I'm putting all stories on hold apart from the new one Unwell which i'm about to post up. i have a reason for this i find i get distracted by the others and with 'are you ready for a miricale?' out of the way i'd like to concerntrate on Unwell. so all stories that have this message posted on them are going to postponed until further notice.

Unwell is a AH OC story about Bella who is in therapy, her Doctor carlisle cullen trys to work out how to help Bella with her problems. As he does he realises that he is also giving therapy to a Edward who is claimed to be ' the cause of it all' by Bella. but as he hears both sides of the story can he figure out a way to fix these broken teenagers and bring the two back together again before it's too late.

Please read it i promise it will be good as i think i'll put a lot of work into this one as it has a lot of meaning to me.

if anyone has any questions about any of my Fan Fic or the upcoming story please comment or mail and i'll be happy to respond providing i don't have to spoil anyone.

Thank you for reading xxx