Chapter 15=Finally Your Mine

He held his daughter in his arms while he waited for Hermione to make her way down to him. Today they were going to take Alex to see his new school. As he had turned 5 in July he now had to go and learn how to control his magic like most wizard's and witch's did at his age. It had taken Hermione a long time to get used to the idea of not having Alex with her when she got home at lunch time from work. Everyone had thought she would begin to work at the ministry but she had wanted to help people with rebuilding their life's after the war. She also wanted to help children that had no family left. Between her and Draco, who had come around to having her as a sister, they opened a home for them and even started a safe haven for werewolves. Every full moon she would meet some werewolf's and set them up in Malfoy Manor's forest out the back. It was far away from anywhere that people would go. Lucius and Rose had agreed and even given permission for them to come into the house in the morning to be treated, if need be, bath and find a clean pare of clothes.

Severus had helped when she had opened a potions shop so people would get healing potions and things like that for cheap for people who couldn't afford to spend too much and sometimes she even let people have them for free. It had been an old man who had made her do this. He had come in and needed a healing potion but couldn't find the money for it and asked for it on tab. Hermione had said yes at the time but as soon as he was gone had written him a letter saying someone had paid for it and he wouldn't need to pay. Of course he never knew it was her that had written it off. It had taken a while after that but every weekend she would go around places that they knew homeless people now stayed and give them food, blankets and potions if need be. He was proud of all that she had done and even with raising two children, putting up with him when he was in one of his mood's and even Jillian trying to take Alex back.

Sighing he smiled at his little girl before turning and seeing Alex walking down the stairs with Hermione behind him. She looked happy but he could see the pain in her eyes. When they got to him he gave her a one armed hug and whispered that it was going to be ok. She nodded but he knew that did only helped a little bit. Alex was grinning and seemed to bounce in place waiting for it to be time to go.

"Right go get your bag Alex then we'll go." He ran off and Hermione sighed before taking Tess out of his arms and holding her close. He took them both into his arms while they waited for Alex to come back with his bag. He rested his head on her shoulder and watched Tess as she kept grabbing Hermione's hair. Her eyes were bright and held no pain or worry that everyone had for years now. He just hoped that it stayed that way.

"Don't worry so much. He's only going to be gone in the day time you'll see him again after school and that way you have a bit of time to yourself, or rather we have time to our self's. After all I'm not teaching right now with school being over for another month. We'll get to just have some us time." He saw her smiling at this and kissed her neck just as Alex came back in.

Sitting down they sighed. It had been a hard time to get Hermione to come back with him after they had dropped Alex off but now they were alone. Tess was in her crib after falling asleep on the way back. Hermione snuggled into his side and watched the flames in the fire he had lit when they got back.

"You know I think I may just get used to having the place quiet again, but don't tell Alex." Severus chuckled before pulling her onto his lap facing him. Looking into her eyes he smiled before pulling her into a long passionate kiss. "I've missed that to without someone walking in on us." Shaking his head they started to kiss again thinking of their family and how happy they were to finally be together.

He stopped kissing her and rested his forehead against hers. He smiled at her before standing up with her in his arms. Her legs rapped around his waist and she held onto him as he walked them up to their room.

"I finally have you to myself and I'm not about to let that time go. For now it's just us and I'm going to show you how much I love you." Hermione smiled and kissed his with all her love.

"I love you too Severus."