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I Will Save You

Shuichi Shindou, lead singer for the famous rock band Bad Luck, sat silently beside his lover's hospital bed. From what Shuichi had been told, Yuki had once again been speeding around in his car when he'd accidentally run a red light and been T-boned by an eighteen wheeler. Tohma, Mika, and the rest of Yuki's family and friends had left hours ago promising they'd return the following morning. Hiro had reluctantly left just thirty minutes ago after Shuichi had convinced him that he'd be fine by himself.

The doctors said Yuki's head injury had plunged him into a coma and they weren't sure when or if he'd wake up. When he'd first arrived at the hospital and first heard of Yuki's coma, Shuichi had yelled and screamed at the author to open his eyes and come back to him, but now matter how loud he screamed or how many tears he cried, those golden eyes refused to open.

Now here he was, sitting in the dark holding his love's hand and crying quietly. Shuichi was so lost in his thoughts he almost didn't notice Yuki's hand move slightly within his own, and even when he did notice, he thought it was his own wishful thinking influencing his imagination, and then it happened again. Shuichi's eyes widened and he look up at Yuki's face, fully expecting to see those brilliant gold eyes and that bad-ass smirk he loved so much. He was quickly disappointed to see that Yuki's eyes remained shut and no smirk resided on his lips, however, his lips were moving.

Leaning closer, Shuichi could hear a slight whisper coming from his lover's moving lips. If he'd never been a singer and his ears hadn't been so sensitive to sound, he'd never have been able to make out the words that Yuki was whispering, but he did.

Those whispered words gripped Shuichi's heart in a vice and made his blood run cold, "I'm coming… Yuki-sensei".

It was then that Shuichi realized why Yuki wouldn't wake up, the ghost that haunted his heart was beckoning him to stay, and Yuki's guilt was more than willing to oblige. Shuichi gripped Yuki's hand tighter and whispered in his lover's ear, "Yuki, it's Shu, I'm coming to get you. Don't you dare go with that bastard! Do you hear me Eiri? Don't you dare follow him!"

"Shu..i..chi…" Yuki whispered. That was all it took to firm Shuichi's resolve. Yuki Kitazawa had held Eiri in a death grip in life and in death, he'd haunted his ex-student's dreams and shattered his heart, there was no way in hell Shuichi was going to let him take Eiri's life as well.

"I'll save you Yuki, I promise." Shuichi whispered before letting go of his lover's hand and running to find a doctor. He knew his plan would take a lot of convincing and his friends probably would like it, but he wouldn't let Kitazawa take anything else from his beloved Yuki.

To Be Continued…