Rated: T

Paring: Hermione and Severus

Summary: Hermione find's out that some people that hate her have to stay with her over the summer and they help her when she gets her mother out. After some time she starts to see Severus in a new light and has more fun over the summer. What will happen when she has to go back to school? Will her mother be ok? Will her new found love with Severus last through the war?

A/N: Hi everyone this is my new story. It took me some time to work everything out. I know some of it may not sound rational but it was fun writing it. My other stories will get finished soon but I've had a hard time up loading them so far. For my story Hermione Black I'll be finishing that one first just so the last story to the three stories's I planned to do with it. Anyway on with this story for now.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Family?

Hermione sat at the table looking down at her breakfast. Her mother and father had been called away for a meeting in France and wouldn't be back until after she'd gone back to school. She'd also be having some people from school staying. Well that's what her parents said before they left last week. They'd be arriving soon and she didn't want to look like a slob in her two sizes to big t-shirt and to tight shorts. She finished her food before using her wand to make the house look cleaner then it was. (She's like 18 so she can use magic.) She ran up to her room and began to get washed and changed. Just as she was walking down the stairs the door went. Hermione smiled as best she could but when she opened the door her smile fell right off. There in front of her were three people that she had never thought would say yes to this. Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. Professor McGonagall was in front of them and smiled at her.

"Ms Granger it's nice to see you. May we come in?" Hermione shook her shock off and let them in. Draco didn't seem to want to but came in anyway when his father used his cane to push him in. Hermione showed them into the living room and they all sat down. She asked if they wanted a drink but got 'no' as the answer.

"Now Ms Granger I know this is a bit out of order but we need you to let them stay here. I know you're not going to like it but I'm sorry it has to be done. Now don't worry about anything that has all been taken care of and if you need anything or something happens just sent a message and we'll get back to you ok?"

"Of course Professor." Hermione smiled and showed her out. When she closed the door she sighed and went to see what was going on in the living room. Draco looked ready to kill but Snape and Lucius looked calm.

"Never thought a mudblood could live like this." Draco said. "But then again knowing you, you slept with everyone just to get this place."

"If you don't like it you know were the door is ferret." She turned and walked out the room. She went up to her room and slammed the door. If she had to live in a house with him for 3 mouths (school year been pushed back with rebuilding after an attack) she was likely going to kill him. She thought a nice swim would do her good and with this heat she needed to cool down. She got changed into her two peace swim suite, got a towel and walked down and out the back door. She put her towel on the sun bed that was out there and jumped into the water. When Hermione came up from under the water she saw that they'd come out to see what she was doing.

"What?" Draco glared at her before turning around again. Severus and Lucius looked at each other and smirked. They turned back to her and smirked. "W...what?"

Shacking their head's they made their way back inside. Hermione shrugged and went back to swimming. About two hours later she made her way back inside to get something to eat and drink. When she walked in with just her bikini she didn't think that they'd be in the kitchen talking. They stopped and watched her move around. Draco smirked when he saw something on her back. So it was true, this was his half-sister. He looked at his father to see that he had seen it as well.

"Ms Granger?" Without turning around she asked what Snape wanted. "I was just wondering if that's a tattoo or a birthmark of some kind." Draco and Lucius looked at him and thanked him for asking.

"The mark on my back you mean?" When she got a yes for an answer she carried on. "Birthmark as far as I know." She turned around with a sandwich in her hand. "Would you like one?" She got three shaking their head's. Shrugging she took her drink and food outside to sit by the pool.

"So she my sister then?" Lucius looked at him and nodded. "Great a know-it-all in the family." Severus smirked at this why Lucius glared at him.

"And what's that meant to mean? Draco don't start while we're here or she just may never take the family name." Draco nodded and went to look around.

"He's going to do something you know that right? I mean he's hated her for six year's, he's not about to change doing so now is he." Lucius nodded and went to look out the window at his only other child. He had only found out from Cissy that he had another child the day she died. He didn't know what to think but knew that Cissy must have been in touch with the mother as he knew that Cissy wasn't her mother.

"Who do you think it was?"

"Who Lucius?"

"Who her mother is or was?" Snape looked at him then out the window at Hermione. He frowned then he got it. His eyes widened.

"You and Rose never did you? I mean she look's a lot like her and well." Lucius turned to him shocked then turned back to Hermione to see her coming in. "Why don't you ask her, her mother's name." Severus got a nod in return. Just as she walked in and he was about to ask her Draco walked in.

"Which room's mine Granger?" She glared at him before telling him to follow her. She also asked Severus and Lucius to come as well so she didn't have to show them later. Draco was three doors' down from her, Lucius was to her left and Severus was to the right of her room.

When that was done she walked into her room and got changed. Her friend was coming over then they were going to go to a club. Now she was 18 she could go and not be asked for her I.D. She put a skirt on then a long sleeved top on. Her shoes were dolly shoes. Just as she was finished putting her make-up on she heard the front door go. She ran out the door and shouted that she would get it. She got there and saw Gina in.

"Well are you ready to go? I want you to meet someone. He's got a brother too." Hermione laughed and said she be back in about two minutes. She ran back upstairs for her bag and money before coming down to see that Gina was in the living room and so was everyone else. Gina saw her and smiled. Hermione came into the room and a gasp came from Draco.

"And were do you think your going Ms Granger?" Gina looked at Snape and frowned.

"I'll wait in the car Mione?" Hermione nodded and Gina went out to the car.

"I'm going out. I shouldn't be back late." Before they could say anything she'd walked out knowing that she'd get a no from them.

Hermione walked in around 3o'clock in the morning. She tried to be quiet but Gina was making her laugh from the car window. It had been a while since she had a girl's night out. Waving to the car that was now driving off she closed the door. Her mother would kill her if she was here now and hopefully they were all asleep. Suddenly she heard a door up stairs open and footsteps coming closer. Thinking quickly she made her way into the kitchen to make a drink before she went to get a couple of hours sleep. She heard the stairs speak and knew that she had been court.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Never took you for someone who would go drinking and most likely sleeping around." He smirked when he saw her hands tighten around the cup in her hands.

"Why don't you go back to bed or better yet your dark lord? He might let you back in if you suck him off a bit. You're nothing but a spoilt brat that needs to get off your high horse and learn that the world doesn't turn at your every wish." Putting the cup down, she pushed passed him and made her way into the living room. She had wondered if she should tell her Professor about her living with her aunt and uncle. Sure everyone thought she lived with her parents but she wasn't aloud to see her mother now. After she'd tried to kill them both she'd been put into the hospital. She'd had a brake down and when she'd picked her up and saw someone that she used to know. Then she'd driven the car into a tree. Hermione had gotten out of it with just a bang to the head. Now she wasn't aloud to see her mother because every time she saw her she kept saying things that didn't make sense. But later today she was going and that was that.

She just sat there staring at the pictures on the side. They'd moved in and taken it upon themselves to take all her mother's things and put them into the empty closet in her room. It hurt that they were trying to cut her mother out of her life and she was going to do something about it. When she saw her today she was getting her out of there and would just have to think of a story on the way back. She'd even take some money out of her mothers account and find her a flat to stay in. She didn't know how long she'd been sitting there until someone knocked on the door. Looking up startled, before she got up and went to see who it was at, looking at the clock she saw that it was now 7 o'clock.

She didn't know that it was that time already. She opened the door to see her friend Teri and her son Ben. He was 5 mouths old and didn't like sitting still for long. "Hermione, I didn't know you were back, your au-" Hermione put her hand over her mouth and looked behind her to see if anyone was there. And as luck would have it there was. Lucius Malfoy was standing there with a frown on his face. She gave a shaky laugh before turning back to Teri.

"They don't know." She said softly so he wouldn't hear. "Why don't we go up to my room?" Teri nodded and Hermione took Ben from her arms.

"Hello there little guy." She said why making a face.

When they got up to her room she closed her door but didn't know weather to put a charm on so they didn't hear but knew that Teri would ask something. "Teri can I ask you something?'

"Sure why not."

"Would you let her stay there for a while until I find somewhere for her." Teri looked shocked.

"You're going to break her out!!" Hermione sighed knowing that they must have heard that. Teri wasn't the quietest of people and but kept what ever was between then between them.

"Please I wouldn't ask if I really didn't need the help."

"No I'm sorry 'mione. Your aunt said not to even talk about it I'm not going to go back on my word." She picked Ben up said goodbye and left. Hermione sighed before falling back onto her bed. So much for family. Why would her aunt do such a thing? She got up and went to have a shower and got ready to go out. As she got down stairs she saw them waiting for her. Draco was smirking why Severus and Lucius sat there with straight faces.

"Ms Granger sit down."


"Just sit down bushy. Then you'll know." She glared at Draco before sitting down in the chair across from Severus.

"What are you planning Ms Granger? We heard what that woman said." Severus asked.

"I...well...nothing really going to see someone really. Teri got the wrong end of the stick."

"MS GRANGER! Don't lie to us. If I have to I'll look into your mind."

She glared at him before standing up and walking towards the door. But Lucius grabbed her wrist before she could leave. "Fine I'm going to see my mother happy?" She pulled her arm back and walked into the kitchen and stood next to the french doors with her arms crossed over her chest. She felt them walk into the room and stand not to far off.

"But if I'm right Ms Granger your mother is meant to be away with your father for a meeting." She shook her head to say no. "Then where is your mother?"

"In a mental hospital. She picked me up from kings cross and then something in her head snapped after she saw someone."

"And who was that?"

"I don't know. She just kept saying random things and then drove off the road into a tree." Tears welled up in her eyes just thinking about her mother.

"You were in the car weren't you?" Lucius and Draco looked at her as she nodded in shock. Her hand out of habit went to the back of her head to feel the stitches there. At the end of the holiday she would have to have them out and see if everything was ok. It may have been a year but for some reason it wasn't healing up. "May I have a look? There maybe something I can do."

Hermione wondered why he was being so nice but if he could get these stitches out quicker who was she to disagree. Nodded she watched through the glass as he moved behind her. She tipped her head forward and heard a gasp from one of the Malfoys as they saw that her head had been shaved at the back and a nasty looking scar was left. She felt his fingers on it and out of fear and something else pulled away a bit. He didn't pull away just didn't touch it again.

"I may have a potion with me that can help but it also might give you some more pain to begin with before it starts to work."

"Can't be any worse then what I'm taking now." He asked her to get what she took, so she walked over to the cupboard near the sink and pulled out her tablets. She handed them to him and watched as his face went grim.

"Who gave these to you Ms Granger?"

"My uncle he's a doctor. Said they would work better. Why?" Now she was starting to worry. She knew that they didn't like her but that wouldn't stop them from helping her would it?

"These are nothing more then something you would use if you had tamarack." She didn't show any signs to this but inside she was horrified. She walked slowly from the room and up to her room. She was going to see her mother today no matter what. They'd tried stopping her before but as they weren't here there was nothing they could do.

Lucius watched as she walked down the stairs at 12 o'clock looking ready to go somewhere. So he asked her where she was going. "Where, Ms Granger are you going?" He hated calling her by that name but knew that if he let slip who she really was he would blow it

" see my mother." She said with a bit of fear in her voice. "I'm going to see if I can make any sense of what's going on with her."

"Then I and Severus will come with you." He didn't leave any room for questioning as he went back to where Severus was, watching TV with Draco. When they came back she was standing there looking at her feet. It was a site to behold, knowing that she was once a hot headed woman who could most likely make Voldemort bow at her feet. "You'll be driving Ms Granger, as we do not know the way." She nodded and they were on there way to see her mother.

A Ms Rose Black.

Hermione walked with Lucius and Severus down the hall to her mother's room. She didn't know what she was going to say to her but knew she had to find out what was going on with her before her aunt and uncle came back. She didn't want to live with them anymore. Stopping at a door she took a deep breath before pulling the door open. There on the bed was a woman with dark brown hair, that looked messier then her's and was reading a book. She looked up when someone came in and when she saw that it was Hermione she broke out into the biggest smile Hermione had seen her do.

"Hermione." Getting up she ran to her and pulled her into her arms. "Are you here to take me home? They say I'm ready." Hermione was shocked and nodded her head. Her mother pulled back and gave a cry of joy before running to get her stuff. Just as she turned the door opened and her face became pale. She began to shake and if Hermione wasn't so quick she would have screamed.

"If you don't calm down mum they won't let you out. Just a few more minutes and your home free. Please for me." Hermione said softly in her ear. Her mother nodded before Hermione took her hand away. Turning she saw Lucius and Severus coming into the room.