Author: Furyan Goddess
Title: Thirty Days in the Hole
Rating: NC17. Language and content later on. SLASH
Fandom: Riddick/AU/Pre-PB
Disclaimer: Do NOT own Riddick or Jack/Kyra or anyone from PB or TCoR. All other fucks are mine.
Summary: Riddick's got himself thirty days in solitary for trying to bust out and he need to write about his feelings and dreams.
Pairing: Riddick/Jack-Kyra (not sure how far yet, may chance) Maybe Riddick/Fry? Who knows
Archive: Yes
Feedback: Yes, always... I LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback... I beg for feedback.. it makes me happy
Author's Notes: Riddick's POV - Something new I'm trying, let me know how it is.

Thirty days in the hole, that's what I got for trying to bust out of the slam. Thirty fucking days in the hole. They think this is punishment, but to me, it's paradise. No fucks trying to bend you over, no assholes trying to be my friend, thirty days of peace. Ahhh, it's good to be me. Got my own cell, no one fighting for my food and no one's shit to smell but my own.

New Shrink wants me to write about my feelings and dreams. What the fuck kind of shit is that? I tell you my feelings you stupid bitch, I feel the need to kill you and dream you die slow, but that kinda shit keeps you in the slam. Can't escape when you're in lockdown twenty-three and three-quarters of the twenty four, so I think I'll make some shit up.


Woke up from a dream again, I dreamt of her. The green eyed minx with the fantastic ass and killer right hook. She was pissed at me, big surprise, though I don't know what I did. Just being my happy self would be my guess. Anyway on to the dream…

We were in some sort of hellhole of a slam. Hot as fuck. They said no one hops this place… well; they never had me as a short time resident did they? We're underground, deep in the rocks. I can hear the growls of a predator. Everyone seems scared shitless of them but they don't scare me. Top of the food chain baby.

I just got there courtesy of a merc named Toombs… I wish you could hear my sneer when I typed that…Never met him yet but he seemed like a real stupid fuck. Anyway, I'm there looking for her

I don't know how I know her or why I even care but I do know one thing, I want to fuck her sideways. She's changed since I've seen her but I can't remember what she was like before only I want to fuck her now and I didn't want to then. Again, I digress… see how much I want to fuck her?

Her eyes flash at me as she bitches at me for leaving her. Then she goes on to talk about an eye shine and twenty menthol Kools, I have no fucking idea what she's talking about at this point but I realized that I'm not seeing regular colors but more of pink, purple and whites.

She makes a go for my 'sweet spot' and I slam her against a fence. I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at her outrage. She actually thought she was a match for me? Richard B. Fucking Riddick? Please, who does she think she is?

I can smell her lust and anger and it is fucking sexy as hell. Before I get a chance to get my rocks off, she smashes a light and cuts me, slipping away from my grasp… interesting. No one's cut me in a long time, and never a woman…Nothing sexier than an angry woman with a shiv…


Dreams and reality, they mix and over lap so much in a place like this that you sometimes forget what is real and want isn't.

I have different kinds of dreams, the kind I dream up in my head; wishes I guess you could call them, or promises and then the kind that come to me while I sleep. This one was one in the same.

A merc. The Blue Eyed Devil. Johns, William J. I've had this fantasy for a long time about taking him out... finally got the chance.

He had been tracking me for years, but lately he was like a fucking case of the Clap. Can't get rid of him no matter how hard I try, so it was time for a little medical intervention, in this case surgical.

Bet you didn't know I could do spinal surgery. Oh yeah, fourth lumbar down, just left of the spine. The abdominal aorta… what a gusher.

Shived his ass, tip even broke off, but in true Johns form, he didn't die. No it takes a lot to kill a cockroach so I'll see him again. He'll be slower and he'll be in pain. He won't forget me or underestimate me again… next time he won't make it.


A blonde this time. Blue eyes. Sexy, strong survival instinct. Intermixed with the self-loathing and guilt was the holier than thou vibe, hot. I needed to take her down a few pegs.

We were on a skiff, just me and her doing a sys check. She was surprised to see me and not very happy about it. I all but crawl up her ass, smell her, intimidate her. She tried to pretend she wasn't scared but I could smell it on her. I could also smell her sexual interest.

I could have fucked her, right there, but I wanted to play with her first, like playing with your food. More satisfying that way, lasts longer and it makes it all that much sweeter when you finally get a taste.

She has a way of dancing around the subject; she knows too much, fucking Johns would be my guess. She tells me she scared, she must think by admitting it that it will save her? Please, the only thing saving her right now is that sweet little ass of hers and that scent of honey she's putting off from between her legs.

Yeah, I'm getting hungry alright; it's gonna be time to eat soon.


I can't sleep; every time I close my eyes, I hear noises… like sonar or something. Maybe I'm losing my mind after all. The calls, the scratching sounds are driving me mad I can tell you that.

Someone calls my name, a child maybe? But I can hear the fear and desperation in her voice. She doesn't fear me, but something else. Makes me wonder, what could be scarier than me?

When I do doze, I see flashes of grey and black, blue blood. I can smell her blood, she's bleeding. An another child, older boy, he's bleeding too, but no help for him, don't care about him. Only the girl.

It's dark, almost too dark for even me, no light at all, anywhere. Never seen such dark, even in this fucking cell there is some light peeking though the door. Pitch black. Screams. Blood. Fuck I'm losing it!

I want to get away, far away from those things, from her and the others. Save my own ass, fuck everyone else. The blondes back with her nice ass, but she's looking at me with disgust this time, used to that.

Asks me if I want to rejoin humanity… to tell you the truth, I would know how. Never was much of the world, always in the shadows… guess that's what you get when you're thrown away minutes after your first breath.

Am I dreaming? Is this real? Has it happened yet? Will it? I'm having a hard time remembering what year it is. What day… how old am I? Get confused with the cryo all the time. Not that it matters, no one's gonna have a big birthday cake for me and presents. No one gives a shit and I like it that way, cause I don't give a shit about anyone but myself.

Three suns, I can remember that, so why is it so dark? Fucking dreams are driving me insane… then again… maybe I already am.


Flash back dream…

Found myself in chains today, first time ever. Try to do the right thing where does it get you? Sent to the slam and forgotten about. Threw away the key. Fucking company men, knew you couldn't trust them but to rat me out like this, hang me out to dry for doing the right thing? Insulting. Never even gave me a chance, no trial, just tossed in a hole like garbage… use to that… I'll get them back… kill them all.

Never been in a slam before… spent a few rowdy nights in a holding cell, drank too much, kicked some douche bags ass, but never in slam. There I was, alone, scared and dazed… how did I end up here?

Pain, that's what I felt. Guards beat me first then the inmates raped me… ME! Can you fucking believe that? I ain't a small guy, I know how to fight but there were too many.

First one got his rocks off and everyone thought I was weak, easy and they relaxed and waited their turn. They didn't see me grab the guy's shank, nor did they see the shiv I had acquired though kicking someone's ass for trying the same thing only an hour ago.

I'm military trained and the stupid fucks never knew what hit him. Cut that fuckers dick off and showed it too him before I opened his jugular. The others tried to run, they didn't get too far. No one touched me after that… unless I wanted them too…

I was innocent when I went in, only killed when I was ordered to. After three hours in the slam, I killed four men. They made me into what I am today. They made my name a curse word.


Now everyone's so scared of me. Use to be an alright guy, tried to do the right thing. See what I get for trying to help? No, look out for your own ass and fuck everyone else, got no one but yourself to worry about. Plan on keeping it that way when I get out and I'll get out, no doubt in my mind. They have no idea who their fucking with, wonder how many I can take out on my way to freedom?

A/N: not sure if this is the exact way of his history and what slam he was sent to first so that's why there's no name of it. I'm thinking it could and maybe happened this way so no one be offended if it is wrong…. Thanks FG.


It's happening already, the walls closing in. Not quite a week yet, still three more to go and I'm feeling trapped. No room to move. Can't run. Can't pace. The hole is smaller than regular cells, guess that's the point... make you feel caged in, tame the beast. Teach you not to do it again.

Please… like I'm not gonna escape again. Lots of time on my hands to plan, to go over what I did wrong the first time. Tried to help someone, to bring them along, that's the problem. Never again…

Yeah, lots of time to think, scheme. Twenty-one more days and I'm gone… not just from the hole, but from this slam.

Let them think they got me, that I learned my lesson…play the good boy, model prisoner, they'll let down their guard and bam, I cut fence and get the fuck out of dodge.

I'm itching for the kill, funny how that is. Growing up, never had that desire to kill, not till the slam. Now, the bloodlust takes me and at times and it's so hard not to just kill every fuck I see.

Never wanted to be that kind of man, wanted a family, kids. Something I never had growing up, but what did I get? Nothing, not even pussy. Can't remember that last time I had a hot, wet female to slide into. Gonna try to make a go at the shrink, she looks like she'd be a hell of a ride. Next time we're alone.

Pretty stupid wearing skits to a prison, but then again… maybe she wears them only for me? Saw her a few other times, always in pants but with me, tiny, tight little skits. She crosses her legs, keeps them tight together but I can still smell her, yes, ripe and ready.

I'm fucking horny as hell, need to cum. I'll take anything at this point, my hands getting boring, but then again, it never says no.

Wish I had some lube, something better than my own spit, fuck... feels good. I can picture her, bent over the desk, legs apart. Her tits slapping against the cold metal. Fuck yeah… she's begging me to stop, says she doesn't want it, lies!

I fuck her harder, make her scream my name. I can almost feel her clench around me; her pussy knows the way it is, who's taking her. Just a few more pumps… ah fuck yeah, sweet release, the smell of spunk covers the smell of mold and death.

The guard that brings me dinner, he likes me, I can see it in his eyes, smell it on him. Time to turn on the charm; make him think that if he's nice to me, he might just get to ride. Not above doing it, if the guy wants to give me a blowjob for a set of keys, who and I'm I to say no? Take what you can get. Your dick don't care who's sucking it or who you're plowing into.

Dinner time… think I'll just sit here with my dick in my hand. Cum still all over it, let him see what he wants, see what he can have if he treats me right. Almost soft but damn I'm still big. Seen enough cock to know that. Can't help the chuckle that escapes when I see him swallow and lick his lips. Yeah buddy, want a taste? Open the fucking door and I'll give you a taste.

I stand up and walk over to the small window. I reach may hand out and offer it to him. He looks at it, and then looks around before he takes a small lick, just a taste to whet his appetite. He wants to protest when I pull my hand away, I can see it in his eyes but he thinks better and licks his lips again. Oh yeah, there's my key to freedom.

I thank him using his name, make him feel special. Let him think he's different, not just some guard that's getting his rocks off with a con. No, everyone knows I don't fuck guards or mercs; well... maybe I'd fuck Johns, he's not too bad to look at, I'm a sucker for blue eyes…


One fucking week down, three more fuckin' weeks to go. The darkness is getting to me. It's too fuckin' dark all the time. Your eyes get use to it to some extent but still, nothing but shadows and blackness and slivers of light.

I remember that dream I had a few days go… I could see in the dark then. Wonder how? Bitch with the green eyes said something about an eye shine… wonder if there is such a thing? Might just have to dig up a doctor and see.

It's my buddy, Jim the Guard's day off so they'll send some other fuck that I can dick around with… something to kill the time. Time drags on in a place like this. Food sucks balls too.

Got some fucking cellulose bonded shit last night. How's an inmate such as myself suppose to keep up his strength with that shit? Don't they know I need more than that to maintain this body? Fucking dickheads. They think they can starve us. Serves them two different purposes, one… keeps us weak and that keeps us in line and easier to contain. And two, saves them money… cheep fuckin' bastards.

Maybe I'll get Jim the Guard to slip me a little something… what to barter?? I got time to think about that, nothing but time.


Another dream last night… a planet, bluish green in color, beautiful. I've never seen it before, never been there…Can't remember the name of it.

Ruined world… no life to speak of… massive fields of graves.

A woman, warrior, hot and kinda mean. My kinda woman. She didn't say anything, just showed me the graves. Where do I come up with this shit?

Jim's replacement was the biggest pansy I've seen in a long time. Young kid, thought he was tough shit. Comes to my door and starts spoutin' off shit about me being some slick shit killer. The great Richard B. Riddick and how I'm not so tough now.

He shut up after I stood and walked toward him. Guess he didn't expect me to be so big. I know what I look like, I look like the type of guy that says, "Don't fuck with me or I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck." The guy that was with him yelled at him to shut up and not poke the rabid dog. Smart guy, I may just let him live.

I miss fuckin' with Jim or anyone at this point. I'm so fucking bored. Nothing to do but jack off and stare at into the blackness. Getting sick of doing both. My dick is getting raw with no lube. Fuck I need some pussy. Tomorrow I see the shrink…


Fuckin' shrink is a dick tease. Wear's those short skirts, perfume. Smells so good, fresh. Fuck my dick is hard just thinking about her. I'm gonna screw her, mark my words, before I hop this place, I'm gonna bury myself so deep insider her wet pussy she won't ever forget.

Today's shower day. Jimmy the Guard is taking me. Hummm, bet he isn't a dick tease. Only got ten minutes, should I fuck him, suck him, or should I let him blow me? Choices, choices… what to do? Think I'll have to let him suck my cock. Hummm, only a half hour before he comes… then I cum.

Dinner wasn't too bad tonight, I think it actually had meat in it, not sure what kind, probably don't want to know but at least it wasn't that fucking shit that looks like cum and tastes ass and ball sweat.

First thing I'm gonna do when I get out is have me a big ass steak and a beer. Don't usually drink, can't afford the affects but damn and ice cold beer sounds so fucking good right now. Almost better then sex.

Humm… I hear Jimmy coming, time to play. Wonder if he knows he's about to get ten inches shoved down his throat?


Jimmy knows how to suck cock, I can tell you that. Haven't had a blow job that good in a long time. He loved it too; he was a bit surprised when I turned to him, rock hard, and stroked myself.

I'm the only one in the hole right now and they take me out only when no one else is around. I'm lucky they take me out at all. Fuck I needed a shower bad. Though I don't do much, you get pretty ripe sitting in that little fucking cell, sweating your dick off during the day, freezing it off at night.

Naw, fuckin' great blow job. I think I almost blew the back of his head off when I came. Choked him too. Fucking funny as hell. Whores don't choke on dick; they're used to having it slammed down their throat.

Now that I blew my load, maybe I can think and come up with a plan to get out of this shit hole.

Still having the fuckin dreams. The girl was back again but she had a boy's name. Jack? What's up with that shit?

Don't really believe in that premonition shit but I think I'll meet this girl in the future. Wonder what she's about, who she is, what she is to me. I know for sure she ain't my wife, no fuckin way I'm ever getting married. Rather be in slam, same thing really, just different kinda prison, and different kinda warden.

The sound of her voice echoes in my head. Her calling my name. I think it's the same girl I dreamt about that cut me… how could I know her that long? Never known anyone that long… everyone has a bad habit of dying around me… wonder why that is? Oh, cause they all fuck you over in the end and I have to terminate them.

I'm tired, must be the blow job I got, but I think I might actually sleep tonight. Get a fresh start to the morning, fresh mind to plan my escape.