I intended nothing in the last chapter to offended anyone who does not have animal based powers, and are currently dating a member of the Green Lantern Cor(spelling?:). I apologizes to anyone else I might have offended. Now that I got that off my chest, here's the last chapter!

Bruce materializes in the center of his home, Wayne Manor. He looks about the room with love, Japan is a fine place, but nothing compares to his Fathers house. "Excellent entrance Master Bruce, very flashy. Mr. Zatara would be proud," Alfred remarks dryly from behind him

"Thank you Alfred," Bruce retorts with almost the same dryness, "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" he asks.

"I believe Master Tim caused one of the guest Justice Leaguers to cry," he answers.

The Batman feels a small surge of pride for his adopted son, "Which one?" he asks.

"I believe he went by Booster Gold," Alfred answers.

They sent Booster Gold? I'll have to have a word with Mr. Terrific, he thinks to himself, "Thanks for the news Alfred," Bruce says, heading for the cave.

"Oh, and Ms. Diana is waiting for you in your room sir."

Bruce makes a quick U turn and heads up the stairs, thanking Alfred again on the way. He quickly makes it to his room and closes the door behind him. Then he turns around and sees Diana, Wonder Woman, standing next to his bed. Naked. Very Naked.

He can't move. He can't think. He can't BLINK! All he can do is stand and stare at her. Somewhere in the back of his mind a small a weak voice is screaming at him, This woman is your girlfriend! You've seen her naked before! You've had sex with her! And your BATMAN! You should not be standing here like a slack jawed idiot! But that voice is small, and most of his mind is taken up with the thought, Wow...

"I just came to tell you," Diana says, breaking the silence, "that I am not wearing the Japanese school girl outfit."

Bruce blinks, "Uh huh?" he mumbles.

"I thought this would be the the best way to break it to you," she explains.

"Uh huh," he agrees.

She puts on a playful pout, "Your not upset are you?"

He hurls himself half way across the room, until he is stopped by what is, at that moment in time, the most annoying sound on Earth. His JLA communicator. He calmly and deliberately takes it out and says, "Batman here."

"Its the Question, I was wondering if I could use you as a sounding board, I'm having some troubles with a case," the voice from the hated machine answers.

"Alright, I'll be free in an hour," Batman answers.

"Alright I'll call back in an hour," the voice says. Batman then hangs up the communicator, turns it off, and prys the battery out of it, before carefully setting it on the floor. He then pounces on the woman of his dreams.

Shayera could now see why so many women loved flirting with Batman. It was fun seeing him blush. It was also exciting, which is a problem, as she still didn't have anyone to let the energy out on. Oh well, violence will have to do, she thinks to herself as she walks to the training room. On the way way she passes several heroes, two of which being Shining Knight and Vigilante. She eyes linger on the cowboy. She wonders if he still has a problem with her or not. She casually listens in to their conversation.

"The lady would not tell you what was amiss good friend?" asked the Knight.

"No partner. She didn't even say goodbye! Well not to my face anyway...," Vigilante answers. His friend gives him a confused look, "She left me a message on my phone," he clarifies.

"A note is sound, how cowardly. What message did she leave behind," the Knight asks.

"Just that she doesn't want to see me anymore. Couldn't even give me a reason. I would have liked to have a reason," the cowboy explains.

Shayera walks on. She can't help but feel sorry for him. The cowboy isn't so bad. He's tall, broad shouldered, has dark hair, is very muscular. If only he would shut up more ofter. Well that could be taken care of if... Suddenly she turns back and calls out, "Vigilante! Come with me, I could use your help."

The cowboy shrugs and follow her into the training room. Once inside she locks the door behind them, "So what can I do for you little LadY...!" He is caught off when Shayera press him against the wall.

"I want you to shut up, get naked, and help me relax," she answers. She then pulls open his shirt and begins kissing down his chest. He doesn't ask her to stop, and he doesn't give any resistance. Damn I am good with blunt.

The end. Tell me what you guys think.