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Sam was sitting on Bumblebee's hood, staring out over the barren desert. He was at a loss as to what to think or what to do. It was as if he had this other voice in his head now, and though usually it kept quiet, it also annoyed him, telling him there were others. Other what? He looked to the twins, who were situated beside the scout, "Man this thing has reached a whole new level of weird,"

"Yeh, no kidding, Sam," Sunstreaker replied, "this entire thing has gone completely out of whack!"

Sideswipe added his own two cents, "Well, the time travel thing was a serious dive into the weird, then this Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime thing, and we don't even know who to follow, since we preferred Rodimus because he's a lot like us, and then this – You, the Allspark… thing. It's like a really twisted nightmare,"

"You're tellin' me?" Sam snapped back, "You think that I asked for this?"

"Hey, it can't all be that bad. You're probably as immortal as the Allspark. You can probably create new Sparks as well as we know heal those that have been downed in battle. I'd say it's an upgrade," Sideswipe teased, "Better than living as you were any day,"

Bumblebee remained silent, worried about his charge and worried about what was going to happen with his Commander. He hadn't been one to speak out much. He was rather aggravated that the Twins were taking this so playfully. It was very serious as far as he was concerned.

"Hey, you don't have voices in your head,"

"Yeah, but now we have our own complications to add to that, smartass. Two Primes – Matrix' never existed in the same continuum before, Primus only knows what's going to happen with that one."

"Hey, you think I am the least bit happy with being turned into some kinda mechanical human with special powers that I don't even know how to use?"

"Call it a gift from Primus,"

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

"Take it as you want it." Sunstreaker replied. The four sat watching the sunset as Sam wondered about his fate yet to come.

Back at the base, things were still not well. Optimus was confused about Sam being the Allspark. It didn't sit well with anyone, actually. He was only a child – a sparkling – in their minds, not someone who could hold the sacred power of the Allspark. Why had that happened? Was the road paved with good intentions? The leader liked to think so, but he also wondered if it was self preservation on the Allspark's part. Either way, Rodimus had said something about it. Now here it was. It was rather unnerving having a prophetic Autobot among them, but they had come to accept what he was saying as truth. Apparently he had been to the future more than once now and was now guiding them.

Rodimus was sitting outside by himself, thinking. He was going over everything. It was all like some kind of big cosmic joke – only no one had imploded on him yet. His mind was on the future-past as well. It was so strange to think of it that way, since it was still in the future, yet it was now in his past as well. To actually mull on it, one would probably break their brain or processor, depending on who was doing the thinking. He mused that Wheeljack would probably fry a circuit before the week was out as he tried to figure it all out.

He came to the conclusion that didn't like this, not at all. He would have been fine if they had saved the Autobots and been done with it, but no... He was thrown in the middle of a very big cosmic joke, and he was apparently the brunt of it. Well, it was him or Optimus, which he wasn't sure.

Fate apparently didn't like him, because he was thrust into a different future than he remembered, this time with a still dead Optimus Prime and warnings of Galvatron – a beast and upgrade of Megatron. Really, he didn't want to think about Megatron returning, and more powerful just made him want to cringe. He turned slightly, remembering that they were missing a friend. He distinctly remembered Tracks being on the ship, but there was no sign of Tracks there. It was as if he had completely vanished without a trace. Where had he gone to? He knew they hadn't changed the past – past the point when they truly arrived. It bothered him that Tracks was missing. He had yet to have said anything about the missing Autobot, deciding he might want to go out and look for himself.

He transformed and took off for the road, considering what the ones in the future had said. That Optimus would die supposedly after the Allspark went to Galvatron. Was it in Optimus' future to die no matter what line he was trying to save? Was it his own doom to be forced to know that his beloved leader would die no matter what? He had been forced to come back and seize the opportunity of changing the fates of those around him and the twins. He and the twins managed to save the planet from Megatron's evil clutches and save the Autobots from having to live a life of tyranny at Megatron's cold hands, but at what expense? Jazz, Optimus' First Lieutenant and one of his own best friends had been killed. He already let the wound of that fester without letting anyone know how much it bothered him. He wasn't sure if he could forgive himself if Optimus really did get killed.

Just then, he decided he would do everything in his power to prevent the greatest Autobot Leader that ever lived from being killed, or die trying.

In the vacuum of space, a ship was headed for Earth. It was moving at a considerable amount of speed, dodging stay meteorites as it made it's way closer to the planet, "You say it came this way?" Bluestreak asked, curious.

"Yup," Cliffjumper replied, working the computers of the ship.

"How long until we find it?" Came another's voice.

"Well, I guess not long at all," The Cliffjumper stood up and went to one of the other monitors and pointed to the screen, showing life on Pluto, "Look there," he said.

"Who the in the Pit is that?" Bluestreak asked.

Sure enough there were 3 bodies on the small rock, "let's go find out,"

The ship slowed and headed for Pluto, turning so it could land safely on the barren little rock. It was so tiny too! The pilot land the ship hard and 3 beings came toward it. Bluestreak headed for the doors, opening the hatch. The doors hissed in protest, but opened, "Tracks! We thought you were on the Ark!?" He called.

The creature nodded, standing from his position on a rock "Can thank Wheeljack for that," He called out over the engines of the shuttle. Just then, two other rather large lumbering bodies made their way to the one who had stepped out of the shuttle to gather them, "Bluestreak, is that you?"

"Yup," Bluestreak nodded, "get your afts in here so we can get to where we are picking up the Ark's transmitting beacon." The three took no time in getting in. It was cold, but they could bear it, "Alright Cliffjumper, let's get this ship to the Ark!" Bluestreak shut the hatch as the three made their ways further in. The whines of the engines were heard as she ship started to move. Everyone aboard greeted them.

"Tracks, why did Wheeljack leave you on that planet?"

"He said something about possible Energon deposits and asked me to check. I came across these two idiots as well." He thumbed towards the other two.

"And how did you two end up there?"

"We were behind Optimus and his crew," Cosmos said gently, "I was stationed in the solar system and Rewind was sent with me."

"Well Blaster will be happy to find you here. He is on another ship on its way here as well,"

Bluestreak retook his post at one of the many computers aboard the ship, watching the engines and hull on the monitors. He was relieved to find they would also certainly have enough fuel to get to Earth, given that small pit stop on the little rock. He turned towards Trailbreaker, "I got green across the board, join me for some Energon?"

Trailbreaker nodded, standing up from his post at a different computer. Both of them turned when they heard another voice, "Don't be forever," was all it said.

"Oh, Jetfire, it's fine. It's not like getting to the planet it is located will be hard. Besides, you have Powerglide at the controls, what could possibly go wrong?"

"That's my point," Jetfire gave a playful grin as the two disappeared. His optics then went to Powerglide and his assistant. For a moment, Smokescreen wondered how many mechs fit onto this poor shuttle. But emergency protocol had been called, forcing as many as they could onto one tiny ship. The sooner they found the Ark, the better and at their current rate of speed, they would be at it very soon. He mused reuniting with Wheeljack for a moment as they just started passing a giant blue planet with a single ring around it. For a moment he watched it, tilting his head in confusion as he realized the planet was sideways, "How bizarre," he said out loud.

"What's bizarre?" Perceptor asked, entering the helm of the ship, ever curious of the planets and such that they passed.

"That planet," Jetfire pointed and chuckled, "it's sideways,"

"Well given that it's gravity may have faltered due to reverse polarization or perhaps it had been hit by a rogue planet or comet, it is not unheard of." What did he know as to why this particular planet had gone sideways like that? He hadn't known the human's already had their own explanation, that it was theorized by them to have been hit by another planet, thus knocking it off kilter, yet not distorting its orbit around Sol.

Curious, Jetfire brought the computer's attention to another strange planet and it studied its tan atmosphere, "Well isn't that even stranger," he commented offhandedly as the computer brought up the many different gases in the atmosphere.

"What?" Perceptor asked, leaning down to have a look himself.

"This one spins backwards!"

"One of the great mysteries of space, you'd think that you have never seen outside of Cybertron," Perceptor groaned as he made his way back out of the room. Jetfire continued to study the planets until the one called Uranus was behind them and they were now coming upon Saturn.

Two days later, Optimus and Rodimus both received the message of the incoming shuttle. Rodimus warned them about the atmosphere of Earth, and thank Primus they heeded it and landed without a problem right on the base. When the mechs emerged from the ship, what they were greeted with confused them profusely. It wasn't the twins, oh no, it was Rodimus Prime.

Rodimus sighed not at all happy about another group to explain the strange events to. He swore he was going to record it and give each of them a copy and hold extras just in case.

A few hours later, Sam, who had since returned to base, was asleep in a bunk in his own personal quarters. The teen woke with a start when he swore he heard whispering. Rather loud whispering.

He tilted his head to the sound, but it seemed to vanish, only to return moments later. He didn't dare go out and ask if anyone else heard the whisper. He thought it might be the Allspark trying to contact him, but quickly whisked that away when he realized the voice was calling out for help. The Allspark in him wanted to go, to heal, and to care for the one calling. He felt light headed, but fought off the urge to get up. He felt nothing but dread when he heard the voice, since it didn't seem very friendly. He didn't want to go.

He figured he had it under control until the Allspark literally knocked him out and he got up and started outside, walking past all of the mechs that were now looking down at him curiously, "Sam?"

"Sam is not here, I hear a plea, I must go," the Allspark-Sam thing suddenly said without stopping.

Rodimus wondered what was going on. What plea? Then it hit him, "Sam you can't!" The man stopped in his tracks, "I will walk if I must, I cannot ignore the call of the Symbiot that requires my assistance," and he continued on.

Optimus walked towards the human, stepping in front of him, to block his path, "Who is it that calls to you now?"

"My most decorated Autobot," The human spoke, "I cannot ignore the call for help, you should know most of all. I must go to the one named Frenzy. His life is on the line and his partner cannot heal him, since they have both been captured by the humans," Sam's eyes shined bright blue, almost white.

"You are speaking of Barricade and Frenzy?"

"I believe that is the designation of the partner to Frenzy,"

The newcomers watched with utmost confusion as Rodimus looked at them all and shook his head before looking back to the human-Allspark creature, "I will take you," motioning to the others that he could not explain right now. He glanced to the twins, nodding, "Both of you, are you up for a trip?"


Sam pointed in a westward direction, "I assume we go whichever way he points, he will lead us to the Decepticons captured,"

"I'm going as well," Bumblebee stated, standing next to Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Rodimus nodded his acceptance.

"Um, can we kill the 'Cons?"

"Kinda defeats the purpose, now doesn't it, you jerk-off," Sunstreaker elbowed his obviously processor-less brother in the side.

"…What? I was just askin'!"

"No more questions from you for the rest of this mission." The yellow twin declared as he transformed, his brother huffed and transformed as well, "You're a bloody kill joy,"

"If anything, I think that they will defect, just like Starscream will,"

"Ha, the big, bad 'Screamer? You gotta be joking, Rodimus!"

"We will see, let's go," and with that, Sam climbed into the semi, and the door shut behind him.

"We will be alright, I have enough artillery to blow Las Vegas back to Cybertron,"

"That's what I am afraid of," Optimus shook his head as he waved off the other Prime with a sigh. The leader then turned to the other Autobots, "Alright, you lot, sound off!"

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