First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

"The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave"

It was cold in the car, it was cold outside, the window was cold against my cheek and I was cold inside and out. Nothing mattered anymore everything that had mattered to me I'd left behind and everything that was before me was meaningless now. I didn't cry because I was numb with all the cold, I felt nothing now and I was probably better that way.

In the front seat sat Amy and Garrett we were class mates once but that all seems a long time ago, I wondered how hard this was for them. But at least they had each other Prom king and Queen who did I have now? I had them but we were practically strangers they were 19 and I was 17 and there was once a time I would have given anything to be near Garrett but that was all in the past. Everything was back in England but I was not in England anymore I was in America and everything had changed.

"Where are we going?" I asked with a yawn.

"A small town called the Forks have you heard of it?" said Amy.

"Nope" I said.

"Garrett's got an Aunt there with plenty of room so we'll stay there" she said.

"Ok" I said.

I leaned forward to grab my rucksack of the floor and unzipped the front pocket to receive my Ipod . I put it on and attempted to fall asleep but it wasn't coming I had too much on my mind. When I began to see the place we were going to I could help but feel a little better. Even through the dark I could see it was beautiful and very green. I didn't mind I liked green it was far from the cold grey streets and building of an English town but still it would never be home.

We arrived at the house and I didn't pay attention to the house it's self but to the large forest at its back. Garrett's aunt greeted us in her dressing gown and a warm understanding expression on her face. She surprised me by taking me into a tight hug as I introduced myself and when she let go she stared into my eyes for a long time trying to discover what I was feeling.

My room was the attic space that was large tidy and had a large skylight. The bed was fairly new and I found it surprisingly comfortable. I couldn't be bothered to change into my P.J's I just got into bed and curled myself up into a ball, I tried to forget.

It rained on my first day of American high school. Back in England I could have finished school but not here, here they had to be difficult. Garrett dropped me off as I hadn't got a car yet. He gave me a quick hug but we didn't say anything to each other. I jumped out the car and braced myself for the day ahead.

Garrett pulled away and just as he did a silver Volvo came past me throwing water all over me.

"Great" I said glaring after the car.

I walked through the rain to the main reception and I was given a map and a timetable. Yay! I thought I have no sense of direction. I dragged my feet unwillingly to my first class – English – don't you just love irony.

I got a few weird looks of some guys as I walked there – had they never seen a wet girl before. Then when in class it was my accent that drew everyone's attention as I announce my name.

"Reese Tailor" I said when the teacher Mr. Mason asked me.

Everyone stared at me with x-ray eyes trying to pry out who I was this new creature to entertain them. I was a pale skinny thing with straight dark blonde hair and green blue eyes physically I was unattractive and obscure.

I tried to ignore the eyes as I walked to my seat but there was one set of eyes I couldn't ignore. They were black as coal, hard, cold and angry. There was this absurdly handsome bronze haired boy glaring at me. I felt my cheeks colour as I realised this was who I had to sit next to. He moved himself as far away from me as possible I rolled my eyes Very mature I thought.

I sat down and examined his posture slanting away from me hands gripping the table all the muscles in his body tense.
"Just because I came from England that does not mean I have the Black Plague" I muttered quietly so he would not hear.

However he turned to look at me still glaring but there was a small amount of amusement in his black eyes microscopic almost it was the amusement of a killer whose victim was begging for their life. Seriously this guy needed to take a chill pill he looked like he need some sleep as well with those dark circles under his eyes.

Well wasn't I having a fantastic first day, wet and the next victim of the Forks very own Jack the Ripper. At least Jack the Ripper is handsome I thought trying to stay on the bright side of things. The lesson was very boring I spent most of it humming and tapping on the table to annoy the guy next to me further.

Then I doodled and pulled faces at Mr. Murderous next to me when he wasn't looking. Nothing mattered remember neither did this it just amused me. I was cold because I was wet and my teeth would randomly start to chatter, whilst I shivered. When lesson ended he shot out the room I grinned I obviously had something wrong with me. I reminded myself that I had put deodorant on that morning and that the problem wasn't BO.

My day didn't get much better but on the positive side it wasn't my fault that Edward - my lovely friend with the bronze hair and the bad attitude – ran out the class room according to witnesses he went to the main office to go home with a stomach ache. Poor Edward I'll send him a Get Well hard saying thank you for not puking all over me.