Enerina's Dawn
by Chaoseternus

Chapter 6: The Tau'ri

Enerina cursed inwardly as the words coming out of Maktenos's ears registered. This could either be her chance to escape, and to forge her own future, or it would be the end of her. Either way, it was most probably time to start making her move. The Tau'ri were here, a team had been captured by Maktenos himself, and where one team was captured, others were soon to follow, to rescue their beleaguered comrades. It was a weakness Maktenos intended to make use of, and for that matter, one which she could use too.

"The Tau'ri are not likely to send just one team on a rescue mission such as this" she commented.

"Agreed, judging by past reports, they would most probably have one team form a distraction whilst a second searches for a back way into the temple"

Perfect, Enerina smiled inwardly, he's buying it, "Then we cloak, grab the distraction team, allowing the other team to enter and retake their comrades"

Maktenos gave her an amused, supercilious smile, she really hated that smile, "And why would I want to do that?"

"First, I see no reason not to use Nish'ta on our captives," a gamble suggesting that she knew, but at this point she could not let him have any clue that her intentions lied elsewhere, "and if they do manage to escape that somehow then they will have to go investigate why their other team is not responding, weighed down by the lame unarmed ducks of our current captives."

"Indeed," Maktenos smirked, "But I have wanted a Tau'ri for… other purposes for ages and I see no reason not to act on that now as well. It will just mean bumping the schedule up. Have my Ha'tak taken down and cloaked on the planets surface, use it as the final ambush point" Maktenos replied, nodding.

"My Lord" she replied, careful to keep her tone submissive, even as her mind raced, his own purposes? He cant mean what she thought he meant could he? Haashak! She would need to be sure she was present at the end now, more risk.

She hid a resigned grin as Maktenos left, and turned to one of 'her' Jaffa, an operative she had caught reporting to Bra'tac, "Have the captives weapons hidden where the other SG teams are likely to find them, do not get caught, hurry!"

"Yes, My Lord" the Jaffa replied respectfully, before hurrying out of the room.

Enerina smiled slightly, that one thought she was a Tok'ra who had the guts to be a bit more proactive than most. It was a useful presumption on his part. She turned to the other Jaffa in her quarters, "Talk with the others, let them know it is time to make our move"

"Yes, My Lord"

Enerina was disturbed in her planning by the frantic arrival of the Rebel Jaffa in her quarters, "My Lady, you must send word to the Tok'ra, Maktenos, he has taken a Tau'ri host, the leader of the SG team he just captured!"

Enerina heard a stream of most ungodlike words, and realised bemused that they came from her own mouth. Well, she had suspected, she just hadn't believed. More fool her, "Do you know what he plans?"

"I will tell you that" Maktenos strode confidently into the room, "The first team through the gate is now mine, I took their leader as hosts and the remainder are being taken to the cells as we speak where Tel'nec'tania is waiting with Nish'ta. I plan to allow the Tau'ri to reach the cells, where I will be hidden amongst the prisoners,"

Enerina nodded, Tel'nec'tania was something of a disappointment to Maktenos, but unlike most of 'his' children, she at least could use Nish'ta properly.

"You will be ready to sweep down the south corridor, and my Jaffa will sweep in from the North, perfect ambush, with no hope of escape" Maktenos smirked evilly, "with three SG teams captured, I will be able to take our Nish'ta'd friends and use them to round up the any Tau'ri who escape my Unas and Jaffa whilst you prepare the prisoners for implantation, the Tau'ri on this world will prove most useful in seizing a foothold in the SGC"

"A most brilliant plan my Lord" of course it doesn't plan on a mass defection, but I'm not exactly going to say that am I?

"And Enerina…" Maktenos paused, "I do not wish to see your spy again."

"My Lord" Enerina nodded. Well, at least he hadn't realised exactly who the Jaffa was really spying for, if he felt the Jaffa was just her way of keeping tabs on her master all the better, he had obviously just missed the Tok'ra comment or she would really be in trouble.

Enerina strode up the corridor, giving all outward appearance of supreme confidence, but internally she raged against the waves of doubt and worry that battered against her from her Jaffa. They would follow her, they knew what she was going to do was right, or at least more right than anything else the Goa'ulds ever did, but still they worried. And it battered against her shields, finally she snapped, turning to her Jaffa just before they came in sight of the ambush, "Control yourselves, your emotions!"

The battering faded and relieved she sighed as she finally sensed the minds of the Tau'ri teams around the corner. She brushed against the strongest minds, the famed SG-1 she assumed, and gasped inwardly as images struck her, a burning red banner, flapping as it was held over a mighty army, heading to face a single blue skinned demon, a mighty chant of "The Judge Shall Fall" filing the air, flash, lone girls fighting demons, monsters, creatures even the Goa'uld avoided, flash, thousands dying, willingly, giving their lives for others, flash, a bright white light, two voices within it, one male, one female chanting, champion, champion champion CHAMPION!"

A thousand and one lives, and a thousand and one deaths, all in service, selfless, pure, holy.


A mark, a subtle weave of a chose made, a service, no a destiny picked, willingly and full heartedly.

Then a door slammed, the momentary glimpse taken from her… no, granted to her.

Gasping, she grabbed hold of her empathy, her mind, and wrestled it back under her control, then strode forward, moving to surround the Tau'ri forces. It was time.

"You cannot win! Surrender now and you will live long lives in service to your god, very long lives in fact; I have several servants in need of new hosts." Makteno's shouted at the surrounded Tau'ri as an older man, the leader she judged looked around, gathering information on his captors.

She started broadcasting her empathy subtly at the man, pushing him to notice her, pushing him to trust her. He glanced straight at her, and she flicked her hand, the prearranged signal. Her Jaffa shifted their aim, unnoticed by Maktenos's forces.

"You cannot win, put down your weapons or die." the thing that controlled Colonel Pierce said, exasperated.

"Actually" the one she now recognised as the great 'pain in the mikta' Colonel O'Neill said, with the tones of someone imparting great wisdom, moving in front of the other SG teams where they could all clearly see him, "We can win."

The Goa'uld snorted, amused, "Really, How?"

Enerina noted the frantic signalling, he was telling his teammates something, hiding the message behind his back where Maktenos would not see it, but what was the message? Didn't really matter, she was committed now.

"Well, All it would take is an unexpected event, a curveball."

Pierce looked at O'Neill, pity in his glowing eyes, "Really, you expect the Asgard to come riding to you rescue again, or a caped avenger perhaps?"

"No, but I'm willing to find out." O'Neill hit the ground, the other Tau'ri soldiers swiftly following, most opening fire on the Goa'uld but several pointing weapons in her direction… but not firing, but for her purpose that was enough. Her Jaffa quickly adding their staff weapons to the Tau'ri fire with a will, firing over the low lying warriors. She smiled slightly as she realised none of the Tau'ri weapons were pointed at her, or her Jaffa anymore, all had turned to face the obvious threat. It seemed she had judged well.

"Enerina! Kree!" Pierce shouted in shock but was there just a glimpse of satisfied joy in those depths? It didn't matter, now was not the time for thinking, now was the time to act.

She contemptuously raised her hand device and blasted a shockwave at Pierce over the heads of the SG teams, it was distraction enough. One of the Tau'ri darted upwards, a bladed weapon, a in his hands, perfectly aimed, it sliced straight through vertebrae, slicing the remaining flesh as it was hastily withdrawn and her master of old fell to the ground. Dead, for the moment at least.

"Fall back!" the silver haired Tau'ri shouted as Maktenos's loyal Jaffa surged forward to retrieve their fallen master.

"Tau'ri! We must take the bridge! There is another ship at the gate with more Jaffa and Unas, we'll never get through."

He looked her straight in the eyes and liked what she saw as he nodded, "Okay guys, we're taking this ship home!"

Home. At last, she was free. She could do what she liked… No, what she needed to do. She knew the darkness now, she had been there, and now the light was in front of her, and she couldn't turn back. She would fight for the light; she would accept the mantle of champion, as SG-1 had. She had joined the light.