Ratchet's Story The Science Of Love By AutobotV

You all know Wheeljack's story from the Science of Love but what was it like from Ratchet's point of view? WARNING! Do not read if you have not yet read The Science Of Love! Spoilers!

Cybertron 9 Million Years ago

Ratchet grumbled as he finished repairing his friend, a young but knowledgeable mechanic engineer known as Wheeljack. He was sitting in his office minding his own business when all of a sudden he heard a loud explosion from the workshop down the corridor of the research centre he worked in. For a moment he thought that the rumoured Decepticons had finally began their attack on the peaceful Cybertronians but when he arrived at the scene of the crime he was both in shock and angered. Wheeljack was in the middle of his own research, studying a power-source when it blew up in his face. Parts of his body had been badly damaged and Ratchet remembered how angry he was when he had to order in new parts for the mechanic. After what seemed like hours Wheeljack was as good as new, with a few new parts and a healthy supply of Energon. Ratchet gave the mechanic a, friendly, slap to the head.

'Next time you plan to blow yourself up, do it when I'm not on duty!' sighed the medic.

'Heh, sorry Ratchet. But I was just trying to understand the basic electronic power that courses through the carbon power conducters which...'

'Yeah, yeah, I get it. Go on now back to work.' snickered Ratchet.

Wheeljack had a habit of getting to deep into his work he would just ramble on about it until Ratchet's audios burned out. Alot of the mechanics and scientist who worked with them said he was rather cute when he got excited with his work, which Ratchet didn't deny. He too thought the mechanic was rather adorable when he got a little energetic with his work. He was a tad bit shorter than him and a little younger to boot. Even half the time he kept his face hidden Ratchet still thought that Wheeljack looked cute, very cute. Wheeljack hopped off the table and, since he wasn't wearing his mask, smiled at the medic.

'Thanks Ratchet. Don't know where I'd be without you!'

Then the mechanic ran out the med bay leaving the medic all alone. Ratchet sighed as he began to pack away his tools and threw all the scrap metal he ripped off of Wheeljack to be sent to the smelting pools. However Ratchet suddenly surprised himself when he picked up a damaged bolt he had pulled of Wheeljack before replacing it. He stared at it for a while before sending the scrap metal away and taking a seat on his desk, still staring at the small piece of metal. He didn't know how long he had been like this. For at least a few thousand cycles he had worked with the mechanic and regarded him as a close friend, always looking out for him. As time passed he began to feel strange around the mechanic and thought he was sick or something, but he wasn't sick yet in a way he was. Wheeljack had become a big part of his life and he admitted he was very scared when he had to pull him out of the damaged lab. The medic slumped in his chair and sighed, gazing at the ceiling above him.

'How did I fall for you Wheeljack?' he sighed.

Earth Present Day

Ratchet snarled as he booted Sideswipe from his med bay after waking up to find him messing with his tools. Apparently the sneacky Autobot was dared by his brother, Sunstreaker, who was hiding round the corner while his brother suffered the fury of the medic's wrath.

'I told you time and time again! DON'T COME INTO MY MED BAY UNLESS YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON TO!' yelled the medic.

Sideswipe yelped and ran off, screaming that he was sorry with Sunstreaker following. Ratchet growled as he walked back into his med bay to sort out the tools the young Autobot had messed up. Thankfully he didn't mess them up a lot since he was rather loud while moving them about. Ratchet slumped on his chair after he had finished and groaned in frustration. Ever since he joined the Autobots at the start of the war he didn't expect he'd be suffering at the childish pranks of the younger members of the team. However he did rather enjoy watching them ran away in fear after he gave them a good telling off, he was now feared by the younger Autobots when he went into his fits of rage. Ratchet snickered to himself when he heard a knock on the door. Looking up he was rather, pleasantly, surprised to see Wheeljack standing there his left arm badly damaged and limp and his chest compartment wide open, the metal armour hanging off. Wheeljack had also joined the Autobots and became their Chief Mechanic Engineer, instantly rising into ranks after a number of his inventions aided in the Autobot cause. He was also famous for making big and loud explosions during his test runs on his latest inventions. Out of all the Autobots, Wheeljack always came in to see him for repairs when they weren't fighting the Decepticons. Wheeljack flushed a little red as he came in showing what remained off his arm to the medic.

'Sorry Ratchet, blew it off again.' he muttered.

'You just love to make my job harder don't ya?' sighed the medic.

'I try.' chuckled Wheeljack, with a nervous tone.

Ratchet shrugged and offered Wheeljack to lie down on his examining berth. Ratchet didn't really mind when Wheeljack came to visit him. Truthfully he was very fond of him, loved him to be exact. For as long as the medic could remember he had been in love with the mechanic for the past 9 million years but never built the courage up to tell him. Wheeljack remained obliviously to the fact that the medic had fallen for him, hard. Ratchet would try to find ways to tell him, express how he felt but because of the war, his work and the fact that Wheeljack was busy with his work half the time it made it rather hard for the medic to tell Wheeljack how he felt. So he remained silent, waiting for the right moment, which was taking longer than Ratchet had anticipated. As he began to repair the mechanic he noticed that Wheeljack suddenly gasped when he touched one of his circuits. He looked at him a little confused.

'You alright?' he asked.

Wheeljack nodded.

'Y-yeah, that just felt a little strange.' chuckled the mechanic.

Ratchet shrugged and began his repairs, noticing that every time he touched a sensitive circuit or his SHU the mechanic would suddenly flinch. It was a little strange but Ratchet shrugged it off as he finished his repairs and stood back to allow Wheeljack to sit up.

'You're as good as new Wheeljack again, just try not to-'

Before Ratchet could finish he was horrified to watch as Wheeljack suddenly fell to the floor when he tried to get off the examining berth. He ran over and helped him up, the mechanic's face bright red and his body temperature unusually warm.

'What's wrong? Are you alright?' he cried.

Wheeljack was a little dazed for a moment before jumping out of Ratchet's hold and trying to leave the room without falling over. He accidentally knocked over a pile of data-pads that tumbled all over the floor, making Ratchet grumble as he walked over to gather them up. Wheeljack looked at the contents of them and noticed some blue-prints.

'You...er...you working on something?' he almost squeaked.

Ratchet nodded as he placed all the data pads back on the shelf. Before he could say anything else, the mechanic suddenly rushed out the med bay, leaving Ratchet alone and a little confused. Trying not to let it bug him he returned to studying his blue-prints of a little project he had been working on. He didn't know how or why but one day the idea of an Energon Booster came to his mind. He had already spoken to Optimus and Prowl about it and they were rather curious to see the plans. Optimus also added that he believed that the medic had been spending too much time with Wheeljack seeing that he came up with the idea to build it in the first place. Ratchet thought that it was about time he tried to invent something on his own without Wheeljack assisting. As he scanned through the blue prints, Jazz suddenly jumped in the room.

'Hey Ratchet, Prime and Prowl are ready for ya man!' he informed.

Ratchet jumped up a little surprised.

'Already?' he muttered.

Jazz nodded and Ratchet responded by gathering his blue prints and following the Porsche to Prime's office. As they walked down the corridor Jazz began to playfully tease the medic.

'I noticed Wheeljack popped in for a visit! Anything happen?' he snickered.

Ratchet growled and glared at Jazz, who just chuckled. Jazz was the only other Autobot who knew about Ratchet having a crush on the mechanic and had a habit of trying to set them up or arrange the perfect moment for Ratchet to express his feelings. Jazz promised not to tell anyone but that only made the medic worry even more, he had a habit of messing things up. As they entered Prime's office, Jazz zoomed in front of the medic to sit next to Prowl, who was also waiting for the medic to present his Energon Booster plan. Ratchet wasn't nervous and didn't show anything fear as he explained to Optimus and Prowl how his invention worked.

'...so you see, one Energon cube could have the effects of five Energon cubes, making our rations last longer and that we no longer have to draw small amounts of energy from the Earth.' explained Ratchet, as Prime looked over the Data pads.

Optimus looked impressed as was Prowl but the second-in-command suddenly thought of something.

'What if the Decepticons get wind of this? They'll try and steal the plans or use Laserbeak to spy on us!' he muttered.

Optimus nodded in agreement. Laserbeak had his ways of getting into the base undetected and if he found out about it, the rest of the Decepticons would find out about it and then all hell would break loose. Ratchet suddenly felt a sinking feeling when he saw that Prime was deeply concerned with the secrecy of the project. Jazz suddenly spoke.

'We could keep it a secret, a need-to-know thing if ya get my drift!' he suggested.

'I was thinking that myself but Ratchet isn't a qualified inventor, he will need assistance if we are to build this.' added Prowl.

Ratchet stepped in.

'I am aware of this Prowl, that's why I'm planning on asking Perceptor with the construction of the-'

'Why not get Wheeljack to help?' suggested Prime, all of a sudden.

Ratchet tried to flush red at the very thought of Wheeljack helping him in secrecy. He was planning on asking Perceptor for help and didn't think twice about the mechanic. Before he could explain why he thought the scientist was a better choice, Jazz suddenly joined in.

'Yeah, he's a great choice! Besides Percy has his hands full!'

Ratchet made a small growl and ushered Jazz to come over so he could talk to him privately. Jazz just snickered as he walked over into the corner with Ratchet.

'Excuse me Optimus.' he said before whispering to the Porsche.

'What the Slag do you think you're up to?' he snapped.

'C'mon man! This is perfect, you and Wheeljack working in privacy where no one could disturb you! You're bound to get him to fall for you, all you gotta do is play it cool and then maybe nudge, nudge, wink, wink!'

Ratchet glared at him on the last part but he had a good point. In fact it was rather a good plan, working with Wheeljack alone. Like he tried to do when they built the Dinobots but some of the other Autobots had to help out. It was a perfect oppertunity and Ratchet calculated that it would take a good few Earth months before the Energon Booster was finished. A perfect amount of time for him to bond with Wheeljack.

'Alright fine...but don't get any ideas.' he warned.

Ratchet stood up to see Optimus and Prowl, still reading the blue prints, they were both keen on it's construction. Prime looked over as Ratchet gave his decision.

'I'll work with Wheeljack in his workshop. He and I will be the only ones authorized to enter and the door will remained locked whether we're in or out.'

Optimus nodded.

'Then we are agreed. The only ones allowed to know about this are Prowl, Jazz, Myself and you. Along with Wheeljack of course.'

As Optimus made the pipe for Wheeljack to report to his office Ratchet tried to stop feeling so giddy. He was now very excited with working alone with Wheeljack.

Ratchet was pleasantly surprised when Wheeljack agreed to helping him. He didn't mind allowing the medic to use his Workshop for the Energon Booster, making the medic feel even more giddy inside. As he collected the materials he needed a group of curious Autobots followed him right up to the Workshop entrance. After Ratchet shooed them away he entered to see Wheeljack chuckling, who saw the medic frighten them away.

'Well I have to keep up my apperances y'know!' he snickered.

'Being the base Bully you mean?' replied Wheeljack.

Ratchet shrugged as he picked up some long and heavy sheets of metal, making his way over to the other side of the workshop.

'Well yes and no.' he muttered, walking past the mechanic who was looking at his blue prints.

Wheeljack suddenly asked a question and Ratchet reacted by spinning round to face him, forgetting what he was holding. He smacked Wheeljack round the face causing the mechanic to fall over. Ratchet dropped the metal and ran over to help him up, the medic had a habit of forgetting his surroundings sometimes.

'Wheeljack are you okay? he asked.

Wheeljack shook his head, trying to get his circuits back in order before looking up to face the medic.

'I'm f-fine...I think...my face feels funny.' he replied.

Ratchet frowned, he had managed to crack Wheeljack's mask right down the middle. The mechanic looked into a reflective panel, noticing the damage.

'Shoot.' he muttered.

One of Ratchet's concerns was the he might of damaged Wheeljack's face underneath and so he brought his hand sup to remove the mask. Wheeljack noticed and jumped in surprise.

'W-what are you doing?' he yelped.

'It's OK I can fix your face-guard right here, right now. I wanna see if I damaged your face or not, it was a pretty hard hit to the head.'

Ratchet gently pulled the mask away to revel Wheeljack's hidden face. There didn't seem to be any damage but Ratchet had to be sure, he was trained to check for hidden damage. He smirked as Wheeljack flinched after his mask was removed.

'Nothing to be embarresed about Wheelkack! Now hold still.'

Ratchet then brought his hands up to the mechanic's face and gently held in place as he checked for damage. Ratchet sighed as he felt the warm, metallic skin under his fingers. He had dreamed of caressing the mechanic's face, even though it was made of metal it was so soft and gentle. He gentle forced Wheeljack to look to the left and then to the right, satisfied there was no damage. Ratchet leaned in a little closer to inspect but saw nothing, however he was suddenly tempted to kiss the mechanic, he was so close. Was this what Jazz called, a perfect moment? However Wheeljack appeared to be nervous so he pulled away and grabbed the broken mask.

'I can fix this now if you want!' he said with a smile.

The medic was suddenly concerned to find that Wheeljack was very still, not moving. Ratchet's sensors were telling him that his Spark was pulsing at an abnormal rate again and he grabbed his shoulders, giving him a small shake.

'Are you OK Wheeljack?' he asked.

Wheeljack suddenly looked up, his mouth forming an uneasy grin.

'I'm fine...I just overworked my circuits there for a second!' he replied.

Ratchet smirked and he walked off to repair the mask while asking Wheeljack to start on the main body of the Energon Booster. He sighed as he began the repair job on the damaged mask. He was there, it was all so perfect, why couldn't he tell him? Ratchet was seriously beginning to wonder if he was ever going to tell the mechanic how he felt.