It was three months since Tony had returned from his undercover mission with the CIA and things had pretty much returned to normal for the team. Tony's hair had almost grown out again and Gibbs used every opportunity he could get to touch it, frequently swatting the younger man on the back of his head. After a month of staying with his boss Tony had moved back into his own appartment. Only Gibbs knew he still occasionally had nightmares but he was managing to behave the way he had before Gibbs 'retired' although he sometimes showed up for work in black BDUs.

It was one of the days when he was wearing his BDUs and a call came in regarding a new case before he had a chance to apologise and change into a suit. Gibbs brushed off his apologies and told the team to grab their gear - a marine recruit had gone AWOL from his special forces camp and had taken several people hostage, shooting at people from the roof of a downtown building. Gibbs drove them to the crime scene, and stormed towards the police officer in charge, flashing his badge and ignoring the man's indignant noise at him taking control. Reluctantly the man began telling tham what little he knew about what was going on.

"We have a gun loaded with tranquilisers that could take him down," the man finished. "But no one can hit him."

"I can," Tony commented. "Well, probably can, depends what type of gun it is."

"It's in there," the man pointed to a nearby police car.

Tony looked, "yeah boss I can use this."

"You sure DiNozzo," Gibbs checked.

"Yeah boss," Tony nodded.

"Alright," Gibbs agreed.

Nodding again Tony checked the gun before moving into position and taking aim. Everyone watched as he readied himself and fired. The tranquiliser dart caught the perp in the shoulder, just above his heart and he toppled backwards. He was unconscious before he hit the roof. Gibbs and the team moved in, Tony quickly discarding the gun to join Gibbs at the front of the team. They burst onto the roof, the hostages were tied up at one side and the marine lay where he had fallen. Tony approached him quickly checking his pulse, and looked to Gibbs.

"Not exactly the smartest criminal ever," he commented, finally looking at the man's face. "Boss I know this guy."