28 Hours Later

"Starting yesterday at 5:00 PM, there have been great disturbances all across the southern part of England. An entire neighborhood living in Winchester was reportedly attacked by a band of angry haters-"

"This is Shelly King reporting live from Lews England. It is now 11:00 PM and I am standing directly at the scene where moments before, what seemed to be some type of cult or grouped broke into the local library killing everyone inside and literally beating them to death-"

"Yet another mass murder has struck England last night at 3:00 AM in Farnborough, where eight families all living on the outskirts of town were all brutally beaten to death-"

"This has been the largest death tole in all of England's history-"

"It is so far reported that over 300 people have died in the past twenty hours-"

"It seems that there is a mass outbreak in a new and extremely contagious disease-"

"The Infection has spread all the way from Bristol to Margate-"

"Wild monsters running around England and destroying everything in sight-"

"Lock up your homes and stay inside-"

"Contact with the creatures is not advised to all those still uninfected-"

"Don't leave-"

"They have red-"

"Stay calm-"

"Do not scr-"