly a father. He's almost raised two sons," Hawk Girl arches an eyebrow at that, but the Amazon pushes onward, "He also has a good deal in common with John."

"Yeah, they're both stubborn," she agrees.

"They're both militant," Diana continues.

"They're both well hung," Shayera adds.

Wonder Woman is awestruck by this, "You've seen Batman naked!" she demands.

"No," Hawk Girl answered, "But there was this one time..."

"Spill!" Diana says, using a word she has adopted from Flash.

"Well, during one mission, he and I were trapped under a piece of rubble (one too big for me to lift) for a few minutes, and well I guess the friction and the bodily contact had an effect," Shayera tells her.

"And you felt it, through his armor?" Diana asks.

"Oh yes, and that alone says a lot," she says. The two laugh for a bit at the story.

"So, John is...?" Diana asks.

"Endowed like a Thanagarian? Of course," she answers. "But I think he's a bit to proud about the fact."

"How so?" the Amazon asks.

"He's named it," she whispers.

Diana snickers, "What does he call it?" she whispers back.

"Big J!" she answers. The two burst into laughter. "So does the 'knight' have a name for his?" she asks.

"Not that I've heard," she answers, "but I do"

"Really? So what does the princess call it?" the Thanagarian asks.

The Amazon princess sighs, "Happiness...," she answers.

The winged alien laughs so hard, her body shakes and she struggles to hold on to bladder control. Finally it passes and she is able to speak again, "Okay, okay enough. I'll convince him to spend the day with me, so that I can learn all of the inner working of difficult men," she tells her.

"Good," the princess rises to leave. She stops and turns to her friend, "Oh, and don't try to follow in Vixen's footsteps," she warns.

"Me steal a man from you? That will be the day," Shayera answers sarcastically, "Don't worry, I won't take your 'happiness' from you." The princess laughs as she walks away.

No, Bruce is not romance material for me, Shayera thinks to herself. She thinks of all the interactions she had with the Batman. Of how he looked out for her during the whole Hawkman thing, even after she warned him not too. Interesting new family I've built for myself here. I got Diana, sort of a distant step sister I like to fight with. Wally, my dear younger brother. Well that would defiantly make Bruce sort of an over protective, untrusting older brother. "Time for some family bonding Bruce."

A few days later she knocks on the door of Wayne Manor. The greatly under appreciated Alfred opens it and greats her, "Ah, Miss Hol. It has been far too long."

"That it has my friend," she says taking his hand, "Unfortunately I'm hear to see dark and gloomy."

"Master dark and gloomy can be found in the library Miss Hol," the gentleman butler informs her.

She smiles at his levity and makes her way through the house. She is barley a step through the library door before he speaks, "Is something wrong Shayera?" the Batman asks.

Suit or not, he'll always be the Batman to me, she thinks to herself, "Yes and no," she answers.

"Do you need my help with something?" he asks, turning to face her.

"No, I need your time," she answers. "You have nothing planned for next Tuesday, I checked. I have five heroes, of various types, set to look after Gotham for you on that day. And Diana is busy. So you will be free. Free to spend time with me. Doing something other than Chess, and crime fighting. I leave what to you. You do have the money and the cultural experience." She turns on her heel to head out, with Batman standing slack jawed in surprise. "And don't think about weaseling out, Diana is helping me. You know how to contact me, once you've figured out what we will be doing," she adds, before leaving.

Batman sits down and scratches his head, "Well that was unexpected. What the Hell are we supposed to be doing on Tuesday? And why the Hell do I have to decide?" he asks himself.

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