Chapter 17: All at once

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Chapter 17: Fight or flight?

Tony walked back into the bullpen still stunned from Gibbs' words. He couldn't believe it. He could actually feel his chest again. He and Ziva could be together, no having to choose between the two things he loved. He got to the bullpen and sat at his desk, his eyes searching for Ziva. He glanced down to see a small note on his desk and looked over to McGee who was typing away, trying to ignore the drama of the Tony/Ziva/Gibbs saga. He would know soon enough so he knew not to press the matter.

"Probie?" Tony began, lifting up the letter "who left this here?"

"Maybe read it." He simply shrugged in a smart tone.

Tony scowled at him and stood up, pacing over to Ziva's desk to grab his letter opener that she often stole from him. He remembered her saying she always admired it. He shook off that small daydream and ripped into the letter.

'Tony.' It began

' I do not know what you are trying to do however I will not let you loose your job like this. So I will be the one to say it. It is over; you and I should not be together. Like you said, the past few weeks have just been too difficult and it is dangerous, as federal agents we have to be always on guard.

I am sorry but it is better than loosing your job. If I am already too late it makes no difference, I will stand by my decision and maybe you will get your job back.

- Ziva'

Tony scrunched up her letter and threw it into the bin, turning to McGee.

"Where's Ziva?" he asked urgently.

"She left. Said her head was sore." McGee answered, a confused look on his face "You okay?"

Tony didn't respond, he sprinted to the elevator and jumped in, Ziva had to know what had just happened before she made her final decision. Her words spun through his mind, ripping through his stomach each time. What did she mean that it was probably not a good idea anyway?

He shook off any thought about the letter and headed forward, hoping she was willing to give the relationship another chance.


Ziva sat on her couch; her headache getting worse and worse as the medication the emergency room gave her began to wear off.

She sat still; staring at the necklace Tony had gotten her for her birthday six months ago. It was a gold locket with a picture of him inside of it, the picture Abby had taken one day with her new phone. She smiled gently and a tear ran down her face, she had made a huge mistake and she knew it. The whole thing was doomed from the start; from the second they met it had been bad timing – he had liked her when she was not interested in him then the second she began to have feelings for him he got a girlfriend. It was just doomed.

However there was no way she could give up on what she and Tony had. Maybe he was right, maybe it was his call to make – if he didn't want to be in the team he didn't have to.

A loud knock at the door pulled her out of her thought spiral and she jumped up quickly, momentarily distracted by who it could be, she opened the door to find Tony there, his expression unreadable.

She didn't know what to say to him, her heart lurched forward, hitting against her rib cage.

She simply opened the door wider and let him in.

"I'm sorry Tony." She said once she'd closed the door, not daring to look into his ashamed eyes.

"I'm still at NCIS." He said, her gaze going from ashamed to shocked then back to sad. If he was still at NCIS it meant that there was no chance for them and at this point she had no idea what she wanted more.

Before she could say anything else on the matter Tony moved closer to her, reaching out his hand to hold her face. Slowly he moved in kissing her gently, their lips moving slowly with one another, his hands moving from her jaw to support the back of her head, her blow-waved, silky hair scrunching up.

Ziva broke away from the kiss, breathing deeply.

"What are you doing, Tony?" she asked, moving away – her pulse thudding against her neck, "You are just making it harder on both of us."

"I'm still at NCIS. But I am still with you."

Ziva's eyes narrowed in confusion.

"What are you talking about?"

"I handed my badge in – and well the short version is that Gibbs is going to pretend he has no idea about us. We just keep doing what we were doing but without letting him catch us this time." He said, smiling lightly.

Ziva couldn't respond to that – what would she say? All the things that ran through her mind were too poetically mushy to say aloud.

So she didn't respond, she just leaned in and crushed their lips together, for the first time in her life actually letting her guards down fully, letting relief wash over her and succumbing to happiness.

Tony felt Ziva smile under his lips and he pulled away, staring into her eyes, their faces millimetres apart.

"You know what, Ziva?" He whispered, smiling lightly, his cool breath touching her neck. "I think I could find it in myself to marry a Jewish person after all."

Ziva smiled, her face dropping slightly in shock. Before Tony could realise what he had just said she pulled him closer, their lips meeting gently as they relaxed, for once their relationship in the correct timing.


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