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The Science of Love Ratchet's Story Part 7

A RatchetxWheeljack fic

Ratchet worked hard on fixing Wheeljack. Perceptor, Hoist and Grapple took care of everyone else after they won the battle so he had no interruptions. Even the Twins left him alone after they were fixed. Perceptor did pop in every now to check and to offer his assistance but Ratchet turned him away every time he asked. It was his fault Wheeljack ended up like this and he was going to fix it no matter what. He fixed his broken neck support, welded the scars as best he could and continued to check his vitals. Cycles had passed and to his joy he knew Wheeljack was going to be OK.

'You're doing great Wheeljack,' he whispered.

However there was one last and nasty surprise left for the Autobot Medic. As he checked Wheeljack's Spark readings he noticed something was off. He then noticed that Wheeljack's bonding port cover had been removed. It didn't take him that long to figure it out.

'Oh sweet Primus...no.'

He stumbled backwards and almost knocked a tray over. How could of this have happened. Wheeljack was a kind and gentle Autobot. He didn't deserve to have this vile act thrust upon him like that. His innocence was stolen by a cruel Decepticon and he could never have it back. Ratchet suddenly pictured the Engineer screaming and begging. He almost fell to the floor in tears. This was his entire fault.

'Forgive me Wheeljack,' he sobbed as he got back to work.

After fixing Wheeljack as best he could Ratchet took a break and fell into recharge. Things wandered in and out of his mind, things he did not what to think about but he had to. What could he say to Wheeljack after he woke up? I'm sorry? Are you OK? I love you? No. He couldn't say that...not now. There was a sudden loud thud and it awoke the sleeping medic and he sat up looking around. Ratchet was a little scared to find the berth where Wheeljack was resting on empty but almost relieved, but shocked, to find him on the floor. The medic jumped out of his chair and ran over to the mechanic to find him crying face down on the floor. Was he still in shock? He knelt down and gave him a small shake.

'Wheeljack? Are you alright?'

Wheeljack flinched when he felt Ratchet's hand on his back. He seemed to be scared of looking up at him and Ratchet couldn't blame him. Ratchet gave him another small shake.

'C'mon Wheeljack, it's alright. You're safe and no one is gonna hurt you ever again.'

He meant that with every circuit in his body. Ratchet pull him up which earned a surprised yelp from the Engineer. He supported him against his body and held him tight. Wheeljack still refused to look at him so Ratchet placed his index finger under his chin and gently forced him to look up. The mechanic tried to keep his head forced down but he found himself looking at Ratchet. The medic tried to smile but it seemed hard for him to do so.

'You OK? Does it hurt anywhere?'

Wheeljack flushed a little but tried to look away.

'I think I broke my leg.' whimpered the mechanic.

Ratchet peered down at Wheeljack's broken leg and cursed himself when he noticed the snapped leg support. He had fixed it as best he could but when the Engineer tried to use it, it must have snapped. He then hoisted Wheeljack into his arms and walked over to the berth, placing him down gently. Ratchet tried to smile again as he pulled out some tools.

'Don't worry Wheeljack; I'll have your leg fixed in no time. I fixed up some parts of your body but I had to recharge when I got a little too low on the Energon. Anyway, you leg will be as good as new when I'm done.'

Wheeljack tried to smile back but he couldn't. Ratchet was trying his best not to show his emotions. He could never picture the Engineer in this terrible state. Wheeljack still looked like he was afraid of him. Was it because of what happened earlier that day? He knew that it wasn't the right time but he had to say it.

'Wheeljack listen...there is something...I have to say. If I don't say it I'll go crazy.'

Wheeljack wasn't sure what Ratchet was planning on saying but the medic looked miserable and guilty.

'...I'm sorry Wheeljack. If I hadn't shouted at you, you wouldn't have left the base. I didn't mean all those things I said to you...I was just being stupid and look what it did.'

Ratchet mentally cursed himself when he realized he was starting to cry himself. He tried to hide for he didn't want to embarrass the Engineer. Wheeljack tried to sit up a little but Ratchet placed a hand on his chest, preventing him from doing so.

'I don't deserve to be forgiven for what I did but...I swear I'll make you as good as new and I'll never shout or scream at you ever again! I won't even care if you blow up another hole in the base!'

That comment made Wheeljack smirk a little and he waited till Ratchet was finished.

'I am truly sorry Wheeljack. I can't ask you to forgive me.'

Wheeljack decided it was his turn to talk. He tried to cover up his shock by sounding cheerful and upbeat like he always was and it made Ratchet happy.

'You didn't know I was gonna get captured so don't beat yourself up over it. I'm just glad to be back. But I'm sorry for leaving the door open and...'

'Oh slag to that stupid project! What matters is that you're safe and sound.' interrupted Ratchet.

Ratchet didn't give a dam about that thing anymore, he was just glad Wheeljack was alive. Wheeljack smiled a little but remembered that his face was covered in scars and slashes. As Ratchet continued to work on the mechanic's leg, Wheeljack finally mustered the courage to ask.

'...Will these scars be...permanent?' he asked.

Ratchet looked up from his work.

'It will take a while but they'll fade. The ones on your face, however, will take some time. The ones on your body will vanish in a few days.' replied the medic with a small smile.

That was a small relief; Wheeljack preferred wearing his mask anyway. Ratchet continued working but then Wheeljack asked him something that made his Spark shiver.

'Did you...check every single inch of me? Everywhere?' he almost whimpered.

The moment the question was asked Ratchet stopped what he was doing, his face frozen. He knew what he was talking about and had hoped that from the shock of it all Wheeljack would have temporally forgotten about it. The Engineer was no idiot even right now. He knew that Ratchet would have seen the signs from his terrible attack. It was all too much and Ratchet no longer could hide his emotions. He then dropped his tools and suddenly leaned over and hugged Wheeljack. The Engineer was surprised by the sudden action and flushed red a little when he felt Ratchet's head next to his. However he did hear the medic crying in his audio receptors.

'I'm so sorry Wheeljack,' he sobbed.

He had never cried like this in a long time but the fact that he knew it was all his fault that this had happened made him do so. Wheeljack hugged Ratchet back and the two of them remained like that until Wheeljack fell back into recharge.

Time passed and Wheeljack was ordered not to leave until he was top condition again. Wheeljack just agreed with the medic, not answering back as Ratchet explained how long it would take for him to be AOK again. Thankfully Wheeljack was healing up quite fast much to Ratchet's relief however he wanted Wheeljack to stay in the recovery bay until he was sure. It did mean that Wheeljack would get lonely however the med bay got crowded again. Perceptor did a splendid job on repairing the Autobots after the battle...he just forgot to weld their parts on properly. Soon everyone's joints were falling off and Wheeljack had to stop himself from laughing as Ratchet began to reattach Prowl's arm while screaming at Perceptor.

'I thought you said you had medical experience!' snapped Ratchet.

'Terribly sorry about that.' chuckled Perceptor, nervously.

There was a long line outside Ratchet's med bay and the medic grumbled and cursed as that line got longer and longer. However the mechs waiting to see him were able to chat with the lonely Wheeljack so he couldn't complain. Wheeljack looked happier too as he said hello to his old friends. It was rather funny to Wheeljack when Sideswipe waved at him as Ratchet repaired his right arm, only to have the left arm fall off and that made Ratchet a little annoyed.

'For the love of frag you said that arm was OK!' he snarled.

As time dragged on Ratchet wanted Wheeljack to be left alone so he could have some healing time to himself. He hated leaving him alone at night and feared that whilst he slept in his berth Wheeljack was crying in his. He wanted to go in there and hug him, telling him everything was going to be OK but he couldn't. He didn't deserve to have Wheeljack. It was his fault he was lying in there all alone. Another problem thing he noticed that Wheeljack seemed to be scared every time he walked in to check on him. Was he still upset with him but didn't have the Spark to tell him? Or was he suffering his pain all alone and refused to let anyone help him? Days passed, Ratchet fixed damaged Autobots and Wheeljack continued to heal. He'd check in every now and then to see how Wheeljack was doing nearly every cycle even though he was still busy checking all the Autobots after Perceptor's welding mistake. It didn't bother Wheeljack too greatly but at the same time it did and poor Ratchet had no idea. One evening Ratchet was going for a nap in his quarters and he came in to say goodnight to Wheeljack.

'Goodnight Wheeljack, I'll see ya tomorrow.'

Ratchet headed back to his quarters with the intent on having a peaceful recharge. Wheeljack will be able to leave the med bay soon and he did seem a little calmer nowadays. He passed other bots who bid him goodnight and as he was about to enter his room he was halted when Jazz ran up to him. He hadn't had the chance to speak with him after the whole incident so he thought he could spare a few minutes.

'Hey there Doc...how's Wheeljack holding up?'

'Fine...he's getting better and soon I'll be able to discharge him without a worry.'

That pleased the younger Bot and he smirked like he always did when he got some good news. However there was some other news he would like to know but he knew Ratchet wouldn't give it to him. Worth a try though.

'So Ratchet...when this is all forgotten are you going to try and pick up where you last left with him?'

Ratchet sighed and he leaned against the wall deep in thought. He had thought about it and he would love nothing more that to hold Wheeljack in a lover's embrace and tell him over and over that he loved him. However he couldn't. He couldn't tell Wheeljack he loved him. He didn't deserve to. It was his fault he ran out the base, his fault that he was captured and his fault that his innocence was taken from him. To Wheeljack he was nothing more than a thorn in his side.

'I can't Jazz...I...I have to let him go.'

'Don't be like that man. I know you feel like this is all your fault but it's not! You didn't know he was going to get captured by Decepticons! What they did to him wasn't your fault!'

'I know that...but I was the one who acted like an idiot and said all those terrible things to him. I even hit him for frag sake. Every time he looks at me I can see fear and confusion in his optics as if he thinks I'm going to do it again. I don't want to hurt him anymore Jazz.'

The young bot sighed and decided to leave Ratchet alone. He gave him a pat on the shoulder and smiled. Before he left he gave the Medic one last piece of advice.

'Love is a really strange thing man. You may think it's an emotion you can control but in reality it controls you. Give it time and you'll see.'

Jazz disappeared down the hallway leaving Ratchet all alone. The medic sighed and entered his room. He had to move on now for Wheeljack's sake. Like the humans say there was plenty other fish in the sea...it was just going to take him awhile to forget about his big catch. He climbed onto his berth and fell asleep; planning on forgetting everything he had ever loved about the Engineer he cared for so much.

Ratchet woke with a start and he sat up. It was late but for some reason he felt something troubling his Spark. Was it that chat he had with Jazz? Or was it something else? He climbed out of his berth and decided to go and get a drink of cool Energon hoping it would ease his concerns. The hallways were dark and lonely but it didn't bother him. As he walked towards the rec room he found himself walking past his med bay. A sudden urge to check on Wheeljack took over and he walked in. As he got closer to where the Engineer was resting he heard small moans and movement. Walking over to the berth he was shocked to find Wheeljack thrashing about in his berth and making small cries of pain. A wave of guilt hit him. Had this been happening to him every night? Why didn't he even think about this? Some Medic he was. As he continued to curse himself for ignoring Wheeljack's pain the sleeping Engineer suddenly made a small but loud enough to hear plea.


Instinct suddenly kicked in and ratchet pulled the Engineer up but the thrashing and kicking he was making caused the pair of them to fall to the floor in a heap. Even though that impact would have waked him Wheeljack was still deep in recharge. He didn't want to do it but it was the only way to wake him up. Ratchet apologized quietly as he smacked him across the face and cried,

'Wheeljack, wake up!'

Wheeljack's optics on lined the moment Ratchet had screamed at him and he looked around. The poor thing was confused to find he was on the floor with Ratchet. The Medic was just glad he was awake and calm.

'Where am I? How did I get here?' he murmured.

Ratchet sighed as he explained.

'You were having a memory glitch Wheeljack. Y'know the humans call the dreams or nightmares or something. You OK? You didn't sound too good in your sleep.'

Wheeljack looked at him and blushed a little. Ratchet decided to put him back on his berth and leave alone. He didn't want to cause him anymore stress. As he laid Wheeljack on the berth and covered him in the sheet he tried to smile to show he didn't mean any harm. Wheeljack still looked uneasy and Ratchet guessed he was still nervous having him around. Once he made sure Wheeljack was relaxed back in his berth he turned to leave. However he took a few steps when there was a sudden,


Ratchet turned back to see the Engineer looking at him with a scared but needy look. It also seemed he had something else to say. Ratchet didn't move as Wheeljack looked up at him with a nervous expression. It didn't take him that long to get what he needed to say out but what he said surprised the Medic.

'Can you stay with me? For the night.'

There was a long pause, an awkward silence. Ratchet was in shock and he found it hard to move. He wasn't expecting this. He thought he was the last bot in the Universe that Wheeljack would ask after everything that had happened but here he was asking him in a nervous squeak. Wheeljack sat there waiting for an answer. Although Ratchet had planned to forget about him and move on he couldn't say no to his beloved Engineer. Smiling gently he turned round and answered.


He climbed into the berth next to Wheeljack's and smiled when he noticed that Wheeljack was finally able to relax on his own berth. It pleased him that this small act was helping the Engineer sleep in peace. Ratchet sent him a gentle smile before bidding him goodnight and switching off his optics. As he slept he dreamed that he and Wheeljack were back together working again like nothing had ever happened. Wheeljack was laughing and apologizing for making his invention blow up whilst Ratchet scolded him but laughed in the end. He wished this dream would go on forever but it was only a dream. Soon it would end and he would have to come back to the world of reality where Wheeljack was afraid of him and unable to trust him. However in the last moments of that sweet dream Wheeljack turned to him. His mask was gone and he was smiling ever so sweetly at him. He then held then Medic's hands and whispered to him in his audio's,

'I love you, Ratchet.'

Even though it was a dream that one part sounded so real to him. But it was just a dream. Nothing more.