Prompt Twenty-Eight: Compatibility

Books and movies always romanticized having a stalker. There was allure, danger, and thrills, all wrapped up into one tantalizing package. Having a stalker completely obsessively in love with you is something most girls would kill for.

Sarah Williams wouldn't. She had one and she had learned it involved three things and three things only: fights, embarrassment, and annoyance. Mainly the latter.

For Sarah didn't just have a crazed killer as her stalker. No, that probably would have been easier to deal with…Instead she had a Fey King with a fondness for glitter stalking her. Note the 'fey' – i.e. magical, pervy, and way too good looking.

And also leaning over her shoulder that very moment. Really, did he truly think she didn't notice when he arrived in her room? Even if he was noiseless, that glitter of his had a certain smell that Sarah wasn't sure if she was allergic to or not.

Stifling a sneeze, Sarah looked up from her notebook to see the Goblin King reflected in the mirror just above her shoulder.

"Hello Jareth," she sighed.

"Hello Sarah," he said pleasantly. His hands rested on the back of her chair – almost close enough to touch. But he couldn't touch her thankfully – there would be tons of trouble if that was allowed. Thank God for the right words…


She stopped her thoughts and sighed again. "Yes?"

He pouted. "You're ignoring me."

Sarah moved back to her notebook and began writing again. "Of course I'm ignoring you. I ignore you every time you come. Every day, every evening."

"Ah, but Sarah today is different," Jareth said tapping his fingers.

She continued to write.

There was a pause. "Well aren't you going to ask why today is different, Sarah dearest?"

"One, no I'm not going to. Two, I won't because I know you'll tell me anyway. Three, I honestly don't care. And four, didn't I tell you not to call me by any terms of endearment?"

The King huffed in indignation. "Fine I won't tell you."

"Good," said Sarah not even missing a 't' to cross. She focused on her essay and tried to remember the difference between electrons and protons. It always confused her…

There was the sound of the scratch of Sarah's pen, and the two's breathing for five minutes. Sarah could feel his eyes on her, but it didn't bother her. She had become used to it over the past three years.

He cleared his throat. Loudly and this time it did bother her.

Frustrated, she dropped her pen and spun her chair around facing him. "What?" she growled.

Jareth had sat down on her bed and was lounging across it, giving her a perfect view at his chest. She really wasn't staring at it though. Nope. Absolutely not.

He cleared his throat again. She glared. He smirked. She glared more – Marlene was an idiot to think he was handsome. Or attractive.

"I was listening on your conversation earlier," he said. Sarah rolled her eyes. "Of course you were, what else would you be doing?"

"And Sarah dearest – how could you say that we're not compatible?"


"No, Sarah, explain it to me. Please." He didn't move from his spot, but his gaze was intent. "We have so much in common, for one."

"Like what? We both think Goblins make good target practice?"

He frowned at her. "No. We're both stubborn-"

Sarah snorted. "That's usually a bad thing in relationships, Jareth."

"Incredibly good looking, fond of your brother-"

"Leave Toby out of this," Sarah said angrily, but he continued on.

"Enjoy magic and the benefits of it, think most of the world is made up of inconsequential idiots, and love a challenge." A pointed look. "Sarah, we were made for each other."

"I'm pretty sure I can prove that wrong," said Sarah, eyes narrowing.

"Actually…" he started and Sarah couldn't take it anymore. Too. Much. Information. And too many frightening conclusions.

She threw the nearest book at him and he ducked. "Get out, Jareth, will you? LEAVE ME ALONE I AM THROUGH WITH THIS."

He didn't move and her eyes narrowed. "Do you want me to say the words?"

Jareth blinked and vanished in a poof of glitter. Good, Sarah thought, settling back in her chair. Hopefully she wouldn't have to deal with this until tomorrow…

A/N: Long time no see, eh? Kore back with a sheepish update. I've been out of fandom for a while but figured I might toe my way back in and attempt a few things. Or at least, change my online reputation from the horrid pieces of fic from two years ago.

This would be the sequel to 'Thick' from…some odd chapters ago. Yikes. Two years ago?

Posted: 12/15/2010