Enerina's Dawn
by Chaoseternus

This is a rewrite of the Thundersdawn series backstory 'Enerina's Dawn'

Note that I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and/or concepts that are not original to me.

Chapter 1: Implantation

Enerina twisted and wriggled gleefully in the hands of her 'brother' at last it was time! At last she was ready to take a host and assume her rightful position as God over the lesser beings! Soon she would become known across the whole galaxy, and even her father would bow down before her. It was preordained; she was a God after all.

She sensed a body, female being brought closer. It felt young and untouched to her limited senses. Perfect, her father would not choose her an ugly host after all and a young untouched host was to be treasured.

She felt the neck come closer, and soon the hands holding her tight loosened, and then released her. She leapt, quickly passing through the host skin and clamped on effortlessly to the host's neck and brain. Quickly she found the host personality, and she snorted. Young, impressionable, and innocent. No threat to her, she mentally backhanded the personality, such as it was, and drove it deep into the deaths of the mind; she would deal with it more permanently later.

Then she shifted, instinctively gaining control of the hosts senses, feel, touch, smell, taste, sight… Ahhh! Blessed sight at last! She bathed herself in sensations, quickly learning and acclimatising, unconsciously and contemptuously brushing the weak mind already present aside. Young yes, but no ailments, no scars and fit! A body worthy fit for a God!

She glanced within icily, knowing she would need to enforce her will over the pathetic mind that had maintained the body ordained for her use, but with a sneer, she realized she need do nothing; the mind truly was weak, shy, fearful, almost as if somebody had previously taught it its place. No matter, at least she need give not thought to controlling the host.

Awareness, something was not quite right…

Her senses, they were tainted, weakened…

She growled, annoyed, as she caught sight, sound, scent of things that were not there, this body had held such promise… and yet, there was a subtle disconnect. She wasn't directly sensing these extras, the 'oily blackness' that surrounded the beings around her, some form of taint, it was an overlay reaching her from the mind of the host.

Was this insanity?

The overlay revealed a being approaching but out of sight, she dismissed it, knowing this had to be insanity, no one could sense through a solid wall, not even a God! Yet, the door opened and a Jaffa walked through, exactly where the overlay told her the slave would.

Shock… awe… was this a sixth sense?

It could not be… yet it was. A sense her racial memories told her was extremely rare, empathy. Her memories said no other Goa'uld had taken an empath as a first host too, fortune it seemed smiled on her. She would need to hide this ability, or the advantage was lost.

She opened her eyes, quickly focusing on the ornately gowned individual before her, Maktenos, her father. For now she would bow to him, be subservient. She needed time, and his resources, for although she was a God, she had no resources of her own and in order to claim her rightful place as Supreme System Lord she would need ships, servants, Jaffa and Planets.

She bowed her head, and spoke "My Lord"