A new story! Yays!

I was writing my newest oneshot when I started thinking about the times Sonic and Tails must've went through in the months after Tails came to live with him. So, I came up with this story (my first ever full, first person story evah!), with Sonic, 17 years old, reflecting on the trials and heartwarming moments he and Tails faced as they grew up together. It's in Sonic's point of view, the entire thing.

I actually think I can be proud of this one. :D But we'll see what happens.

The Terms of Brotherhood

Terms of Endearment


One word.

But how can one word really sum up something so dear, so close?


A confusing word.

It's like...a friendship. A friendship and responsibility both rolled up together...as one.

A sense, a purpose, a belonging.

Laughter, an understanding, a misunderstanding.

A feeling of safety, of protection, of...love.

Of geniune, no strings attached, love between brothers.

Who could've known that finding that kit out in the forest would change my like as much as it has? Who could've known I would become best friends - no...brothers - with a homeless, two-tailed fox? Nine years ago, if someone would've told me I would become best friends with a homeless fox, I would've called them crazy.

If I would've know that his presence would change my entire outlook on life, my entire viewpoint on everything, I would probably never had found him, taken him in as my own little brother.

But now, looking back, I wouldn't change anything.

But who could've known that I would become so attached to a small twin-tailed fox? Who could've known the fox would completely turn me into something else entirely, something else I was proud of?

Well, I'll just tell you right now, I never even thought of being changed around like that. But here I am, 17 years old, and he's still my best friend, my little brother even if he's not so little anymore.

But like I said, I wouldn't change a thing that's happened in my life.


What a small word for so many very important things.

And how differently that one word can change so many things...

End of Chapter

Well, as you can probably tell, Sonic is obviously realizing how fast he and Tails are growing, and he doesn't want all of it to go away. Thats incase you didn't understand fully what was going on. He's reflecting on the later chapters as he wonders where life will lead him and Tails. He doesn't want their friendship to go away.

Well, I hope you enjoyed. Hopefully I can continue this almost endlessly. :D And knowing me, I probably can. Next chapter should be up tomorrow probably!