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"Usagi, this looks perfect!" Makoto gushed as Mamoru carved the turkey.

Usagi looked happily at her as she finished setting the table. "I followed the instructions just like you said," she responded proudly as she leaned over to light the candles on the table. As she leaned over her hand landed in the bowl of mashed potatoes, and she quickly looked around to make sure no one had seen her as she hastily wiped her hands on her apron and stirred up the mashed potatoes to hide the evidence.

Makoto and Mamoru were in the kitchen putting some finishing touches on the Thanksgiving dinner while everyone else was gathered in the living room watching as the team of Zane and Ami were beating Kai and Mina at a game of Wii tennis. Mina frowned as she easily missed at another attempt to return the served tennis ball. Zane high fived Ami and they started to do a little victory dance as the score flashed on the screen. Mina watched as Ami served the next ball and Kai easily returned it. As Zane prepared to hit the ball she stomped on his foot, causing him to nearly drop his Wii-mote as he yelped out in paid. The tennis ball sailed past him and earned a point for her team. She turned to Kai and smiled triumphantly as their first point flashed across the screen. Zane scowled at her with his Wii-mote raised as if he were going to take a swing at her. Kai, in an attempt to keep the peace, quickly moved her to his left side so that he stood between her and Zane. Ami laughed behind her hand at the antics of her friends. She watched as Mina accidently swung her Wii-mote to serve the ball and quietly volleyed it back, earning her and Zane the winning the point. Everyone looked up to see the victory sign being flashed on the screen and all turned to look at Ami in shock as she slowly slipped the Wii-mote's band from around her wrist. Nick sat on the couch with the small pig curled up next to him, chuckling at the antics of his friends. Rei and Joel had squeezed into an overstuffed recliner and were too involved in their own discussion to notice the Wii war going on around them.

Mamoru looked over at Usagi stirring the mashed potatoes and leaned over to whisper to Makoto, "I can't believe we got away with it again this year."

"Of course we did. She never pays attention to what we're doing," Makoto laughed quietly as she put the pulled the sweet potato casserole from the oven. "I would advise taking out the trash before dinner so that she doesn't discover the evidence if you know what I mean."

"We've been getting away with this for the past couple of years, I'd hate to get caught now."

"Exactly," she lifted the casserole from the counter and started to walk away but stopped to lean over and whisper into Mamoru's ear. "Maybe next year you can tell her to thaw the turkey so that I won't have to switch hers with my own."