Summary: Scorpius has a little crush. Scorpius/Victorie but eventually, Scorpius/Rose.

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Author's Notes: This came to me when I was doing Spanish homework. One year ago today, I posted my very first fanfic. It's a two-shot once again, so enjoy. Thanks to Tearlit for giving me the idea I need for the ending and Marilena for the French and Greek bits. The Spanish is all mine. Oh and Happy Birthday to Emma Watson!

Chapter 1: Why Scorpius hated French

Scorpius Malfoy was fluent in exactly three languages; English of course, of the British persuasion, Spanish and Greek. He learnt Spanish from his mother, who knew the language because of a close cousin of hers who lived in Spain. He learnt Greek because he thought Greece was a fascinating place and, since he was, after all, a Malfoy, when he expressed this fact to his father, Draco, he, Draco immediately hired the best Greek tutor for his son. Surely, the narrator of this story need not get into the details of how Scorpius learnt English; such as this is obvious being that Scorpius lived in England.

And so it was. Scorpius Malfoy knew English, Spanish and Greek.

He was well contented in the fact that he, unlike so many others knew, not two languages but three. He was, as he so proudly put "Trilingual". He could switch back and forth between those three languages without breaking a sweat. "¡Hola! ¿Como estas?" to "Ime mia hara, efharisto" with such ease as if he was talking about the weather - in three different languages. He didn't have an accent when he spoke any of those languages; he was as fluent as if he was a local Spaniard if he spoke Spanish and a true Greek if he spoke Greek.

He always enjoyed situations where he could boast his Spanish skills. He loved showing how he could converse in Greek as if there was nothing to it. He found it delightfully pleasurable when he would meet a Spanish acquaintance and when they would be "sorprendido" when he revealed how well he could speak Spanish. Or how he would go off in Flourish and Blotts to the Greek section and purchase books from there and how the seller would be impressed that he could read Greek.

And so it was. Scorpius Malfoy loved knowing English, Spanish and Greek.

He never regretted the fact until one fateful day.

It started out as a beautiful September day, as beautiful a September day could be. Clear blue skies, with the bright yellow sun shining down on him; everything that morning went absolutely fantastic. He woke up, dreaming a wonderful dream about vanilla ice cream (his favourite flavour of course). He ate his favourite breakfast in the morning, Special Banana Pancakes as only his mother could make. He said, "Gracias" when he had received it; and when it was all done and when his mother asked how it was he replied, in the most delightful manner, it was fantástico.

Then he went with his father and mother, hand in hand, to King Cross Station where he, Scorpius, would start his new life as a Hogwarts student.

His father, who was peculiarly fond of him, was more nervous for him than he was. But he wasn't nervous, not at all; he was too excited to be nervous. He was going to Hogwarts, what would be so nerve-wrecking about that?

To sooth his father's troubled state, he started to point about at random objects and telling them to his father in Greek. "See Father, that's the dromos" or "Look up and that's the uranos".

When they reached Platform Nine and Three Quarters, Scorpius ceased and stood in awe of the Hogwarts Express. It was amazing, seeing it there, no words in English, Spanish or Greek could fully and accurately describe how he felt at that very moment.

The fact that he was going to the best Wizarding School in all of Europe hit him full force at that very moment and nothing could tarnish that very thought. Then he felt his father stiffen.

When Scorpius looked up at his father he saw that he was intently staring at a large group of people in the middle of the platform some ten meters to where they were now. Scorpius briefly considered four adults, and five children in between them, when he noticed her.

Her, in her tall, slender frame, long straight strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful delicate face, she was the most beautiful girl Scorpius had ever seen in his life. She, currently, was hugging a taller lady, with long blonde hair and similar appearances, who Scorpius supposed was her mother.

But her, she was breathtaking. In fact, Scorpius would testify that he wasn't breathing for the first few moments he saw her. In fact, he was hardly blinking either. It was as if someone put some sort of Silencing Charm on him because he couldn't hear anything at all. But the oddest thing about that is that he didn't mind it in the least. He didn't hear, nor see, nor feel anything but her. If it wasn't for his father's gentle pat on the back he would have gladly stared at her until the end of time.

"Well, son," his father's false placid voice broke Scorpius' thoughts. "I guess this is where we part."

Scorpius nodded, hugged his father and mother, not at all gloomy that he was leaving his home for eleven years, the Malfoy Manor, because he was going to a much better place, for any place where she resided in was superior to anywhere else.

Scorpius climbed aboard the train in a dreamlike state, thinking about her and figuring the best way to get close to her. In fact he was in such a trance that he almost didn't notice that the compartment he was in was directly facing her.

She was even more bonita up close.

He quietly observed her from his seat in the compartment. She was speaking to her mother. He was close enough that he could see the tiny little freckles that subtly sprinkled her face, her wonderfully small button noise, her enchanting blue eyes, her long straight hair that framed her face quite nicely and really complimented her skin tone. She was "omorfi".

"Victoire," her mother started but Scorpius didn't hear the rest. What a beautiful name! Victoire, her name was Victoire. Scorpius looked back at her with this knew information. Victoire fitted her so well. So well in fact that Scorpius wondered how he couldn't have guessed that. She could of course only be Victoire.

Her mother was still speaking to her and he couldn't make out what she was saying so he strained his ears. It was then he realized she wasn't speaking in English. Owning to the fact that he couldn't understand anything she was saying, he eliminated Spanish and Greek.

It was then he heard the sweetest voice was ever. It said "Au revoir, Maman. à bientôt!"

He wasn't sure what the rest meant but, he knew Au revoir meant goodbye in French. French: the language of love; the language that she spoke and he didn't.

Why couldn't she speak Spanish or Greek instead? Why did it have to be French? Why? He now regretted miserably why he didn't take up French as well… then it hit him.

That was it! The treacherous road to her heart! Le français!

After all, since he was trilingual learning one more language wouldn't hurt. In fact, it would probably be a breeze.

When he reached Hogwarts he had everything planned out. He was to learn French inmediatamente. He was going to go to the library the very next day after classes and was going to borrow a French book and sit there and learn French.

He hardly paid any attention to the Great Hall when it opened to him, hardly noticed which house and table he went to, hardly ate anything, hardly slept, hardly paid attention to any of his classes, in fact the only two things on his mind was Victoire and French.

When class ended he sped off to the empty library (such that no one in their right mind would be in the library at the very first day back at school). He grabbed every French book that he could get his hands on (that he could carry) and set out to work.

Hello Bonjour

How are you? Comment allez-vous?

But, apart from that, he didn't seem to get anywhere. His mind kept on wandering on the delightful idea of what would happen once he knew French and how impressed Victoire would be and how she would like him and how she would talk to him and how she would…

His thoughts were interrupted by an outsider observing him.

She, the outsider, realized that she had been detected staring and muttered an apology.

Scorpius shrugged the apology away thinking that she would leave but she apparently had other ideas.

She pursued, "I couldn't help but notice; are those French books you're reading?"

"Yes," Scorpius said with a raise brow. He took a look at her. She was a first year too, he noticed, judging by her size, and this would explain why he felt that she looked familiar somehow.

The outsider smiled warmly and sat down, uninvited. "I love France, you know; I love the museums and the castles and everything! I also love the food…" she started blabbing in the speed of light.

Scorpius couldn't believe the nerve of this outsider. How dare she invade his space and start talking to him like they were the best of friends? Who was this girl anyway?

"…and the fashion but most of all the language, French is the language of love did you know? I'm not fluent myself but I know a bit to get around."

"Er… sorry to interrupt you but who are you?" Scorpius disrupted with particular emphasis on the who are you part. But - Scorpius doubled back - did this girl, this outsider, just say she knew French?

"I am…" the outsider started but Scorpius interrupted her once again, "did you just say you knew French?"

"I did, but only a little bit, I mean I couldn't for example write a complete essay in French but I know the fundamentals."

This was perfecto. Scorpius smiled. "I am Scorpius Malfoy," Scorpius introduced extending his hand.

"Rose Weasley," the outsider replied shaking his hand.

Scorpius was perfectly nice to Rose and by the time they left for their Common Rooms (as they were in different houses) Scorpius had arranged to meet Rose in the Library the next day to have French Lessons. It was a lot easier learning French from Rose Weasley then it was from a fading old text book. A text book only provided a two-dimension word while Rose provided life through the word.

It was nothing like how he learnt Spanish, in fact he didn't remember learning Spanish he just sort of already knew how to speak it. It wasn't like how he learnt Greek with his strict tutor forcing him to speak in Greek whenever they would meet. It was a laid back lesson where Rose would show him a thing or two and they would practice it and that was it. Rose as it turns out was a great teacher; she was patient with him and would enunciate the words syllable by syllable if he asked.

This was a brilliant idea, not only was Scorpius having fun learning French but it would ultimately enable him to win the heart of Victoire (who he only saw in the Great Hall and much to his dismay was not in the same house he was put in). A fortnight of French lessons had gone by and by now Scorpius was in past tense.

"Alright," Rose said in her teacher voice. "J'ai un frère."

Scorpius repeated as perfectly as he could, "J'ai un frère." Then Scorpius smiled. "But I don't have a brother."

Rose rolled her eyes playfully. "It's just an example for you to practice," she mocked a stern voice.

Scorpius said, "J'ai un père et une mère et cela est tout."

Rose giggled and Scorpius stated arrogantly, "See, I don't need the practice."

Just then he caught a flash of strawberry blonde hair entering the library.

It was her, Victoire.

When she, the keeper of his heart, reached the centre of the library she stopped, and looked around. Her soft hands touched her chin slightly in confusion. No one could look that good confused. She was glancing around then she stopped at him.

He saw the recognition in her eyes. Victoire was looking for him! Why? Scorpius didn't care. How? Scorpius didn't know. In fact Scorpius was under the impression that she didn't know he existed. Scorpius was quite aware that she was walking toward him.

This ultimately disrupted his ready-made plan. He was going to wait until he knew French to the best of his abilities then he would formally introduce himself to her. However, one must prepare for the unexpected and if his plans for six months were to be condensed to one day then, so be it. He was far from complaining.

He thought this might be one of his more elaborate daydreams. He pinched himself, felt pain and was assured that it was in fact real. Victoire was actually approaching him!

She was walking; no it was more like gliding. No one walked as gracefully as Victoire. She took steps that were not too big and not too small, perfect steps. Her hair flowed about her as if she had an angelic veil on. Her black school robes enhanced her; in fact, he was convinced that she wasn't wearing her uniform at all but clothes that were made especially for her. Her posture was perfect; she was a princess out of a story book. She kept eye contact with him as she came forth, and with that he could see just how blue her eyes really were. When she closed the last couple of metres to his table, he was practically hyperventilating.

He was speechless to say the least. He sat there acutely aware of the fact that he was gawking at her and he didn't seem to have the ability to say anything. It must have looked pathetic. The first time he'd seen Victoire face to face he ended up acting like a fish.

"Rose?" Her sweet voice rang through his ears.

They were in a garden and she was a beautiful fairy princess who was offering him a rose so that he would be her prince forever.

"Yeah?" A voice rudely disrupted his fantasy. He had forgotten Rose was there.

"For your mum's birthday present, I was going to get Volume 3, am I right?" Oh Victoire, you are always right.

"Yes, I was Volume 1 and James was Volume 2 and Al, Volume 4."

"Is he alright?" Victoire asked catching sight of Scorpius' current state.

"I… think so…" Rose said unsure. The mere appearance of Victoire there had rendered Scorpius into such an unstable state that Rose thought there might be something wrong with him. Rose tore her worried glance away from Scorpius and faced Victoire. "Oh! Victoire, this is Scorpius Malfoy, by the way."

"Hello," Victoire expressed happily.

"Bon-llo." Scorpius muttered. Scorpius was supposed to say Bonjour but half way through decided to go with hello and so he ended up with Bon-llo.

"Sorry?" Victoire said confused.

Scorpius coughed, "He-hello. I said Hello."

Victoire smiled. Her smile could have lightened any gloomy place, melted any frozen heart. It was the most beautiful smile he, Scorpius, had ever seen.

"Well see you around, Rosie," she waved. "Malfoy." She said his name. It rang perpetually in his mind over and over again. Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy. He never liked his name more before that very moment. He felt his heart soaring.

He watched her exiting form with a goofy smirk plastered on his face.

"I hate it when people call me that." Rose remarked offhandedly.

"How do you know her?" Scorpius demanded ignoring Rose's latest comment.

"Victoire?" When Scorpius nodded with gusto she continued, "She's my cousin, stupid!"

"What?" But now that she mentioned it, he could see the subtle resemblance. They both had freckles, both had blue eyes, both had hair that was streaked with red. Why hadn't he noticed it before?

"You," Rose accused her eyes shining with realization and glee, "you like her don't you?"

"What? No." Scorpius transparently denied.

"Yes, you do." Rose pressed on.

"No, I don't," Scorpius insisted stubbornly.

"She is why you're trying to learn French, isn't it?" Rose demanded with a shadow of a smile.

"I don't like her!"

It was at this point that Rose broke out laughing, a loud and boisterous laugh.

"It's not funny." Scorpius said frowning.

"Admit it you like her!" Rose said still laughing

"No, I don't!"

"You like Victoire, you like Victoire, you like Victoire," Rose mocked childishly.

"So what if I do!"

"AHA! You admit it!" Rose was defiant.

"Yeah, so what if I do!" Scorpius demanded.

At this Rose continued laughing and said when she calmed down a bit, "Elle a un copain."

"What?" Scorpius spat out impatiently. He couldn't bother trying to translate.

"She," Rose repeated in English this time, "has a boyfriend."

It was at this bit of vital information did Scorpius feel his heart drop, from its pervious soaring height, down to the ground. He grew miserable. How could one person be extremely blissful one moment and be despairingly miserable the next? Anything thing else wouldn't have been so bad. If the sky turned purple it would have been okay, if he unlearned Greek and Spanish that would have been great too as long as Victoire was single.

Then he felt another emotion emerge. He suddenly felt a vast amount of irrational hate for whoever was Victoire's boyfriend. That fiend! He felt hate for the ugly rival that stole the heart of the most beautiful goddess.

Scorpius' spiteful thoughts were interrupted by one Rose Weasley, who by now had gotten over the hilarity of the situation - well, she stopped laughing at least.

"You know," she said seriously. "It's actually quite sweet what you are doing for her."

Scorpius gave her a deathly stare.

"I mean, if a boy did that for me, I would love him forever."

"I'll keep that in mind," Scorpius said sarcastically, still thinking about his unjust lost to an awful bloke.

"Good," Rose replied laughingly. "Now, continuerons-nous?

Scorpius sulked. "No," Scorpius stood up. "I don't think I want to learn French anymore, or ever again for that matter," and with that he grabbed his belonging and left Rose in a confused state.

This was why Scorpius hated French.

In fact Scorpius vowed, form that moment on, he would never, ever, attempt to learn French, ever again.

Little did he know, he would break his vow, six years from that very moment.

To be continued…

Author's Notes: Gracias por leer. Second and final chatper coming up soon.