Genre: Fantasy

Genre: Fantasy

Pairings: 1x2, other

Disclaimer: Don't own nothin' but these words

Warnings: Gratuitous violence, abuse, torture, yaoi, lemon, angels, demons, bigotry, hypocrisy, blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege, and general religion-bashing. THIS IS NOT A STORY FOR THE CLOSED-MINDED.

A/N: Yayy, a new one. This idea came to me after watching a very strange music video—and for the record, this story has nothing to do with said music video. It's not even remotely similar!


Heaven and Hell had been at war for eons. It was a known fact. Angels, the staunch champions of God, fought demons, their sworn enemies who had turned their backs on God. It was of course known that demons were vile, evil creatures who lived in wicked debauchery in Hell, committing all manner of atrocities. Angels desired to bring these deplorable creatures back to God, so that they may be saved from their own miserable existences.

To this end, the King of Heaven devised a plan. War between the two immortal creatures of course always affected the mortal world, bringing much suffering to humans and the other beings there. He asked for an audience with the King of Hell, determined to come to some sort of peace with them. The King of Hell granted his request, and four angels descended into Hell to meet with him and his Queen.

Once there, one of the four faded into the background. Her mission was far different from peace-talks. Her mission was the reason for this farce. The King of Heaven was convinced that if she could take a key member of the demon hierarchy, she could turn him back to God, save his soul, and he would in turn save all demon-kind.

This key member, of course, was the young Prince of Hell. The son of the King and Queen. A demon who would eventually inherit all of Hell's unimaginable power, just as the Prince of Heaven would inherit Heaven's. It was for his own good, of course. And not just his, but every demon's.

And in the end, she was successful. She captured the unsuspecting Prince of Hell, took him back to Heaven, and began persuading him that though he was evil, he could still be saved. That God loved him, and all he had to do was renounce the evil blackening his young soul.