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'Thoughts' (only Rogue has thoughts in this story)

Two Southerners and the Rain

It was June and about ten thirty at night, at the Xavier Institute, and the resident southern belle was sitting in her room. She could hear the other students outside of her room getting ready for bed, or at lest attempting to.

"Drake, hurry up and get out of the bathroom!" shouted Scott

"Has anyone seen my headphones?" yelled Jubilee

"Jamie get back here" shouted Ray, Rogue could hear the electricity sparking from his hands

"Yeah, Bobby had 'em earlier" called Sam

"Whoa!" cried Jamie as he no doubt fell and then spilt into his clones

"I gave them to Roberto" called Bobby form the bathroom

"Like Jamie watch it, sorry mom, so as I was saying…" said kitty, who sounded like she was on the phone with her mother.

"Why di--" started Jubilee

"Drake, get out of the bathroom!" shouted Scott once again, as he cut Jubilee off.

It truly amazed Rogue how they did not kill each other sometimes, or that she did not kill them herself. Luckily, she knew Logan would show up any second to tell everyone to shut up and get their butts in bed, so she knew it would be quite soon. She could barley hear them though if she concentrated on blocking them out, which wasn't hard since she did that all the time with the psyches in her head. She just wanted a moment of piece. She was alone sitting on her floor, in the dark. Her face was resting on the window of her French doors, with her eyes closed, as she listened to the pounding rain outside.

Rogue loved this time of night when she was alone and did not have to worry about hurting anyone. It allowed her the chance to be free, even if she had no one to share it with. She was clad in a pair of black cotton short shorts and a spaghetti-strap emerald green shirt. She usually wore this kind of stuff to bed; it gave her skin the chance to breathe.

A flash of lighting flooded the room, illuminating it for only a moment. When it did, it showed that Rogue had no make-up on. The dark purple lipstick was replaced with cherry red lips, the heavy eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and foundation was gone, leaving just a gentle face behind. Her hair had also grown over the last few months, so now it is just past her chest, but her white bangs stopped at her chin. It's curly, at the moment, since she has not taken the time to straighten it yet. She hates it when it looks like this. It makes her look softer and more approachable, which is the last thing she wants.

If someone where to describe the scene they would probably say that she resembled a porcelain doll, left alone in a lifeless room. Rogue refuses to think of herself as a porcelain doll, they shatter so easily. No she thought of herself as more of a rose, beautiful to look at, but dangerous to touch.

Now she is starting to get cold even though it is a warm June night, goose bumps cover all of her exposed skin. She makes no motion to try and warm herself up. She loves the feeling of it, so different from being hot and sticky all day long. She pulls her face off of the window, opens her eyes, looks outside and they grow wide at what they see.

There, staring back at her in the dark, were two glowing red eyes.

She could not believe that he, the resident playboy, Remy LeBeau himself, was squatted on the railing of her balcony, in the middle of the rain, like the demon he thinks he is.

He is dressed in a pair of worn dark jeans that are fraying at the knees, soaked and tucked into his combat boots. She has a feeling that even the laces of the combat boots are tucked into the boots, so he did not have to worry about them coming undone. He was wearing a dark shirt, probably black, but she could not be certain. The thing she found most odd was that he was wearing full fingered gloves. She did not even think he owned a normal pair of gloves. Of course the bigger question was why was he wearing them in the fist place? Last, but most certainly not lest, was his trade mark trench coat, that was with out a doubt keeping him some what dry from the weather outside.

She thought he looked absolutely breathtaking. There was water rolling off of his broad shoulders and down the sleeves of his coat. The water dripping off of the end of his hair and running down his chiseled face, she would have love to kiss his wet lips while running her fingers through his hair, but she would be dammed if she let him know it. Sure she wanted him, but she wasn't going to allow herself to fall to her desirers. She would not be that selfish.

She cocked her right eyebrow at him and his response was to give her his million dollar smile.

"What d'ya want Swap Rat?" she asked through the window in a hushed tone, but just loud enough to be heard over the rain. The last thing she would want is for Logan to find out was that he was outside her window, watching her.

"Come outside wid moi." he relied, the smile never leaving his face.

"No!" she responded as she pulled her head back.

"Pourquoi?"(Why) he questioned with a slight pout.

"Cause its rainin'" she said with an eye roll and a slight shake of her head.

"What, ya gonna melt?" he asked with a grin.

"Ah just don't wanna git wet"

"Aww de petit (little) River Rat is afraid a gettin' wet" his grin only growing wider

"Ah am not, and 'sides what makes ya think Ah wanna go anywhere with ya anyway?" she said with cockiness in her voice.

"Ya know ya want moi Chère." He said with a flirtatious look, while stepping down from the railing and walking toward the doors.

Rogue snorted, stood and crossed her arms over her chest. This only proved to distract Remy, as the action pushed her chest up, creating more cleavage then normal.

"My eyes are up here Swamp Rat." Said Rogue as she uncrossed her arms, and brought her slender pale right hand up and pointed to her eyes.

"Je suis désolé Chère, promise I will make it up ta ya, if ya come outside wid moi," he said slyly with his nose barely pressing against her window.

"Ah already told ya no. What can't ya understand English? Well just incase, Ah'll tell ya in French, non. Now git outta here, 'fore Ah call Logan ta come an' throw ya out." Said Rogue as she closed her curtains, turned away form the door and started walking away.

She had taken three steps away from the door when she felt a gust of warm air and a couple of water droplets hitting her exposed skin. Just before she could turn around and give him a piece of her mind, a wet gloved hand snaked around her wrist and spun her around. She could not believe that, that no good-sleazy-manipulative-thieving-womanizing-rat had picked the lock on the door and just waltzed into her room like he belonged there. Okay, so maybe she could believe it, but that did not mean she was happy about it.

Remy could not believe the look she was giving him. He knew she was mad, but he thought the look on her face was more adorable then threatening. He just loved the way her lips pouted out, her nose scrunched up just the tiniest bit, her eyebrows pointed inward slightly, when she got mad, but most of all he loved what happened to her eyes.

He loved the way her eyes looked normally, but nothing compared to the way they looked when he got under her skin. And Lord knew he loved to get under skin, if only to see the reaction it got out of her. Her emerald green eyes became so much darker and had an unbelievable amount of fire burning behind them; he had never even seen emeralds with such brilliant color. He was drawn to them like a moth to a flame and he felt the lack of make-up only made her more beautiful. He snapped himself out his daydream. And when he did he did not even give her the chance to comment on him being in her room before he scooped her up bridal style in his arms. He turned, then starting walking back toward the balcony.

"What are ya doin' Swamp Rat!" Rogue all but screeched.

Remy let out a deep throated chuckle at Rogue's tone of voice, as he stopped by her bed and picked up a pair of black sneakers that had mud caked on the soles. Rogue loved the way his laugh sounded, so deep and rich. She knew she could listen to that sound all day long and never grow tired of it. She was so lost in the sound of it that she almost forgot being mad at him. Almost.

"Well Chère, since ya 'ave refused ta come out into de rain on yer own, I 'ave no choice but to make ya." Remy said matter-of-factly and that dam smirk was back on his face.

"Why are ya so persistent that Ah go outside?" she said trying to sound angry.

" 'Cause ya need ta 'ave some fun." Remy responded as he stepped out on to the balcony and closed her French door.

Rogue was immediately pelted with rain, but it was not raining as hard as it had been a minute ago and in Remy's arms she didn't really mind. She wiggled around just a little bit and tried to make it seem like she was uncomfortable, the last thing she wanted was for him to think that she enjoyed being in his arms.

"Ya keep wigglin' around like dat Chère and I might start gettin' de wrong idea." Remy said while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Rogue stopped moving immediately and slapped him in the chest.

"Pig." She snorted

"Well gee Chère, if ya wanted ta play dirty, all ya had ta do was ask."

Rogue chose not to respond figuring it would only provoke him more but instead glared down.

She felt him shift as he stepped up onto the railing of the balcony and then, he stepped off. For a moment they were freefalling, but Rogue did not mind she knew she was safe, she always felt safe with him. Hell most people would not have touched her once they saw all of the exposed skin, but maybe he just wasn't afraid because he was covered head to tow.

'Wait a minute,' thought Rogue, 'the only reason he would be wearin' full fingered gloves would be 'cause he felt his other pairs exposed too much skin. The only reason he would need to worry about how much skin he exposed would depend on how much skin Ah'm exposin'. (as he liked getting in her personal space just to irritate her.) If Ah was exposin' too much skin –like for instance now- he might try to accommodate, but the only way he could have possibly known that Ah would be exposin' this much skin would be if he knew Ah dressed like this at night. That's impossible, Ah never leave the room dressed like this, the only way to make it probable would be if he were…

"Have ya been spyin' on meh again!?" she asked with her voice full of anger.

He set her on the ground before he answered her; she hadn't even realized they had hit the ground

"Non I aint spyin' on ya, I'm keepin' an eye on ya, deres a difference." He insisted. "Now here, put yer shoes on so ya don't hurt yer feet" He said while holding them out for her to take. She grumbled as she reached over and ripped them out of his hands.

"We aint done talkin' 'bout the spyin' yet so don't think yer off the hook." She said while she stocked over to one of the benches to put her shoes on. The ground under her feet sloshing with every step she took.

She sat down on the bench with an aggravated grunt and slammed the shoes down on to the bench. Thankfully he had grabbed a pair of her older sneakers, so the fact that the inside would get dirty from her mud and grass covered feet was not an issue. She then picked up the left one and started roughly putting it on. She did not even bother untying it she just slid it right on to her foot. Then she repeated the same thing with the right one. Once she was all situated she let the rain rise off most of the mud before wiping her hands off on her shorts. She stood back up and walked back over to Remy. When she reached him she put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

"Whatever ya dragged meh out here for had better be good."

"Give me yer hand." He said while holding out his right hand for her to take.

"What…why?" she asked surprised at first and then she narrowed eyes with confusion in her voice.

"Just give me yer hand, I promise nothin' bad's gonna happen."


Remy just continued looking at her and shook his hand impatiently.

She debated for a moment before letting out a sigh and rolling her eyes. She then placed her slender pale left hand into his waiting glove covered hand. Rogue let out a surprised gasp as he suddenly jerked her forward. She stumbled a little bit, but then she found herself right up against his chest, again. She froze. This was the second time she found herself this close to him in less then five minutes and unfortunately found herself trying to fight off a blush. She was about to ask what he thought he was doing, but before she could he clasped his right hand and her left hand together and brought them up, so their arms formed about a ninety degree angle. Fallowing that, he took his left hand and set it just above her waist. Then he slowly started swaying back and forth and in a small circle.

It took her a moment to realize what it was that he brought her out here for. He wanted to dance with her. She was so stunned at first; she hadn't even realized she put her other hand on his shoulder. All she could hear was the sloshing her sneakers as she moved on the mud and rain soaked lawn, the rain all around them and her heart pounding in her chest at being this close to him. She was so lost in the moment that she could not even form a coherent sentence. Fortunately for her, it did not last long.

"Ya…ya drug meh out here ta dance with ya?" she silently curst herself for how she sounded

"Well, yeah" he said as he spun her in a circle, which she found herself following.

"Why?" She asked when she came back around.

"Must ya always question me?'

"Yer right, what was Ah thinkin', it's not like Ah don't have any reason not ta trust ya. Ah mean it's not like ya tried ta kill meh, or ya've kidnapped me or anythin'". She said with sarcasm dripping from her lips.

"First of all I did not try ta kill ya and as for the second one why ya gotta say it like it's a bad thing, ya know ya 'ad fun."

She did not respond, only tried to hide the smile forming on her face. She had, had fun once he had untied her and, well, up until she found out what he really wanted her for. She loved being down south and being with Remy had only made it better. He had treated her like a normal girl, not like some soul sucking freak. He was kind to her even when she wasn't to him. He could make her smile and understood what it was like to have a messed up family. He was so great to her, but she knew that he deserved more, he deserved better then her. She knew she would never be good enough for him and slowly the smile on her face started to disappear. Unfortunately Remy had seen her smile and he had seen it disappear as well.

"What's wrong Chère?"

Rogue chose to ignore the question by changing the subject.

"Ya never answered my question." She said as they still continued with their slow dancing. "Why ya wanted ta dance with meh," she said for clarification, knowing he would try to turn it into a game "and Ah want an actual answer."

"Fine, but ya 'ave ta answer my question next."

Rogue stayed silent.

Remy was silent for a moment as well, it wasn't that he did not know what to say (lord knew he could talk to or about this girl for hours on end and never tire) it was that he wanted what he said to be well thought through. Rogue had thought that he just decided to ignore her again, but just before she went to repeat her question he let out a sigh and began answering her.

"Ya…ya just look so sad durin' the summer." He said looking sad himself. "Everyone is in shorts and short sleeve shirts and you have ta be covered up as much as possible. Ya lock yerself up in yer room 'cause yer nervous about bein' around dem when dere dressed like dat. Just figured ya needed a moment ta be free," he stopped, and smiled down at her, then leaned in and whispered huskily in her ear. "and if I git ta hold a belle fille in my arms, well I'm not gonna complain."

Rogue got chills at the feeling of his hot breath on side of her face and suddenly felt cold when he pulled back. She looked up into his eyes and was immediately drawn in to what she saw, complete sincerity. He genuinely cared about her feelings. 'God Remy why do ya have ta do this ta me,' Rogue thought to herself.

"Now, why are ya sad?" Remy asked

"Why do ya flirt with meh?" asked Rogue looking up into his slightly glowing red eyes.

Remy knew she was upset, but he could not understand why, he had not done anything wrong. If anything he had tried to show her how much she meant to him.

"I flirt with ya 'cause I like ya" he said as if it where obvious.

The reaction she gave him was last one he had expected. Right after he had said that she look even more upset, like he had just told her it was a game. Her emerald green eyes had unshed tears in them, her lower lip was trembling slightly and she looked as if she was having some trouble breathing. She let go of him and backed several feet away.

"Ya shouldn't like meh" said Rogue in a quite voice while looking down at the ground and hugging herself.

She did not understand how he did this to her, she felt so vulnerable when he was around. The walls she had spent so long building up around herself where of no use. She wanted to yell, curse, cry, get as far away from him as possible or throw herself allover him. Her emotions were so allover the place that she did not know what to do or how to feel around him.

"Rogue--" started Remy, as he walked towards her, but Rogue was quick to cut him off.

"No!" Rogue shouted, baking up to put more distance between them. Her fists where now clenched at her sides. "Don't sit there and tell meh that everything is ok! That we can have a relationship, 'cause we can't, ya deserve better then meh! Ya deserve a girl ya can touch and kiss and hold! A girl ya can have a family with and be happy with, not some soul sucking freak that condemns ya ta hell!"

Rogue had let a few tear drops escape her eyes, in her anger; she had only hoped that the rain covered it up. Remy had started looking at the ground half way through her speech and had yet to look up.

Rogue then turned on her heel and started walking away, feeling that she might have finally gotten through to him. It broke her heart to have to say that, but it needed to be said. She was only trying to protect him, why couldn't he see that. She knew he would be miserable being with her or he would get so sick of the situation and just leave her all together. A relationship with her was only bound to end in disaster, so there was no point in even having one. That's just all she had to keep telling herself.

Rogue had only made it about ten feet before she felt Remy grab her arm and turn her to face him. What she saw almost made her afraid. He looked angry with her, his eyes were glowing so much brighter than they had been before, (they only got that bright when he got very emotional) and his mouth was set in a grim line.

"How can you even say dat?" he said leaning in slightly, his voice stressed with anger. "How can you even think, dat for one moment, dat I deserve someone better den you!?" He said griping her arms tightly. "If one of us should think dat dey are not good enough for the other, it's me, but I'll be dammed if I just let you walk away."

He stopped and took a deep breath before beginning again. "What's it gonna take ta prove to ya that I don't care about yer powers." His voice had gotten softer with the last statement. He removed his right hand from her arm, brought it up to cup her cheek and used his thumb to wipe away what he knew was a tear. "I really do care about ya Rogue."

Rogue swallowed hard, trying to force her emotions back down before answering.

"Remy--" her vice shaky from her emotions.

"Shhh." Remy said while removing his hand from the side of her face and placing his first finger over her lips. Then he removed his left hand from her arm, placed it on the small of her back and pulled her close to him. He removed his right finger from her lips and brought his hand up and placed it on the back of her head as she buried her head into his chest.

"S'alright ta be scared Chère."

"Ah'm not scared, just frustrated."

"So what do ya say we relive some of dat frustration, let's go on a date tomorrow night."

She pushed slightly off of his chest, just enough to look up at him. She debated for a moment, but her heart won was starting to win over her head and she was tired of fighting it, but she was going to give it one last effort.

"Remy--" she saw the look in his eyes and had to stop her self. She could tell how much this ment to him. "Sure Swamp Rat."

Remy's face lit up like a Christmas tree. Rogue let out a surprised shriek as he scooped her up in his arms and spun several times with her. He set her on the ground and opened his mouth to comment when someone else beat him to it.

"You owe me twenty bucks Kurt!"


"Geese kit-cat I don't think they heard you in Australia"


'They couldn't,' thought Rogue as she pushed past Remy and looked up at the balconies. They were every single member of the school was standing outside on the girls' balconies watching the both of them.

Logan was glaring at Remy like he was going to tare him apart any moment. Kurt kept insisting that Remy had seduced her so the bet did not count. Tabitha and Amara where making kissy-faces, Storm smiling knowingly and some where even trying to hide behind each other so they could not be seen.

Rogue was mortified and questions started running through her head. How long had they been watching? How much did they hear? How long where they going to hold this moment over her head? And the questions where only bound to get worse the longer they where there so there was only one thing to do, go on the attack.

"If ya'll don't git outta here this instance, Ah swear ta God Ah'll kick everyone of yer asses!" Rogue screamed at the top of her lungs, her face flush with a combination of anger and embarrassment.

Everyone knew that now she was pissed so almost everyone scrambled back into their rooms. The teachers had all calmly walked back inside, well all except one.

Logan stood on her balcony, with his arms folded and glared at them through the rain.

"What!" Rouge yelled up.

"I want you dried off, upstairs and in this bed within five minutes or I am gonna drag ya up here, understand?"

"Yeah whatever Logan"

"And Gumbo, I'm watchin' you" was his final statement as he walked back into Rogue's room and shut the French doors behind him.

"Nice ta know yer back Chère." Remy said while walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

"git off, Swamp Rat Ah hav' ta git up stairs." She said while untangling herself from him and started waling towards the front door.

"Aren't ya comin'?"

"worried 'bout me Chère?"

"No its just that if ya git sick yer gonna be even more annoyin' than ya are now.

"Ya wound me Chère." he said while placing his hand over his heart


"Were still on fer tomorrow night right Chère?"

"Guess you'll have ta wait and see, night Swamp Rat." Rogue said while walking into the house.

Once Rogue was inside she realized just how cold she was and was very happy to see two fluffy white towels sitting on the banister of the stairs. She quickly walked over to the stairs and pick up the towel on top. She started using it to dry off her dripping wet hair and started walking up the stairs. Once she made it to her room she was mostly dry and needed to change her cloths. With her cloths changed she let on a yawn and was just about ready to lie down in bed when a light outside caught her attention.

Rogue walked over to her window and pulled back the curtains to look outside. What she saw brought a smile to her face and an eye roll. Leave it to the Cajun to do something sweet. Remy had charged his cards and placed them in a heart shape with R and R in the middle. Rogue watched as the heart dicenagrated from the bottom up and then watched the R's follow the same. Rogue smiled as she closed her curtains and crawled into bed. 'Ah'm never livin' this down' was her final thought as she fell asleep.

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