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A Sangheili in Middle-Earth

Chapter 1: Landing

The Albatross dropship raced through the darkness of slipstream space. Inside the hull, safe from the radiation that flooded that dimension, two people sat. The shorter one was leaning against a large packing crate, which was covered with markings which read "Danger! I am not responsible for what will happen if you try to open this!" The taller one was lying on the other bench, with her legs propped up on a pile of suitcases, with a UNSC-issue pillow over her head. Slowly, the shorter figure got to her feet, and walked quietly over to where the taller figure was reposing.

Suddenly, the peaceful silence was broken by the shorter figure bellowing "WAKE UP!!" toward the taller one's head. Instantly, a two-fingered hand seized the pillow and threw it at the wall. The pillow struck a support strut and exploded, causing feathers to fly everywhere. Instantly, any illusion that the taller one might have been a human was broken as it snapped its head up, revealing a snake-like head with four jaws.

"Jo! I told you not to wake me up!" it roared.

"Lehr, you sleep like an Unggoy!" Jo replied. (It should be noted that the Unggoy are a race known for being able to fall asleep almost anywhere.)

"I do not!" Lehr shot back.

"Yes you do!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"


While they busy themselves arguing about whether Lehr spends too much time sleeping, I will tell you a little about them.

Lehr is a Sangheili (or Elite). She is thirteen years of age and stands about 5'11 (In normal Sangheili posture. Standing straight, she approaches 7 feet.) Her family is one of the few elites families that live on Earth. Just after the events surrounding the discovery of the Ark, they adopted a young human girl who had been orphaned in the First Battle of Earth. Lehr considers Jo to be her older sister, because Jo was adopted a year before she was born.

Jo is a human that has been adopted by a family of Sangheili. She has black hair and blue eyes. She is sixteen and a half years old, and stands about 5'8 when she stands straight up. She has a bad habit of leaning her head forward constantly, due to the fact that Sangheili consider holding one's head straight up to be an expression of surprise.

"Attention all hands! Prepare for exit from Slipstream Space!" the PA system boomed.

"We must be at Sanghelios already. I didn't think we'd get there for another few hours at least!" Lehr noted.

"Come on! Let's go watch the exit!" Jo suggested.

"Sounds good!"

Both girls stood and headed for the door that lead to the dropship's bridge. But before they reached the door, it happened.

A shockwave struck the tiny ship, throwing them to the floor. Around them, the ship reeled. Slowly, it righted itself and the gravitational dampers were restored.

"What was that?" Jo asked, pulling herself to her feet.

"I don't know." Lehr replied, struggling to her own feet with a horrible scraping noise of steel-shod feet on metal deck plates.

"Maybe it was just the new drives they installed back on earth."

"Maybe. But I intend to find out what it was." Lehr stated, seizing Jo's hand and dragging her through the door to the bridge.

The bridge was in confusion. The helmsman was working furiously with the controls of the Star Compass. The star maps on the screens of said Star Compass were spinning furiously. Lehr instantly realized this was a bad sign, as the Star Compass was the device responsible for locating the ship's position in the galaxy.

Outside the ship's windows, a strange planet hung in space. Both girls realized instantly that it wasn't their intended destination, as Sanghelios was mostly covered by deserts. This planet had several large oceans, and huge swaths of land were covered in green.

"What planet are looking at?" the navigator asked.

"I don't know. It could be a hundred different planets." The helmsman replied.

"Well, one thing's for sure-we aren't in UNSC space." The captain noted.

"How do you know that?" Jo asked.

"Because there are no inhabitable planets in UNSC space that don't have at least two MAC stations in orbit…"

"Captain!" one of the officers reported "Something closing from 7'O clock! Near Light speed!"

"Evasive Acton!" the captain barked. Slowly, the aged ion drives fired, pushing the ship to safety. However, this came a second too late.

The giant sailing ship bore down on the tiny spaceship, far too fast to stop or even slow. The ships crafted by the elves in Valanor are strong, far stronger than the rusting wing of an ageing Albatross dropship. The ship's prowl plowed into the port wing. Steel and carbon fiber crushed, twisted, and broke before the ship's crystal prowl. Then there was a tremendous crunch and the entire wing tore away, taking the thruster pod with it. Gravely wounded, the old shuttle fell toward the planet below.

"Recalibrate the thrusters!" the Captain barked "Dump all fuel from the starboard wing tanks!"

"Dumping fuel!" one of the officers reported

"Forward thrusters unresponsive!" the helmsman responded.

"Can we activate the Slipspace drive?"

"Slipspace drive is offline!" the navigator reported.

"Can we Re-enter safely?"

"We're going too fast! We will burn up in the atmosphere!" the helmsman put in.

The captain punched his intercom button. "All hands to the escape pods! Civilians first!" he stated.

Lehr and Jo, along with most of the crew, rushed for the escape pods. These crude landing devices, only large enough for one good-sized human (or small Elite), were originally used as orbital insertion pods doing the Human-Covenant war.

"Launching in 5 seconds" the loudspeaker announced.

Jo clambered into a pod and tried to shut the door.

"Launching in 4 seconds!"

"The door's stuck!" Jo yelled.

"I'll get it!" Lehr yelled back.

"Launching in 3 seconds!"

Lehr jumped out of her pod and rushed to Jo's. She raised her hand and struck the control panel. The door slammed closed.

"Launching in 2 seconds!"

Lehr charged back to her pod, and jumped in

"Launching in 1 second!"

Lehr hit the button to close the door. The door slammed closed.

"Launching… now!"

Jo felt the pod release and realized that her fate was now only under the control of gravity and the pod's computer.

The first two pods cleared the ship safely, but, as the last four pods launched, the Albatross began to roll, throwing their trajectories far to the east.

Legolas Greenleaf had been watching the sky when he saw it. It appeared to be a shooting star, but, as he watched, it suddenly broke into pieces. The largest piece continued on, suddenly exploding in a burst of light overhead. Most of the pieces appeared to pass overhead, but two small pieces fell toward the foothills between them and Hollin, passing out of his sight. Seconds later, a slight tremor ran through the ground as the "fragments" struck.

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