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Spoilers: Stalker. It drives me crazy when they do something to our sweet Texan and then they allow no resolution. Drives me crazy!

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I love this episode and it is the epi that got me hooked as a CSI addict.

Three months later

Doc Robbins looked at his team then looked at the Swat team and shook his head, now way were they coming out alive.

Nick looked over at Warrick. "We are so doomed."

"Yeah, we are." as he looked over to Catherine who was taking her third swing.

"You're out!" Cried the umpire and pointing towards the beautiful blond, who seemed more interested in the cute guy in outfied.

Brass was up next, taking his place on the mound, giving it a couple of practice air swings. He suddenly held up his hand as to call for a time out.

Warrick and Nick taking deep breaths feeling it was all but over."I need a pinch runner." Looking over at Gregg who was pointing at himself in amazement and confusion.

"Yeah, you Gregg, get ready to run." Brass instructed knowing if he attempted to get to first base he would have a heart attack on the way.

"Give me your best pitch." he shouted to the pitcher.

Gregg looked around at Warrick and Nick who simultaneously shrugged, maybe he really thought a home run could be possible but four balls later, Gregg walked to first base, rather slowly looking up at the scoreboard, Ten to four, Swat's advantage, bottom of the ninth and one out left.

Warrick felt lucky though as he stepped up to bat, two outs, one on first, he felt confident as the hefty pitcher threw the ball. He swung catching only air,"Damn!" he cursed under his breath.

Again the pitcher readied himself and threw the pitch, Warrick swung and hit the ball to the outfield, Gregg must have been a little confused as to his role but as Warrick met him at first he yelled,"Run Gregg!"

Gregg took off with Warrick right behind him, yelling that if he caught up with him that he would be processing a bat when he got back to lab with his own DNA on the end of it, so that encouraged the young lab tech to haul it around the bases and he would have slid into home plate if he had not tripped and tumbled forward hitting the plate and tripping Warrick who was right on his heels sending him flying over the mound past the warm up area, Warrick immediately stood and made it back to the plate to touch it just in time before they could tag him out.

The home run would have been a a hallelujah event except now Warrick was trying to get to Gregg to ring him, dirt and dust covering every inch of his being,"When we get back to lab Gregg, I am going to make you pay!" he shouted at the tech who was now hiding behind Grissom, who had a smug smile on his face.

It now was Sara's turn and in her day she had played some mean softball so when the first pitch came she slammed it hard sending it well past second base, she got to first, throwing her arms into the air, doing a victory dance. The SWAT team giving applause as they took in her hip movements.

David was up next, he had never been good at sports, his mother, who was so proud of her son for trying, waved from the bleachers and he nodded towards her and smiled, the Pitcher thinking that he was ready for the pitch threw the ball, it hit him solid in the nether region and he fell to the ground, Doc Robbins and the umpire responded, finding David alert but dazed.

"Take a base!" the umpire called. David was assisted to his feet and he almost crawled to first, sending a very joyous Sara to second.

Nick had now taken a seat on the bench, praying that the humiliation would just be over with. His head in his hands.

Grissom took the plate next and smiled over at Catherine who seemed distracted as she flirted with a member of the opposite team.

Grissom shook his head, and looked towards the pitcher, this could not be that difficult, he could precisely calculate the air velocity of the ball and the wind velocity and get a perfect hit, he thought to himself as the first ball flew past him.

"Strike one." The umpire called.

He looked back with a smirk and then he got focused. If the pitcher is pitching the ball at 80- 90 mph and the wind is blowing at 10 mph then all I have to do is this, he swung and slammed the ball to the far right field and he ran, Sara was running and David was hobbling, in definite pain.

Grissom quickly caught up to Doc Robbin's tech and had to assist him around the remaining bases. They finally made it home and Grissom looked up at the score it was now ten to nine as David collapsed begging for an ice bag.

Robbins motioned for the team to assist their friend, Catherine giving him a 'you really owe me big time look'. They lifted him off the plate and placed him on the dugout bench, Catherine applying a bag of ice, David's mother giving him a big thumbs up from her seat, with a huge grin on her face.

Now it was Gregg's time at bat, being raised around boats and golfers did not prepare him for this moment so he looked up and smiled at the pitcher, hoping that he could psych the guy out. The pitcher threw him a spitball.

"Strike one!" the umpire again yelled to nobody in particular.

That was not going to work so he had to think of something more creative, he then looked over to Warrick who was taking an aluminum bat at starring at it as if he were going to assault someone, and then it dawned on him, I have to get this right or he is going to pummelt me.

Again he readied for the pitch, closed his eyes and swung, the sound of metal hitting leather was all he could hear and he opened his eyes and that is when he realized , the ball was probably about ten feet in front of him that was good enough as the pitcher scrambled for the ball, so he ran and he ran better and faster than he had earlier looking back at Warrick, his incentive, he finally made it to first base and gave a sigh of relief.

He looked over to Warrick who seemed to be smiling now.

"Thank God." he mumbled to himself.

It was Nick's turn, the tying run on first and all he needed to do was at least make a base hit.

Nick walked up to the plate, bat in hand, his shoulder and abdomen healed, the broken ribs mended, it was time to play ball. The pitcher had spotted him as more of a professional than the other players given his muscular build and his hitting skills so they had just let him walk every other time at bat. This time he was going to get his pitch he decided.

He focused on the pitcher, smiling at Gregg who had readied himself to run to second, he looked over and saw his fellow team members all standing in support of a man who had been beaten too many times. He focused on the pitcher, who again looked as if he was not going to give Nick his moment, the first pitch was way outside.

"Ball one!" the umpire shouted and then took his position again.

He gritted his teeth, but stayed focus. The pitcher threw it again, but this time it was a grounder.

"Ball two!" the umpire picked up the ball and gave Nick a sympathetic look, "Sorry." he whispered, wanting to see this man get a hit, everybody knew what this young CSI had been through but this was a game and a game is a game.

Nick straightened his body and readied for the pitch again but this time he looked at the pitcher and lipped, "Quit being a girl and throw me a real pitch." Trying to agitate the pitcher into throwing him a decent ball.

The pitcher read his lips but ignored the jibe.

Grissem read them too, knowing for some reason Nick needed this moment, he yelled,"You pitch like a girl!"

Catherine and Sara giving him the look of 'we will deal with you later'.

He shrugged,"Thought it might help."

The pitcher would not take a chance and he threw the ball far right again.

"Ball three." The umpire called as he ran after the ball.

Nick could see the walk coming, but he wanted this and he needed it, not for himself but for the team. They had taken a beating for him, put their lives on the line, he just wanted to give something back. He turned and lifted his bat into position and took his stance but this time a little bit closer to the plate and he pulled his hips back.

"Stokes, get ready to walk!" The pitcher called out with an irritatingly sarcastic tone.

Nick's full focus on the ball, everything else tuned out, the ball was coming, it was wide, he bent forward, barely reaching the ball and slammed the aluminum bat into the leather covering. He watched with tears in his eyes, as it took sail out of the park, so did everybody else in the stands and on both teams.

Everybody stood in thunderous applause, it was a 'home run'.

As he ran each base, somehow it reminded him of how he had recently decided to live his life. He would no longer stand by and accept the inevitable, instead he would reach for his goals and striver harder to succeed, not allowing Crane, Karrigan or the babysitter to ever stop him. As he ran towards home plate, a crowd awaited him, Gregg crossed first and then he took the opportunity, he slid into home plate, his arms up in the air and he was surrounded by all.

The end

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