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The brilliant array of colored lights that flashed in their optics were far too bright, blinding in fact.

Brilliant blue hues with clouds, then red with lightning, then other colors flashed over their optics, not even registering to the three of what exactly it was that they were seeing before it disappeared again.

What appeared to be Earthly lightning danced over their bodies in playful arcs, causing constant jolts of rather unpleasant pain on each part of their bodies that it hit successfully with pain receptors.

The buzzing and high pitched whines and sounds they experienced made the Ark's engines seem quiet, and that was saying something.

They wanted so bad to shut off their audio receptors, but they couldn't move or turn on/off processes, which made this all the more agonizing. They hadn't been strapped down in any such way, but the trip they were taking immobilized them somehow as they traveled.

No one told them that there was this much anguish involved. Wheeljack should have been more specific about 'travel discomfort'.

No one knew it was possible, or that it even worked, for that matter. This machine they had fallen into was a last ditch effort by the engineer to fix the world they had currently lived in, and no one even trusted it would work except Wheeljack, who had designed the machine. The trip wasn't as long as once thought as the 3 tolerated the horrendous trip, which was also absurdly cold and hot at the same time. They hadn't even wanted to go! But here they were. It was all Sunstreaker and Hot Rod's fault. For once, Sideswipe wasn't to blame for this one.

Everything went silent and sudden darkness surrounded the three mechs for a short time before the world came into view as their optics adjusted from the bright lights, focusing more to be more efficient for night travel. They hadn't ever been here before. At least how it looked now, because it was absolutely beautiful, something they hadn't seen for decades. It looked something close to what they remembered when they first arrived in Mexico. The dark purple and black sky was blanketed with glittering stars and planets, where they were used to clouds of poisons and gases from weapons of the Decepticon mass destruction kind. There were no signs of war anywhere. It was so peaceful here, something that tugged at their sparks in its harmony. It was the quietest they had ever seen the place. Wait, where were they, anyways?

They kinda figured where the destination was supposed to end up, because of Wheeljack's ramblings about the silly contraption, but knowing old Wheeljack's devices, this one probably had a hell of a glitch up its sleeve that it refused to let shine until things just couldn't get any more inconvenient or complicated.

Year 2032

It had been Wheeljack's greatest invention yet, and the Engineer beamed about how it worked. It was built using lasers and cameras along with about 900 terabytes of hard drives and other computer hardware along with the weapon that had been gutted for its use. Standing at about 30 foot tall, it was the funkiest looking contraption the humans had ever laid their eyes upon, or even the Cybertronians', 

who's optics were, for lack of a better word, bewildered. It was silver, looking something like a rocket mixed with parts from a space shuttle, but Wheeljack swore it would work and it was the answer to their problems.

No one wanted to test the theory, or was brave enough, however, knowing Wheeljack's ability to make explosives from the silliest and smallest of things like wires and a little can. He still had a hard time explaining to the humans how, with a little energon and a lot of luck, you could produce an explosive that would blow the side of a mountain.

Now, here it sat, in the corner of his lab, the thing had been switched off when Optimus had deemed it too dangerous to try, others saying it was silly to even attempt fate like that.

He was proud of his invention, but no one else was. Sure, they were in awe about the whole idea, but it was quickly shot down when he offered that someone could try and use it. There were a couple of problems with it that let the Autobot leader uncomfortable with the idea of actually putting it to use. There had been no way to get it back if it was used, therefore, whoever was unfortunate enough to have been sent if it was allowed, was never able to return.

"What the frag has gotten into you, you maniacal inventor!?" Came a bellowed voice, known to all as Ratchet. The mechs who he wasn't yelling at now either perked in curiousness, or cringed, feeling bad for whoever was incurring the mech's wrath.

The other mech flinched from the booming voice, taking a step back slightly and his optics shuttering from the outburst. He hadn't told anyone what had happened until the three came up missing the next day.

"It wasn't even known to work, Wheeljack! That was so irresponsible of you!" he continued before Wheeljack could defend himself.

"But Ratchet-" Wheeljack started in defense, trying to tell the old medic that it wasn't even his fault in the first place.

"No buts, Wheeljack!" Ratchet countered, infuriated.

"It was built as our only and last ditch hope," Wheeljack protested, assured that the twins made it safely along with the other hot headed young mech, "Where's Optimus? If I am going to get yelled at, I rather it by him than you, Hatchet," Wheeljack sneered and shook his head.

They made it, he hoped.

They had to of.

They were their only hope now from the world they now lived in. The only hope to fix things and make them right, the Autobots and the humans who remained alive now remained in the hands of the three craziest mechs that Prime had ever had the opportunity to enroll into the forces.

He wasn't 100 sure why it had to be those three bumbling over energized aft-heads. Why couldn't it have been some of the more responsible mechs like Prowl or Hound? No, it had to be the twins and that other young one, Hot Rod.

Drat… The engineer cursed himself over and over again as Ratchet came down on him hard. He didn't look the CMO in the optics, his dignity already scarred.

The machine was now the best course of action, however. The Autobots were almost completely wiped out, along with the humans that managed to escape with their lives when the invasion happened. It had been a few days after the Allspark had been formally found by Bumblebee, and even the Autobots were getting the upper hand until the events at Mission City sent them in a downward spiral of despair.

"I should weld your aft to the rafters for this, 'Jack," Ratchet snarled.

"What is going on in here?" Came another voice. The regal voice was pronounce, deep and overall soothing, yet demanded respect, except if he was angered. Ratchet glared at Optimus as he showed himself inside the doors to Wheeljack's lab, almost making Optimus want to cringe. It wasn't wise to anger one who knew more about how you functioned than you did yourself.

"Ratchet, you haven't seen the twins have you?" He asked, curious why Ratchet was so angry, determined to find out, he wanted to know where the younger ones were more so at the moment, when they didn't arrive for the morning duty, "Hot Rod is missing also."

"Why don't you ask your great Engineer here, Prime," Ratchet glared and threw his hands up, fed up with Wheeljack, stomping past Optimus, leaving quickly, nearly stepping on William and Sam as he made a beeline for his med bay.

"Wonder what's gotten into him?" Sam asked, pointing as the med bay doors hissed shut and clicked, locking.

"Probably the twins," Will replied, knowing the duo were the reason of the CMO's constant pissy moods.

Wheeljack stood there, his optics never leaving the ground as Optimus put his hands on his hips, assessing the situation, also noticing the Engineer's prized missile-traveling mechanism was gone, rumbling before he spoke, "What was Ratchet's fuss?"

"It will be our only hope, Optimus. I-I felt it was safe enough not to destroy," Wheeljack almost felt like a fool stumbling over his words like a sparkling caught with his hands in the high grade, "I hadn't even turned it on before Hot Rod started it up by landing inside and hitting the controls from a healthy push from Sunstreaker," Wheeljack started, clearing his own aft, "at the same time, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe both ended up in there with Hot Rod and they…" he sighed, coming to the conclusion there was no way out of this one, "They activated it," His voice trailed as he pointed weakly to where Optimus noticed the thing missing.

"Oh Primus," Optimus pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head, "So… they are gone?" the leader himself being at a loss for words.

"Y-yes, sir," Wheeljack's optics still did not meet his Commander's. Another 3 sets of footsteps came down the corridor in the silence that filled Wheeljack's lab. Optimus hadn't said anything, still deciding what in the world he was going to say, or better yet, do.

"Optimus," came a female's voice. He had come to know her as Heather Grule. She was one of the head operators of the human resistance, lead by William, Sam, and Mikaela the only ones who knew more about the Autobots and what was going on than so many others. With her stood Justin, her 

second in command and some US government politician who had managed to escape the wrath of Megatron and his goonies, "Optimus," She said a second time, trying to catch his attention, this time the giant looked down to her, a slightly agitated glare met her eyes, showing his own disproval of Wheeljack's predicament, "Yes, Heather?"

"Another refugee, Commander," She said gently, addressing him by his formal rank rather than name, "I swear we find them all time now. Is there somewhere he can stay until we get him a more permanent place with the others?"

Optimus nodded, giving the politician a look before looking back at Wheeljack, who hadn't as much as let air from his intakes. Heather saw the look on the Prime's face and slowly backed out of the room, realizing something was going on that she knew had to spell trouble for the inventor, taking the un-named politician with her, "I will get you a place to stay, come with me," She tugged on the man's arm, "There will be a few things you'll need to go over with the Autobots and their Medic, along with our council, and you will be set up with quarters. I will take you to Ratchet now."

Meanwhile, as the shuffling dissipated, Optimus still remained silent for the longest time. It seemed like an eternity to the engineer, "Wheeljack, how sure are you that your contraption even worked?" He asked, having a thousand questions, but starting off slowly, "How are you sure it didn't kill them?"

"Very sure, sir," Wheeljack said optimistically, "it's why I hadn't dismantled it to use it for parts." He paused, "It would have fried I think if it hadn't worked, and they would have not gone anywhere." The inventor spoke casually, "Perceptor can also tell you the specs and what would happen should it not work."

"We are already low on forces, Wheeljack," Optimus let out a sound that could only be related to a human sigh, "I hope for all of our futures and their lives that it did work."

"If it worked correctly, they should be in Tranquility, Nevada, 2007, Earth month May, day 21st." Wheeljack said lowly.

"If it worked correctly, let's just hope they can fix this before it gets any worse. Let's hope their sparklingness doesn't get in the way of duty." Optimus grumbled before shaking his head, still finding this episode to be almost unbelievable.

A loud alarm rang them from their talk and they both looked towards the door with worried optics, waiting for what was to come next. This particular alarm only sounded trouble.

Today… 2007

When the world materialized and the ringing stopped in their audio receptors, they were surrounded with Desert Mountains and no real vegetation. It was night and not a human or Cybertronian in sight. Oh, what had Wheeljack done to them now?

"Where are we?" Sunstreaker asked, looking around as he nonchalantly wiped himself off.

"I hope Earth." Sideswipe answered quickly, also standing and scouring the area for life, only finding the minute creatures that existed out here in this rainless area.

"Hook up to the net, Sides, find out what happened," The cool voice came from the darkness.

"Primus, Sunstreaker!" Sideswipe said quickly, ignoring Hot Rod for a second, nearly jumping, causing his brother to jerk when he heard him, "It's all your fault we are here anyways!"

"Sides, you don't have to be so loud," Sunstreaker grumbled, folding his arms over his chest, "And it isn't just my fault, if you want to blame anyone, blame both me and Hot Rod." He glared at Hot Rod again before looking down as he also tried to assess the situation at hand.

"Slag, we better hope Wheeljack's great invention worked this time," Sideswipe mumbled, knowing well what the contraption did, but not if it was actually going to work.

"Besides, we aren't fried, so," he said as he searched out a signal, finding one, he hooked into the satellites and radio waves, finding them to be on the familiar planet, onto the internet and got the day, time and year, "It is Earth, but," he stopped a moment, "how is 25 years in the past?"

"What?!" Sunny about choked on his words, astounded, "25 years, Sides?" the twin growled, huffing, "In the past?"

"You know that stupid thing wasn't even supposed or allowed to work, what are we to do now?" Sideswipe asked, his attention going from the internet to the two in the dark night with him.

"You know, if this is in the past," Hot Rod started, being the last to stand, "it's probably before Megatron's reign."

"If that is the case, maybe we can help?" Sideswipe thought out loud, causing the two to look at him suspiciously.

"Help… how?" Sunstreaker asked with a voice of disbelief, wrinkling his nose at his brother.

"Well, if Megatron isn't ruling, maybe we can intervene and stop him before he does!" the astro-second younger brother said with a glint in his eye.

"Look it up, you remember the date all this went to Pit. They are here, they have to be here." Hot Rod sounded enthusiastic, but deep down he wanted to hide.

"We need to find them, Hot Rod. We need to warn them. Maybe we can save our future-" Sideswipe said before his brother cut him off, finishing his sentence.

"And the future of the world,"

The three stood in the middle of the desert and looked around quietly, mapping their possible area, landing them definitely in the USA, but somewhere in the Mohave Desert, which was a rather large span, "Hot Rod, can you tell where the base is from where we are?"

"No, slag it, some of my other functions were knocked offline from that stupid trip. Can you?"

"I wasn't ever good at this sort of thing, besides, there is no base yet, I bet. It's all probably still so new." Sunstreaker complained, pulling up files and such until he got a basic idea, "We are definitely in the Mohave Desert. I would say somewhere in or near Nevada."

"You do realize how big the Mohave Desert is, right?" Hot Rod growled, slightly irritated at the mere thought of being lost in a desert.

"I think we can get better answers if we find Tranquility, Nevada," Sideswipe assumed, "where all this started."

"What we need to do is find Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee!"

"Sure, let's just walk right up to them and tell them we are from the future! Sure, they'll buy that."

"Bumblebee will know us,"

"But we have no insignias, nor do we even have Autobot signatures anymore," Hot Rod argued, trying also to think of how to get to the others.

"How can they forget us, Hot Rod? We are the best known twins on Cybertron!" Sideswipe said smugly.

"You speak like it's a good thing, Sides," Hot Rod groaned, shaking his head slightly.

"Well it is if you're one of us," Sideswipe smirked, "we are infamous. Ratchet will know us with or without our insignias or signatures!"

"We need to get to the meeting point, I think. We will have a better chance on being believed," Hot Rod blinked, trying to remember that place, "where Mikaela and Sam met Optimus for the first time."

"Let's head there, then, ok?" Sunstreaker said gruffly, looking around curiously as to which direction to go, even though his internal compass told him that he was looking north.

Sideswipe still wasn't happy about what had happened to get them here in the first place, being stuck in the past was not on their agenda today, or at least his, and Sunstreaker had been preoccupied with talking to Hot Rod before he felt himself going sideways to the ground, his brother bowling on top of him, holding him down, "This is what you get for arguing with Hot Rod, Sunny!"

"Frag it, you two, would you please focus?"

"Well aren't we just the quintessence of leadership all of the sudden," Sideswipe grumbled from his perch on his brother's chest.

"Cool it, Sides, we don't have time for this!" Hot Rod hissed as he looked around once more, his optics narrowing as he noticed a road in the distance, "I am sure we can find our way. We can drive until we find a city, then we can map it to Tranquility, slag-tard." Hot Rod chimed as he transformed into his alt mode, the twins following suit, also turning into their respective alt forms which were all futuristic cars to this time, and they all knew this wouldn't fly in their current time. They had to find respective current time vehicles.

"Let's go save the world," Sunstreaker with a terse intone as he started his engine.