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I will never understand mortals.

They are beneath me.

I, who am part of that which is eternal, look down upon humanity with disgust and distaste.

The whole stinking, squirming, fornicating herd of them.

The Face Stealer

"Ummi! Ummi! Let her go, Worm!"

"Power and Arrogance are such good bedfellows, don't you think Avatar? It seems pretty crowded in that little igloo of yours. I'm sure you won't miss her."

Cattle, is what they are.


"Mine now."

They exist solely for my pleasure and amusement.

Like puppets on the strings of fate, I have played them against each other.

"No, Souzin. No. Abandon such ideas. Please, it would only lead to disaster."

Made them act out plays of death and betrayal on the Stage of Infinity.

"Where is my husband?! Where is Roku?!"

"Look! Fire Lord Souzin's dragon! It's flying away from the island!"


I have perfected my art.

But like any puppet master, what happens when the strings break?

What will be the finale of a play, when an actor no longer follows the script?

"Just let me have the blind girl and your beloved can live."

And that was that.

The Avatar had lost the duel.

The blind earthbender's soul was mine.

As was preordained.

As I had forwarned.

That was to be the end of it.

Alas, the script had been changed.

I was no longer pulling the strings.



"T...Toph…Oh Tui….Toph…"

"Aang! Aang! Look at me! What happened?!"

"Zuko! She's not breathing! My healing isn't working!"

"Sokka, keep an eye on Aang."

"Wait…where's Aang?"

Events did not unfold as written.

"This day marks the most glorious moment in Fire Nation history! At long last, the entire world is unified under one element! The strongest element! The Golden Age is upon us! And as is my divine right as Agni's Chosen, I shall lead our nation into it!"

"All hail Lord Ozai! All hail Lord Ozai!"

Recriminations abound.

"Your perversions have led to the destruction of the world!"

"You filthy lying worm! You have doomed us all!"

"Balance no longer exists. Avatar Aang has failed in his quest. You were the cause of it."

"Yet, the Avatar Spirit has not found itself a new host. I simply gave the boy a test. He failed. Surely I am not to blame for the ineptitude of a single mortal boy. He is still alive and thus the Balance of the Four Elements still holds. Now leave my domain. I have tolerated your intrusion and abstained from taking your faces thus far. Do not test my patience."

Their fury and vehemence were not easily quelled.

Though the world remained spinning, hope had forsaken it.

The despair, the devastation, the lives left broken.

Such delicious agony.

I had thought my act of greed to be a blessing.

With the taking of one sightless soul, I could now reap the misery of an entire world.

"I am not leaving you!"

"Mai's leading the detachment here. Someone in the village sold us out. We…you need to leave!"

"I can fight with you if not please, Zuko, come with us."

"I have to distract her. She might still hold some feelings for me that I can use. Please Katara, take the children and go. They can't lose us both…"

Wonderous, wonderous misery.

If anything, it is a drug to me and now I had a never ending supply of it.

But such things do not last.

A new Avatar was born.

Another chance for humanity to dig itself out of its grave.

Yet silence abounds in the Spirit Realm.

Where was the previous Avatar then?

Should he not be pleading before me, to allow him into the fields of Paradise to be with his beloved Earthbender?

A most curious conundrum.

One that was answered….with the destruction of the Great Library.

The Owl's lair was completely destroyed. The old bird himself hung from the rafters, bloody wings spread, dangling from chains forged by mystical means.

A puppet of rotting flesh and stretching sinew.

The human spirit that resided with the old bird could only utter one single name over and over again when questioned.


Whispers and hushed fears spread like wildfire.

Was the former Avatar visiting his vengeance on those that slighted him?

If so, then his first port of call would be the mortal realm.

Why here?

Another riddle soon answered…by the deaths of the Ocean and Moon Spirits.

The boy had gone back to the mortal realm and simply taken a fish out of water.

Yue's calls for sanity and reasoning fell on her former friend's deaf ears as the Ocean Spirits mortal form flopped on the ground helplessly.

When the fish expired, the Moon sank as well, for are they not linked?

Avatars from all ages went forth to reason with the boy, stop him if necessary.

Their words were as useless as their defense for as human spirits they were powerless in this realm.

The boy had learned how to replicate and retain the power of the Avatar Spirit. Though a new Avatar had been born, the boy retained a twisted dark spark of it within himself.

A seed of darkness.

One that I had planted.

If not for the alien sensation in my body, I would appreciate my handiwork.

He was not seeking only vengeance.


He was seeking the End of All Things.

From the Great Library, he discovered that the concept of balance did not stop at the boundaries of the mortal world.

No. For the Spirit World to exist so must the Mortal Realm.

And now he has set out to destroy each and every last one of us.