Faith didn't care that Sunnydale was no longer there, just a vast hole where the city used to be; that city had nothing but sour memories for her anyway. She wasn't sad, that she and Buffy weren't the only slayers anymore. Personally she seemed to smug about it anyway.

She was done, she could relax. Go partying and visit the world. Faith knew where she would go to, Amsterdam. A place away from the forces of darkness. She was done with that gig now. The was just another chapter in her past that was finished. She had done her time and she had clocked out. The world didn't need her protection anymore, they had hundreds, thousands even of girls that were now slayers that could do that.

In her head, she told herself she wouldn't miss it. Wouldn't miss pummeling a vamp for info when she did a spinning backhand or a jumping roundhouse kick. She didn't care that she would never see any of these people again; but what did it matter they were never her friends in the first place. She was just the other slayer wasn't she? The slayer maybe they should change that now, it's slayers. There isn't just one anymore hasn't been that way in a long time; but at least there was two some sacred secret that Faith always had, something that made her special. But she wasn't special anymore, and she didn't care. She was going to live in a seedy motel on the outskirts of L.A. until she got out of this state, this country.

Faith didn't care that she wouldn't have to widener stakes until they were as sharp as she liked him, she didn't care she wouldn't get to test out a new axe or sword. She didn't care, and she wasn't going to.

It's not like she missed going out on nightly patrols, the to upbeat Buffy or her little gang. It's not like she missed being looked up to by the younger ones, and training them.

Her life finally had normalcy put back into it, and she wasn't about to rock that boat. Big Daddy Evil was down, and for a while the forces of darkness were nursing their wounds. Not that it really matter, since Faith was so over being a slayer. She was never a good hero anyway. Robin had made it, but he had left for New York to get a few of his mothers things and then go scout land in Cleveland. But she didn't care, it was a spur of the moment, false security romance.

Faith's thoughts were shoved out of her head for a moment, as a woman nudged her fear in the ticket line at the airport. Faith grabbed her two duffels and moved forward. Faith shook her head, and furrowed her eyebrows, since when did Faith take shit from a lady with a stick up her ass? Her mind seemed to taunt her with it's answer. iSince you don't care./i

Faith did care, she cared about Sunnydale not being there anymore, not being a slayer anymore; let alone being one of the only two. She did care about weapons, and Buffy and her stupid friends. She cared about those girls she trained, and she cared about Robin.

"Miss, Miss, Miss" Faith looked up at the ticket attendant who was waving her hand in front of Faith's face.

Faith nodded letting the woman know she was paying attention.

"Where to?" She asked plastering on a fake smile.

Faith paused a minute, and couldn't help but put a smile on her face.